Verizon HTC Thunderbolt In-Store Pamphlet Talks Up 4G LTE Speeds, Skype Video Chat


The set of images we saw earlier of Verizon’s in-store HTC Thunderbolt display also came with a look at the in-store promotional pamphlet VZW will use to push the device. Among its pages we see numerous mentions of the speed of Big Red’s 4G LTE network and how it relates to a few key features found on the handset. Mobile Hotspot is one, but perhaps an even bigger focus is placed on Skype Video Chat. Can we say how excited we are to finally be able to video chat on our mobile devices with the same people we can video chat with on our PCs? Again, no release date is known as of now, but fingers crossed it will be soon.

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  1. I’m going to wait a week or two after they’re released to see how they go over with their new owners. There is something weird going on with this things release date and no one seems to have an answer; that raises red flags for me. Hopefully, everything is OK, because I do want one.

  2. Have they set a release date yet?

  3. i’m gonna buy when FINALLY released. Never owned an htc phone but after seeing my friends inspire, i’m sold. i really feel Verizon was trying to push theses phones too early. at CES the LG lte didn’t even have the LG UI installed yet. And they weren’t sure how the final form would look UI wise. The samsung phone wasn’t even named, and the droid bionic wasn’t even optimized for dual core. My thought, HTC manufactures great phones. Battery will be a hot issue but i don’t mind charging my phone nightly. Big problem prob had more to do with skype rather than hardware.

  4. Im hoping tommarrow but i doubt a friday the 4th release

  5. I agree. Supposedly to be unlimited 4g data. Gonna wait awhile and see how long til they start screwing the customers over.

  6. @droidxkid I’ve owned nothing but HTC you’ll not be let down especially with the new HTC Sense you made a good choice.

  7. @droidxkid…..I agree, they showed the Thunderbolt at CES as if it would launch within a few weeks. They brought this madness on themselves by hyping up the phone and then not being able to deliver in a timely manner. Online ads, TV spots, several internal documents (leaked), all bad moves by Verizon. I have good reason to believe that 3/10 will be the release date.

  8. I want this phone so bad!!! I’ve never owned an htc phone before but this phone looks so freaking awesome and I think it’ll top out all of the other phones. :)

  9. This is the same pamphlet that HTC had made a long time ago. It’s been on multiple websites, including Verizon’s. I think it’s just an old pamphlet, meant for original release, and probably means nothing.

    HTC makes an awesome phone and Sense UI is da-bomb diggity.

  10. Single core I’m good

  11. i just saw a HTC tv ad on tv watcing mtv about 5 mins ago te tbolt

  12. My concerns have shifted from the release date and price of the phone to the cost LTE service. I’m not too thrilled about the prospect of “tiered pricing” especially with an awesome feature like mobile Skype Video Chat. Although I’ve already pre-ordered, I’ve dialed back my excitement a great deal because I don’t know if I’ll have the freedom to use all the great features without having to worry about VZW having two hands in my wallet instead of the usual one. LOL

    Anyone have an idea on how much data a mobile video chat session uses?

  13. Aside from having the Internet plan, does anyone know If the Skype video calling will cost extra?

  14. I love how the Sense widget says Nov. 16.


  15. Every go 2 the Verizon stores or Best Buy & ask them 2 c their iPhone inventory. They’ll show u massive amounts from original delivery. & then they will tell u (even tho they aren’t supposed 2) that this is the real reason 4 the Thunderbolt delay. They really thought they would sell out of iPhone at almost every location by mid of launch day. They grossly overestimated & now tryin not 2 look like asses w/ Apple & gain some $ back n sales, they’re holdin back prayin 2 every God n existence that ppl will get tired of waiting & buy an inferior iPhone. 2 bad the ppl who actually wanted those POS’ already pre-ordered & have them & som1 who knows about the TB is not going 2 change their mind. They may however change carriers & snatch up that Atrix if VZW doesn’t quit playin games & feedin us full of BS.

