Jenga Wobbles Its Way into the Android Market, Get the Official Game Now


Along with the great 3D graphics today’s smartphone processor afford comes enhanced physics as well, and what better way to demonstrate the two in tandem than the freshly released Jenga. This is the Jenga we all grew up with — the one where you remove blocks from the bottom of a stack and move them to the top, all the while hoping the tower doesn’t collapse under its own awkward construction. In the official version of the game for Android developed by NaturalMotionGames the concept stays the same, though a new arcade mode with power-ups and upgrades has been added for enhanced single player fun.

What better way to break in my shiny new Motorola Droid X2 review unit and its dual-core Tegra 2 processor, right? The controls are clunky to say the least. Tapping the screen and dragging your finger is used both for controlling your view of the block tower and for actually moving around blocks themselves, so one must be careful when quickly flicking around the screen to get a better look at what’s going on. Once adjusted to the controls, gameplay is simple and fun. The physics seem a bit overly sensitive when moving blocks (but this may have more to do with controls), but I liked the added challenge.

NaturalMotionGames are the same people behind BackBreaker Football, so they know a thing or two about developing 3D experiences for today’s high-powered handsets. If you are a fan of Jenga, this app is for you. $2.99 in the Android Market now. J-J-J-Jenga!

Android Market Link: Jenga

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  1.  the lack of tactile factor ftl :(

  2.  Why no demo?  Bah!

  3.  I had this in my iPod Touch but found it ran slow (this was on a 4G iPod before I got my Android phone). Wondering how well it runs now on Android. 

  4.  running smooth on my htc incredible cm7.

  5. fake and gay

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