Xperia X10 Gingerbread Update Coming Along Well, Gets Official Preview Video


Sony Ericsson committed to bringing out Gingerbread for the Xperia X10 (non-branded devices, anyway) and they look like we’re nearing a rollout date. It’s coming along nicely, they say. It’s coming along so nicely, in fact, that they felt the need to preview the update on video. It looks like the software will be in line with what’s found on the Xperia Play, Arc and more 2011 devices. Unfortunately, their stance on the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro still stands – nothing past Android 2.1. Let’s hope carriers of the X10 work to provide the upgrade to their customers. [Sony Ericsson]

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  1. … x month se told everyone, the hardware can’t do dual/multitouch and now it works flowlessly, magical? FU SE

    1. or maybe they just got it wrong??  not everything is a conspiracy.   the hardware wasnt meant to be multitouch, took some clever guys at xda to figure it out.   and sony had the balls to wind their neck in, admit they where wrong and roll out the update.  nice going in my book.

    2. It doesn’t work flawlessly, the screen can’t handle two inputs correctly, but you won’t notice that when pinching to zoom, but when gaming it becomes obvious.

  2. Agreed, it seems all OEM are starting to get the hang of updates, it took SE and samsung forever to get their phones froyo, now they are on the gingerbread ball. Glad to see it happen

  3. Multitouch has been working on Rogers X10 since 2.1 upgrade. In this one I noticed they officially changed the launched to the one from Arc. And updated camera app is nicely done too. Hated to always go to options through the menu button.

  4. X10a support? Date?

    1. Yes, x10a support: http://www.ptcrb.com/ctiastaff/complete/view_complete_request.cfm?modelid=16756. See 3.0.1.G.0.70. This is most likely gingerbread.

  5. Doubtful it will ever come to AT&T, as their version is still on 1.6.  However, I loaded a generic 2.1 ROM onto a co-worker’s X10 (thank XDA!) and it works 100 times better than the stock 1.6.  As soon as there’s a generic version of this available for X10a, I’ll try and convince my co-worker to let me install it.  =)

    1. If you use the PC companion on the Sony Ericsson website, it will update the phone to 2.1 without any need to install custom ROMS.  2.3 is to be rolled out soon as mentioned, but the 2.1 is by far better than the 1.6 bundled with the device.

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