  16. I’ve had this set up in my store since the 2nd week of February! This is not new!

  17. sad thing is is if you take away the 4G ….the iphone 4 is still superior in the hardware department.

  18. I like the phone, and I want the phone. I will get it if I can. I will get it if Verizon don’t come out with unreasonable data plan. The phone looks really nice and has a lot of great features. I’ve been following the HTC Thunderbolt before all the rumors.

  19. I can’t wait to see how fast LTE is on this phone. I currently own an LTE USB Modem and my PC is getting 32.5 Mbps down at my house (I live in Central NJ). Hopefully this bad boy will be out before my newborn is in college!!!

  20. Oh, wait, I get it now. They’re meaning the phrase literally. The Thunderbolt really WILL be the one “after that”. Wake me up next year then.

  21. Why are people so worried this phone will have issues? It is a glorified EVO correct? so the battery is a tick smaller and things are newer but they (HTC) know how to make a phone and I’m sure it will be great.

  22. Im just laughin at how everyone thinks how cool their iphones are and we can do so much more. Esp with this skype chat…however. I have droid x now and my skype always logs off when app is closed after a while..does anyone know if there is a setting for this or a reason. I want my akype to always be on with the TB so I can get video calls whenever. And rub it in ifail users face

  23. @glock
    or it could be the shitty battery life but no you would never admit that the phone had issues you are too far on HTC’s ****. smh atleast realize there was issues with the phone and had an effect on when this phone gets released.

  24. @zepfloyd, what’s so special about Nov 16th?

  25. @DonnyDon
    Personally I can’t work with a 3.5 inch screen. It just doesn’t cut it for RDP/VNC. I love the integration of the apple stuff, but hate that they figure that one size fits all.

  26. @ Chris that is not what I was told the 1st 4 delays. I love HTC, no doubt, but as 4 shitty battery life, I have an HTC now with 3 batteries, a dual phone extra battery charger, car charger, & pc charger. I go thru 3 batteries a day. I have no doubt that may truly be an issue, which I wish they’d taken the time 2 fix on my current device. I just think they shoulda been ready & already figured that out in Beta long b4 hyping & pre-ordering began. Not to mention cone out & say that it was the battery on the 1st 4 delays or communicate at all. They just sat back & LET their chosen premium retail partner who had exclusive sales 2 give put date after date & did no say anything 2 the contrary which is as good as if it came from their own mouths. They should have said something long before now “if” that is the real deal. & it’s funny that in 2 different Best Buys, 3 Verizon’s, & several phone calls they all said w/out me leading them n2 it that the poor iPhone sales were the true hold-up. But does the battery life prolly suck, uh yeah it’s the same size I’m running now, but on a much higher powered phone, I’m just so used 2 buying & having extras I figure I’m gonna have 2 do the same, but 2 me it’s worth it.

  27. @Acrididae Best comment I’ve seen on any site. Sums it up perfectly!

  28. Saw the display at Best Buy yesterday and it was priced at $249.99 with a two year contract.

  29. just spoke with best buy and had a really long talk with them about this phone (thats an hour of my life ill never get back) in the end they still have no word on tbolt and tere guessing the 15th. any way instead i just got atrix its nice but 4g wont be able till may or june. and uses hspa+ not lte im still deciding whether to keep it or go with tbolt any one have any sugestions please tell.

  30. just spoke with best buy and had a really long talk with them about this phone (thats an hour of my life ill never get back) in the end they still have no word on tbolt and tere guessing the 15th. any way instead i just got atrix its nice but 4g wont be able till may or june. and uses hspa+ not lte im still deciding whether to keep it or go with tbolt any one have any sugestions please tell

  31. @MARC That’s not good 2 hear 4 me cuz if VZW doesn’t do somethin quick that was gonna be my fall back. I woulda been hopin u could give advice. But, as far as Best Buy, u must not b from the South, cuz all u gotta do is walk n around here & they just can’t help but let the gossip they aren’t supposed 2 tell just fall from their lips. I wish I could make all these ppl arguin w/ me sayin that “an employee would never tell u that cuz they could lose their jobs 4 givin out secrets” understand that. No they won’t! This is the south, it’s the damn managers that just can’t wait 2 tell it.
    As 4 ur Atrix I really hope it works out 4 u, cuz I pre-ordered on 2/6 & if I’d held my breath on release dates I’d b dead. & if u decide u like it enuf 2 keep it plz let us know. I think we’re all gonna need a plan B anyway.

