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Welp, it’s Friday. A slow one, at that. And you know what happens when it gets slow – we get a little curious. Today, in the spirit of E3 wrapping up, I’m wondering what games you folks are playing. A lot of great titles have come out this past year and more are expected to stampede our way.

But what are you playing right now? Anything recent or have you been revisiting old classics? And let us know what your favorite game genre is, while you’re at it.

I’ve personally been playing a lot of Plants vs Zombies, a game I once shot down without having tried it but fell in love with once I did. It’s flat-out awesome, no matter how whacky it is. I’ve also been enjoying obliterating my friends in Words With Friends, more so now that they’ve fixed a lot of the issues that plagued it.

As for genre, I’m burnt out on the tower defense scene. I love those games, but you can only plant so many guns and defend so many towers! (Plants vs Zombies is different, though. I can’t explain it.)

I want to get into some of the great RPGs that have turned up over the past year, but I just haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and play them. The Zenonia series is definitely on my list of RPG games to check out once I do manage to find that time.

So let’s hear it – how are you wasting your day?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’m doing so by reading every post in every techblog I can find. :P

    1. Ive been playing the new game speedoku that you guys had showcased a few days ago. Really fun and the first new look at sudoku that ive seen.

  2. X-Plane.  Glow Puzzle, MX Moto, ConnecToo

  3. I love SpeedX, mostly because of the trippy music.
    WordsFree is fun, could use some improvement still.
    Glow Hockey is OK.
    Air Attack HD is fun.
    Paper Toss is an old standby.

  4. Hey I heard about the Word With Friends “major update” recently.  My question is, does it actually make it usable on the go?  That thing used to eat my battery for breakfast (I would say lunch and dinner too, but the battery would be long dead before those two rolled around).

    I’m with you on PvZ btw.

    1. I think the update was just for iPhone

      1. I was unsure so I just did a search.  I guess it’s forthcoming, so I’ll rescind my question for the time being.

  5. I’m with you Quentyn ever since it’s been release i have been playing PVZ pretty much non stop. But some of my other favorites are Samurai II, Chuzzle, Dungeon Hunter 2, Guerilla Bob, and YooNinja.

  6. Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, Cube Runner, Stupid Zombies, HexDefender….and more. Gotta love Amazon’s free app of the day! Got probably $25+ worth of great apps for free! Thank you Amazon!

  7.  Plants vs Zombies dosent show up in the market on my EVO. I wonder why?

    1. It’s a timed amazon app store exclusive

  8. Tibia ME! Influenced by the best game ever (Tibia) and pretty awesome too.

  9. – AirAttack HD
    – Baseball Superstars 2011 
    – Bocce Ball
    – Pac-man
    – PES2011 (like soccer or not…this is quite a good game)
    – Pool break Pro
    – Turbo Granny
    – Super Dynamite Fishing

  10. Plants vs. Zombies is where its at for me too. I only wish there were more levels!

    1. It’s amazing on my tablet.  Can’t imagine it would be very fun on a phone though.

      1. I play it on a phone. Very fun to me.

      2. It is fun on my DX

      3. Pretty fun on my phone.

  11. BlockFall

  12. Words with friends haven’t been updated recently.

  13. Currently playing Battle Fury.  I enjoy the building of my “perfect” team, buying and selling units til
    I have the right balance of healing, tanking, and DPS.  I imagine once I
    make it through the storyline and max my Hero’s level the game will
    quickly flame out, though.  Attention BF’s devs: the best way to improve longevity in this game’s playability would be to fix the PvP ladder system (a common complaint).  New accounts are placed at the bottom of the ladder, which is currently around 181,000 rungs from the top.  You can currently only rise 15 rungs at a time.  Since most accounts never get passed level 5, that’s over 11,000 trivial fights I’ll have to click through to get near the top for some actual action and bragging rights.  Since I shouldn’t criticize without a suggestion: how about if a player is 5 levels or more below you, mask them from your possible ladder fights.  Then all the level 60 accounts would only see players level 55 or higher when it’s time to fight and end-gamers can fast track to the top where the action is.

    Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough, looking forward to reading about other games as I’m sure I’ll need a new fix soon ;)

  14. i am playing nano panda. patient waiting on cut the rope. and words with friends.

