Words With Friends Getting a Bug Smashing Update Soon


Words With Friends is, without a doubt, the most popular Scrabble clone in mobile, but its port to Android wasn’t exactly pretty. In fact, it was downright sad. The game itself was great, but all of the problems it was plagued with when it first launched ruined the experience for many. Since then, tons of updates have come to fix some of this stuff, but there are still a lot of problems.

Fortunately, Zynga has been hard at work on version 4.0 and it’s said to clean up the rest of the major problems that have been giving users headaches. Our friends at Android Central suggested this thing was out and ready to download, but we can’t find it in the Android market. Be on the lookout for an update notification, though, because we have a feeling it’ll come really soon.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Still like Wordfeud a lot more. WWF is bloated. Wordfeud –

    1. Wordfued is quick and has notifications. SO much better than WWF.

  2. this game heats up my OG Droid like nobody’s business.  It’s about a 10% battery drain per 3 minutes in the game

    1. Ever think your battery might just be degrading in capacity?

      1. highly unlikely since i’m at 60-70% after a full day of use without WWF.  It’s also the only app that superheats my phone.  It’s hot hard to pinpoint the problem when my phone gets super hot when I have the app open and I see my battery meter draining as i play my turns.

  3. There are so many games ported to android but the quality is bad.

  4. Wow, yea, I stopped playing that when I realized it’s more frustration than fun. 

  5. QK, you should delete this article as well.
    From android central:

    Update:  After speaking with a
    representative from Zynga, we’ll have to ask you to ignore most of the
    above.  The update being discussed is for iOS and we received and
    reported it as an Android update in error. 
    good news is that we hear the developers are hard at work on the Android
    client, and we should be seeing an update in the future that does
    address many of the bugs in the current version.  You can still download
    the latest version, and while there are some annoyances, it’s a great
    game and one all of us here love to play. 

  6. Wordfeud for the win. Even has tournaments:

  7. Wish they would fix the notifications it gets real annoying when it says I have a move and then I go in and nothing.

  8. no update for android, 4.0 was just for iphones . really sucks i was looking forward to a good update

  9. All the issues are typical zynga IMO, all their facebook games are unplayable due to bugs and money grubbing.

  10. Zynga, you could wait to send out the emails encouraging people to download the new version until you actually upload it to the market. Good work on those bug fixes. :-/

  11. With the amount of people that play this on both iOS and Android… they must be raking in all kinds of dough.  Maybe, someday, we can get an update that switches to making us view an advert every other move… instead of every single move as it is today.  It’s really annoying not to even get to see what my points were until I suffer thru an ad loading that doesn’t mean anything to me.

  12. No update for Android?  I got a freakin email telling me it was coming.  Tired of not getting notified when it’s “my turn” and getting notified when it’s not.  

  13. Sucks that it doesn’t support the BB.  Can’t play against my fiance.  Been playing WordSmith since it was free on Amazon a while back and that’s pretty cool.  Still doesn’t support BB, but what can you do.  At least it works well and was free.

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