Have You Ever Seen an Android Boogie Like This? [DANCING ANDROIDS]


We’ve seen dancing Androids before, make no mistake, but this latest bit of bee-boppin’ goodness is rather unique. This isn’t a man in a suit. It’s a full-fledged remote control robot programmed to groove and ready to roll. Even better the dancing bot is controlled from an app on the Motorola XOOM. Even better than that, the above video was filmed and edited using Android. Too many layers of awesomeness. Can I haz one plz?

[via YouTube]

Kevin Krause
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  1.  Love this song!  Nice work.

  2.  That was totally totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Totally cool.  BTW, does anyone know the name of that song or the group?  I really liked it.

    1. Seriously? You have a smartphone right?

      1. Ouch!  That one hurt.  Oh dopey, me.  I have no idea why that didn’t dawn on me.  I do it with the radio and TV ALL the time.

        1.  Well let me know what it is cause I only have head phones at work and I want to know too! haha

          1.  The song is “Sail,” the band AWOLnation and the album is Megalithic Symphony.  They’re FREAKIN’ INCREDIBLE.  Album was just released in March.  I listened to a couple other songs of theirs on Youtube and headed straight to Amazon.  The whole album is only $5.99.  There are some amazing songs on it.  I’m rockin’ to it now. lol  So unique and so good.

  4.  The group is AWOL Nation

  5. Can an Apple do this?…nope lol exactly! Android rules ;) 

    1. actually, yea 

      1. Nooooo. Nooo. Noo. no.
        That is all u inoob 

      2. apple like to dump on peple..so yea they dance alright

  6. I swear he says “Blame it on my ADB BABY”

  7.  Seriously?
    Am I the only one expecting something awesome?
    The first robot dance video was great, the second was decent,….this is more of the same a.k.a. boring by now.

  8. i was waiting for the other androids to all join in, slightly disappointed, but very cool 

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