E3 2011: We Take a Quick Look at the OnLive Hardware for the HTC Flyer [Video]


OnLive is one of the coolest things coming to Android. They’ve teamed up with HTC to bring the video games on-demand service to the Flyer and future tablets and, to be honest, it has us intrigued. Very intrigued. Unfortunately, they showed up to E3 without a functional demo, but Chris takes a quick look at the nice-looking controller and the wireless interface that you’ll use to game on the tablet.

They did have a demo of their current standalone units on the big screen and the iPad, and we expect the Android experience to be very similar. With OnLive, you can stream games that your tablet isn’t even technologically capable of playing. If your bandwidth is good enough, you could play a game like Gears of War on the HTC Flyer irregardless of the fact that it has an aging Adreno 205 GPU. Take a look at the videos above (OnLive hardware display) and below for an idea of what’s headed our way.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. These guys are going to change everything. 

    @Chris Can the controller be used on other Android games or does it just work with Onlive?

  2. USB host on 3.1 should make this stuff great.

    This kind of persistent hosted experience transmitted to your personal screen could become ubiquitous [like ps3 remote play and the wiiU].

    1. Yeah I was going to buy a PC controller the other day until I found out that you can use a PS3 controller then I was playing Metroid Fusion and Star Fox 64 on my Transformer, it was awesome. I’m really want to know if the Onlive controller will work on emulators also.

  3. Here is a video that explains a lot more about Onlive on tablets. Also I doubt that Apple will allow this on their devices so Android FTW.

  4. They should make OnLive work with Google TV, and other Android phones and tablets. Also make it work with ANY controller (if that’s not the case already). They’re not in the business to sell controllers, and it would be in their best interest to lower the barrier to entry for more gamers.

    1. Since this works on Honeycomb I’m pretty sure that they will update it to work with Ice Cream and isn’t Google TV suppose to get Ice Cream.

  5. How does this work exactly?

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