  15. Wordfeud and Pocket Legends sucks up my time the most.

  16. Air attack HD, backbrraker, battleheart, deathworm, doodle jump, plants v zombies, robot unicorn attack, guerrela bob, words with friends, crazy snowboard, fruit ninja, hungry monsterrs, and krazy kart racing… (battle heart is my fave and FUCK gameloft games)

  17. My OG Droid can’t handle a lot so if I do play a game it’s probably Bubble Buster or Solitaire.

    1. Lame excuse. I play Gun Bros, Asphalt HD, Zenonia 1 and 2, Cordy, and Skies of Glory all on my OG Droid. Man up!

      1. Good for you. Mine is rooted, ROMed and overclocked and I still can’t even play Angry Birds without insane lag.

      2. I couldn’t get into Zenonia on my Droid due to the screen size, felt like it was made with a larger screen in mind.

  18. Try Robotek HD. Its free, but sorta entices you to buy disposable items. It’s a strategy casino-like game :P

  19. Wiz Kid Jr. Awesome time killer and the full-resolution graphics are the best I’ve seen on Android!

  20. – Doodle Hunt (my niece love it)
    – Doodle Jump (good when u dont have hands)
    – Fruit Ninja
    – Scramble Touch

  21. I’ve been really into Mark Cuban’s Battleball recently. Its a 3D gear management sort of game that integrates with a Facebook game and seems to have pretty good production value. Its been a fun way to waste a few minutes here or there.

  22. For me it’s PvZ, Aporkalypse – Pigs of Doom, and Air Attack HD

  23. For me, it’s all about:

    -Baseball Superstars 2011 – Awesome
    -Battleheart – getting really hard in World 4
    -Contract Killer – pretty cool
    -Gun Bros – good (wish they’d add multiplayer)
    -Plants vs. Zombies – Awesome
    -Spiderman HD – Good 

    For the moment!

  24. Stupid Zombies FTW!

  25. My Paper Plane vaguely reminds me of nights into dreams.

  26. gameboid :D

  27. Gem Miner Dig Deeper

  28. Battleheart is pretty sweet, but you can’t go wrong with Madden.

    1. I heard it still on Verizon so I guess you can go wrong with Madden

  29. Currently playing Zenonia – used to play it for a while on my G1, but kept on losing the data when I had battery issues. When I got my HDH I added it again but never got around to starting it up. Currently on what I suspect is the final stage, which is great as I took advantage of their offer and bought Zenonia 2 when it was on a deal – around 69p – it still could be. Purchasing Zenonia 2 is what encouraged me to pick up Zenonia again – in case there are any earlier references or I am able to import anything. So 20 hours in (been a bit silly should have taken much more advantage of item girl – only worked it out much later) so had to do some stages a couple of times to get through to boss fight as generally wasn’t levelled enough, and anyway I was groaning under the weight of my loot, so a quick transport was just the ticket.

  30. Plants vs. zombies for me had beat it already but then the data for it got erase some how so i had to start over lol. not mad tho as it gave me something to do lol

  31. Lately I’ve been playing pokemon tower defense, its not on the market anymore but its still being updated, plants vs zombies, and I’ve also been looking for a good mmorpg or rpg to play I’ve been tryna get back into pocket legends. Oh and I was addicted to drag racing

    1. I feel you with the pocket legends even tho its a good game and I use to b on that a lot since it was ma first “mmorpg” I don’t find it interesting anymore

  32. Tower Raider 2, Sky Force

  33. I play on my DS.

  34. Plants vs Zombies, Pro Baseball 2011, and Angry Birds Rio.

  35. Majesty is bomb. Hours of fun

    1. Oh man i know just wish it had more levels..

  36. Baseball 2011 -Always love gamevil baseball games
    Eternal Legacy
    Guerrilla Bob
    Shadow Guardian 
    Sacred Odysse 
    Just to name a few 

  37. Gun bros

  38. I’m really enjoying Symphony of Eternity by Kemco. It’s a classic-style turn based J-RPG. The graphics are sort of Be-all but the overall product is really solid.

  39. Paradise Island
    Free and beautiful game.

  40. Plants vs. zombies is taking up all my time right now.


  41. Apparatus! I can’t put it down! I was up until 3:30 AM again last night. Help me.

  42. -PES 2011
    -No Gravity
    -Chrono Cross on FPSe
    -Battleheart and Gurk 2 are purchased and waiting for me to begin

  43. I’m old (school), so my usual time-killer is solitaire (free Klondike, to be exact). I am also still playing Robo Defense, and am enjoying Plants vs Zombies as well – thanks Amazon!

