Stylus Not Included with Best Buy Exclusive WiFi HTC Flyer


If you are planning on picking up the WiFi-only HTC Flyer when it lands exclusively at Best Buy on May 22nd, be prepared to plop down an additional $79.99 if you want the full experience. The HTC Digital Stylus is not included in the $499 price tag of the Flyer, but pricing for the accessory that allows you to screen-shot, annotate, and doodle all over your tablet has been confirmed.

Seeing as it is one of the key differentiating features between the Flyer and other tablets on the market, we’d guess many had included the stylus in their purchasing plans. To get HTC’s slate and their digital pen the price now reaches more towards $500. Worth it for the non-Honeycomb 7-inch slate? You tell me.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1.  Best Buy is Winning

  2.  maybe the 10.1, not the 7

  3.  Am gonna pass on this one…..its just too expensive.Galaxy tab 10.1 here i come 

  4.  Like selling a car, then telling the buyer BTW the tires are extra.  Not cool and I think I’ll pass on my preorder.

  5.  I really wanted this one too but 500 and no stylus… forget about it yo. Oh well NOw i wait patiently for my Transformer

  6.  Eh, I kind of figured the stylus wouldn’t come with it. Which means this thing is waaaay over-priced.

  7.  No way, too small, not honeycomb, extra for stylus, and more than Asus/Acer units right now… fail in my opinion

  8. * Subsidized 3G with Stylus for $200, that’s a win.
    * Wifi only, no Stylus for $500? That’s a they-will-all-laugh-at-you price

  9. It would be awesome if HTC were to sell their drawing and notes apps on the market along with a driver for the pen, so that any android device with the right requirements could use it.  I’d buy it.

    Anyways, it’s is a bummer about how this played out.  This is the one Android tablet I want and might still buy.  I absolutely prefer 7″ tablets over the larger models  — my douchePad as an example at 10″ is too large and not really what I consider portable, as in I can’t get by without a bag.

    1.  The Flyer is the only tablet at the moment with an active digitizer screen.  The pen won’t work with any other tablet.

      1. Dammeeeet!   BLeh, now I recall that guy Norm from that tested site pointing ou the dots on the screen.


  10. UPDATE: We are selling the Flyer starting this moment. Go to your nearest Best Buy Mobile store to pick one up. :)

  11. Best Buy just screwed all of its pre-orderers for the Flyer. Shouldn’t the point of a ‘pre-order’ program be to fulfill those ‘pre-orders’ first?

    In fact, Best Buy’s own Web site says right now this second: “Pre-order your HTC Flyer tablet. Get it first, only at Best Buy!”

    Maybe they should change it to, “Get it after a bunch of people who really didn’t care that much, only at Best Buy!”

  12.  I wonder if a generic $20 capacitive stylus will work.

    1. I found out not.  The pen is a special type that actually takes a battery. 

  13.  This is old news. Engadget reported on this a week ago.

  14. You’re wrong Phandroid!! I just purchased an HTC Flyer and the stylus IS included in the box!!!!! L2Research 

  15. I just purchased the HTC Flyer from Best Buy and the stylus IS included in thep package!!!! L2Research guys 

  16. I wonder how long the “too expensive” BS will fly. What do people think? They are going to get a tablet for $100? $500 price range is competitive. As was already said, this apparently DOES come with the stylus. Can anyone confirm that they bought one from BB WITHOUT?

  17. I’m curious how expensive the Amazon tablets will be. Might pick up the smaller one but am looking at something under 275 like the nook

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