Digital Stylus for the HTC Flyer Priced at $79.99 at Best Buy


In order to differentiate themselves from the current tablet crop, HTC chose to go a little old school and make a stylus one of the main selling points for their Flyer slate. It isn’t just your typical stylus either, as its functionality extends well beyond simply writing and navigating around the tablet. Dubbed the HTC Digital Pen, the writing implement won’t come all that cheap either at $79.99. The price was uncovered on Best Buy’s site along with a leather combo pouch for the Flyer and pen, which sells for $34.99. Bundle the pen and case together and you even save a few bucks.

Though the tablet doesn’t quite have the specs or Android version to get everyone dancing in the streets over the thing, the work HTC has done with the Sense interface and Digital Pen interaction make it well worth a second look.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. No HoneyComb, No Dual-core, NOT packaged with Stylus, expensive tablet, expensive accessories.

    Sorry HTC, I like you and all, but I’m not into getting bent over

  2. smh never paying no $80 for a stylus unless it comes with a blowjob and $40

  3. Yikes, I always assumed the stylus would be packaged with the device. This seems a little… lame.

  4. Really HTC? It doesnt came with the tablet? Its like a main feature of the tablet…

    Gaming consoles come with at least 1 controller….

  5. Wait!!!!! It doesn’t come with the pen!?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Come on HTC!

  6. The Tablet + Stylus + Case should be bundled together in 1 complete package. Fail

    1. At least Tablet+Stylus for petes sake!! I can live without the case being included but REALLY!! Another 80 bucks for the DAMN PEN!!!!!

      If they are selling it for 300 bucks then i’m game….

  7. I HOPE it comes with the pen and that is just the price for an extra. We’ll see. If it isn’t included, then it isn’t worth it (at least for me).

  8. Ugh and I was really excited for this

  9. All of the advertisement videos for the Flyer focused almost entirely on the pen functionality, and how the pen bring enables all kinds of unique experiences to their tab… a flyer without the pen wouldn’t even by a flyer, just a galaxy tab with a spec bump.

    So MY opinion is that it will be $80 bucks to buy a replacement pen, and the tablet will come with one in the box. Considering it’s not just an added bonus, but NECESSITY of the pen to make the tablet work, I would be pretty shocked if HTC didn’t even include the pen with their tablet that has only one standout feature (the pen).

    I bet twenty internet dollars that the pen is included.

    (side note, HTC has to make money somewhere, might as well gouge customers who lost their pen… they HAVE to buy a new one; they won’t throw it away or anything. Plus, I bet disgustingly filthy rich people lose pens and little peripherals like that waaay more often than those of us who consider 80 bucks more than just spare change and really appreciate the tablet… but that’s all just me talking out of my ass.)

  10. Wow…way to fail HTC. You once held your heads high making quality products! Now you follow in Sonys foot steps…trying to dupe customers out of money for “propitiatory” accessories that are horribly overpriced!

  11. Im reading those comments and i have to say this….
    Please can anyone of you tell me where it says that it wont come with stylus in the box?
    Someone started a rumour and everyone (almost) followed on…my god youre worst than womans…

    1. Worse than Womans!!! Nooooooooooooooooooo!

  12. Unfortunately, if you check Best Buy’s website it says:

    What’s Included

    HTC Flyer Tablet
    Lithium-ion battery
    Micro USB cable, power adapter, power cable
    3.5mm stereo headset
    Owner’s manual

  13. Okay, even I have to hate on HTC for this one. If this does mean that the pen isn’t bundled, I’m officially pissed

    1. It’s not even about the money but the marketing. The last thing we need is another Android tablet that doesn’t sell. HTC Flyer was supposed to be the one tablet that would make a difference.

  14. wow major fail by HTC and I want the Flyer. Because of the stylus!!!
    This is like selling a wii without motion controllers. You’re not going to get much software optimized for the stylus if it wasn’t bundled.

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