  44. Battleheart
    Samurai II (thanks to ChainFire3D)
    Riptide GP (thanks to ChainFire3D)
    Nano Panda
    Plants vs Zombies
    Age of Zombies

  45. Having read all your comments I went to try and download Plants VS Zombies, only to find out it wasn’t on Google’s store, so I downloaded Amazon’s AppStore, installed it, only to find out that the useless pile of incompetent cretins have release a market that gets exclusive releases and shafts the rest of the world by making their whole market USA exclusive. 

    I visited the States a few years ago and was blown over by how friendly, welcoming and plain nice all the people I met were.  I had received a bad image from companies having such US-centric policies and that one trip served to disabuse me of my preconceptions.  Amazon is in danger of reinforcing my stereotype and  more importantly making me stop using them to buy anything from ever again.

    Rant over.  Sorry about that.

    More importantly, I am currently playing Invader of Space (a simple area control game), and Androminion (a simple graphics-free version of a board game – Dominion).

  46. Plants vs. Zombies is great and very addictive.  Really loved Myst-like game of Grisly Manor.  Waiting for their next release.

  47. Pokemon tower defense (Google it, got pulled from market for using Pokemon)

  48. Free Heroes 2 !!!
    Atomic Bomber
    Mini Squadron
    Star Pagga
    Vendetta Online
    Bang Bang Racing
    Riptide THD
    Slice It!
    Stupid Zombies
    Angry Birds
    Samurai II Vengeance
    Cyberlords – Arcology
    All on my LG 2X

    1. Feelin ya on the part of the club ;) Been playing “Contract Killer”..very addicting.

      1. Dungeon Defenders

  49. Chrono trigger, super punch out, Mario bros 3, Mario kart 64, Goldeneye, Metal gear solid, and Siphon filter. As you can tell, I really like my emulators and pairing with a wii remote.

  50. Tap Fish..Hex Defense..

  51. I notice almost no one here is playing Gameloft Games. They’re seriously leaving a ton of cash on the table by not participating in the Android Market. I keep looking at their games, and punking out when they ask for a credit card. I haven’t done the Amazon market, either, because its more crap I have to enter my credit card number into.

    I’m freaking addicted to SpeedX 3D. I’m going to be really disappointed when I finish the last level and have to wait for more content to be added.

  52. Robotek HD.  that is all.

  53. Currently on my Asus Transformer TF101 (10.1 Tablet running Honeycomb 3.1)

    Kongregate – Multiple Flash goodness on Android – Great assortmentPlants Vs Zombies – Replaying now that it’s out for Android
    GRave Defense HD – Intense Tower Defense action
    Random Mahjong Pro – Always loved mahjong
    Death Worm – Nice arcader
    Rocket Bunnies – Ditto
    Apparatus – Rube Goldberg, eat your heart out!
    Battleheart – Charming RPG
    Godville – The most uninvolved game I’ve ever unplayed
    Guns’n’Glory – Another defense time sink
    infeCCt – Great pickup n’ play time sink for short spans.
    Pinball HD For Tegra – Love pinball
    Stupid Zombies – Angry Birds meets Bruce “Don’t call me Ash” Campbell
    Word Mix – Brain Drain

  54. I Play Yams sometimes

  55. How about Pumpkins Vs Monsters or Leave Devil Alone? They helped me pass the time until PvZ came out, and suprisingly even after the release of PvZ I still find myself playing them! Each adds  their own special sauce to mix that PvZ introduced. Pumpkins adds a puzzle twist to the mix while Devil adds a Magic system! Devil was available in the Android market until recently, but was pulled for some odd reason. It was so good that I bought it again on the Amazon market! Oh, and none of these games are fully optimized for Honeycomb (with Devil not scaling up to fill the full screen size), so buyer beware!

  56. would love to play hanging with friends but zynga only released it for iphone, one again droids left out in the cold to wait until nobody even cares about the game anymore, HOW MANY DROIDS must be manufactured before we are no longer the under dog, whatever

  57. I do not play any games on my phone.

  58. Gun Bros
    Pew Pew 2 (so much better than Pew Pew)
    Angry Birds
    Need For Speed Shift
    Tank Hero
    Sudoku (genina)
    Unblock Me Free
    Wixel Lite

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