Skype with Video Chat Leaks, Front-Facing Cameras Rejoice


Everyone was hoping the updated Skype with video chat would ship alongside the Thunderbolt, but alas it didn’t quite make the ship date (the service featured heavily into some of the Thunderbolt’s in-store advertising but then fell victim to a curious cover up by VZW). Now, though the release isn’t official, the APK for Skype with video has leaked and is ready for installation on Verizon’s first 4G handset.

We haven’t had a chance to see if the APK is compatible with any other handsets, but we are guessing the answer is no. A birdy said you might be on the right path to getting Skype with video by following the source link below.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I’ve been holding out on getting the TBolt because I want to get the best phone I can before Verizon gets rid of unlimited data, and I don’t have LTE in my area. But this might make me just go ahead and buy it. I’m assuming this will work on wifi and 3G?

    1. Evo 3D is coming in a month, then you will have the best phone.

      1. EVO3D is sprint….think first

      2. AFAIK, the EVO 3D isn’t coming to Verizon….. at least not for quite a while. It won’t even be out on Sprint until summer, so there’ll be a period of exclusivity with Sprint before it moves to other providers.

      3. Unless the 3D comes to verizon with LTE then no it won’t be the best phone. I would much rather have the thunderbolt with LTE than dual core with sprints wimax especially since sprint will be ditching wimax in favor of LTE later this year making your 3D obsolete. That will be fun to be a sprimt customer then, huh. I would stay away from anything with sprint branding believe me its in your best interest.

        1. Yearly upgrades on Sprint, LTE delimma solved.

    2. HTC batteries drain a lot. If I have an emergency or go out for a while, I don’t want to have to worry about my phone dying at any time. To me that barely qualifies as ‘mobile’.

  2. evo3d = sprint….read first

  3. whats with all these kids and tyhere evo hardons -.- rediculous…

  4. Why Skype can’t implement video chat and why Netflix can’t implement video DRM on Android? Both of these things are part of their CORE product.

    1. its called system fragmentation, security loopholes, inconsistantcy is all the different phones hardware… some research…

      1. BS… Tango, Fring, Blockbuster, Slingplayer. They all do fine on Android. Do some research.

  5. Doesn’t install on evo 4g

  6. Skype 2.8 on OS X doesn’t work with this.

    How do I quit Skype? It won’t go away now!

    1. You need to go to your profile tab and select online status as offline or something to that effect. Confusing, I know.

  7. Works great on my thunderbolt. Was having problems but a quick phone restart and it was working beautifully

  8. There needs to be a universal ffc video app that works across all platforms.

    1. Tango.

      Pick one.

  9. Wont install on verizon galaxy tab.

  10. I’m still having a lot of trouble understanding why skype is playing these games. What is it about Skype that makes it so hard to be compatible with all Android phones? I just can’t figure it out. In fact I am willing to bet that someone in the coming days/weeks on XDA has the apk fixed to work across many phones.

  11. Xoom??

  12. personally can’t wait for GV to incorporate video and come preinstalled on every Android headset and put an end to Skype’s mindgames.

    1. gTalk not only needs video but also File Transfers.

  13. @angermeans… Regardless of rather the Htc Evo 3d is not on LTE it still makes the thunderbolt look USELESS. No device will be better, the existing tier will be the Evo 3d, Lg, Thrill 4g, Samsung Galaxy S2, Lg Optimus G2x, then all the rest of smartphones. Your thunderbolt is last year’s specs good device for verizon but nothing compared to the top devices of 2011.. Enjoy your slow thunderbolt cause it won’t even be the best on it’s own network ESPICALLY when the Droid Bionic and Droid X2 comes out.. Please give it a break with the Thunderbolt stuff nothing so special here definitely no EVO 3D that’s for sure

  14. not support at HTC Incredible S

  15. LOL. Sprint switching from wimax to LTE will not involves hardware upgrade/obsolescence. It will only be a software radio upgrade. Thus the EVO, EVO3D, etc, will all still be compatible.

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