May 12th, 2011

Remember that whole “+1” we heard Google announce several weeks back? You know, Google’s version of “Liking” or “Digging” or “Redditing” or whatever you want to call it? Not many people are actually using it, probably because not many people realize they CAN use it. If you’re in that boat, but want to try Google +1, here are the simple steps to make it work:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your google account
  2. Visit Google’s Experimental Features Page
  3. Click on “Join This Experiment” for +1
  4. Search Google for “Android Phones“, “Android Forums” and “Android Applications” and +1 the heck out of,, and respectively! Or you could be less fun and just search for the site’s name.

Here is an example of each of these site’s with my personal +1 of approval. Clearly you think Phandroid is the best Android News Source, AndroidForums is the best Android Forum (duh), and is… well… we’ve got some fun things planned for next week and beyond.

I actually heard this rumor – not sure if it’s true – that you’ll have good luck for the rest of your long life and go to heaven if you +1 all the pages on these 3 sites as possible. Not sure it’s true but there is only one way to find out!

In any case, I’m pretty excited to see how +1 fares and hope it doesn’t go the way of Google Buzz. It’s a pretty cool social feature that Google really needs to leverage and I only wonder if they’re waiting for a bigger social way of implementing it besides relying on generic search results pages to begin the +1 movement.

Google also had a session about the +1 Button at Google IO, if you’re interested:

[Thanks Dana!]