Backbreaker Football 2 Launches as Xperia Play Exclusive


Fans of NaturalMotionGames’ Backbreaker Football are in for a treat. Backbreaker 2: Vengeance has just hit the Android Market, and along with it comes new features, the most notable of which is the ability to outright tackle opponents, rather than simply avoid them. The original Tackle Alley mode is still intact, albeit with enhanced graphics and improved animations. The new Vengeance mode is where you get to do the tackling in an all-out attempt to prevent the ball carrier from reaching the end zone.

Other additions include new stadiums, new moves including jumping and trucking, and enhanced showboating. The catch? It’s an exclusive for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play at the moment. If you own the gaming handset then head over to the Android Market now and pick up Backbreaker 2 for $2.99. Folks in the US, you’ll just have to wait anxiously until the Xperia Play lands on Verizon next week.

Android Market Link: Backbreaker 2: Vengeance

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  1.  I am so freaking tired of these Xperia play and Amazon exclusives! This is getting ridiculous. 

    1. Don’t read it

  2. i think i’m starting to hate the xperia play. these games exclusive for only one phone ain’t good for android, there already enough “problemes” with the different version of android, it doesn’t need it. same for tegra zone exclusives…

    1.  I think more and more developers will develop only for Xperia Play soon instead of developing games for ‘regular’ Android devices like ours. Uggh, damn fragmentation

  3. I knew I got the right phone! Downloading now!

    Edit: Quality Game, runs like butter, graphics are great, sound is great, love it!

  4. Fuck Sony.  Rather than use their money to make a better phone or to secure their servers before they leak all our info they’d rather spend their money to keep games away from everyone else’s phone.  I hope this fails harder than the PSPGo.

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