  32. This “wait for it” crap is for the birds. I manage the cell phones for my company and was going to center the whole company on the HTC Merge back in November. Instead I had to pull the trigger and now we have a damn mix of Galaxy S’s, Droid 2s, and Incredibles. I was going to try and get a Thunderbolt for one of the owners, but he refused to wait any longer and is now getting a Droid 2 global.

  33. Marc And GMama…believe me be patient, it will be worth it. Why go and drop calls on ATT when you can have the best phone on the best network. Patience my people! You are so itching to get the Bolt that it made you make a bad decision on that fake “4g” from ATT (their LTE network will not be available until 2012). So relax people and it’s coming. You will regret that ATT purchase!

  34. Marc take that ATT junk back, and anyway they lied to you LTE for ATT will be ready next year, not this summer. They are way behind. Thats why the they are calling their HSPA+ network 4g now because they are so behind. It wont even be close to VZW LTE.

  35. Anyone know if this puppy will be loaded with Swype? The Turd is curious!

  36. Htc does make an ok phone, but everyone i know with an htc, has some sort of complaint. That plus the dual core, i’ll waite for the bionic.

  37. @glockmamano im from new york and so far i like the atrix it is very fast but it only uses hspa+ wich is slower than lte and 4g wont be acailable here till may wich is a bummer ill just have to wait to see how the tbgolt plays out.
    atrix: many docks amd accesories to make a bigger screen and amazing multi tasking. 1gb ram and 16gb internal memory 1950mah battery unlockable, the works.
    tbolt:8mp dual led flash 8gb+32gb and htc sense
    so this decesion is a hard one

  38. soorry i meant to write @glockamama

  39. The “It’s not your dream phone but the one after that”.. kind of makes more sense if they never release it.
    I’m kidding I swear !

  40. Sound like Apple ask Verizon to hold the phone release! just a guess

  41. I am a big supporter of HTC and I know they did there best with this device which clearly should’ve been released already…. Verizon has there hands on this and are to involved with this device something is definitely wrong I agree with ”Dj” on this one I WOULD WAIT BEFORE PURCHASING THIS DEVICE just to see what verizon TOOK OUT OR CHANGED with this device

  42. If I was a verizon customer i would be more concerned with there upcoming charges for there LTE service. It’s sad how they and ass t&t just plainly rip you off then take away related features to the device where it doesn’t work as intended from the manufacturer cause the carrier strips the device of it’s intended use…. SHAMEFUL wish this was part of the sprint line up it would be served and allowed to operate properly

  43. sprint sucks!

  44. just got the atrix sick of verizons b.s. pulling 2600 on the quadrant test baddest ass phone ever made finger print scanner is the SHIT!! and believe or not att service is better at my house. thunber bolt take that KA POWW!!!

  45. Why is everyone so hyped about the dual core? I played with the motorola xoom and the atrix, neither one seems any faster than other phones such as the inspire or other htc device.

  46. Quality article..

  47. Since “hurry up and wait… and wait… and wait” seems to be Verizon’s marketing strategy on the HTC Thunderbolt, I may as well continue the wait for the Windows Phone 7 devices. One tech guru on TechCrunch said that if Win Phone 7 had come out before Android, IT would be the leader in platforms… he loved WP7 that much… and he’s an iPhone user!

  48. I’m not getting it… blah, too much hype no evidence of it being worthy.. I’m getting the 4G Samsung which has a big beautiful screen achachacha!!

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