Adobe Flash Player Upgraded to 10.3


Adobe has issued an update to their Flash Player for Android, one apparently worthy of a bump from version 10.2 to 10.3. The changelog doesn’t suggest any major changes, but mentions bug fixes and security enhancements — standard fare. We also suspect the update has something to do with optimizing Flash for Android 3.1, though we can’t confirm that for certain.

Oddly enough, the web version of the Android Market isn’t displaying the update for me at this time, but we have multiple sources confirming that the update has indeed gone out. Check the Market link below if you aren’t prompted to update your Flash version automatically.

Android Market Link: Adobe Flash Player 10.3

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  1. *thumbs up* Adobe is good at keeping us up to date. Hows that flash treating you guys using iPhones?

    1. I love how most iPhone fans “hate” Flash, but ended up bringing Skyfire’s Flash video streaming servers to its knees the moment it was released.

      1. I hate flash too, because they haven’t brough it to msm7227 devices. Why HTC can make flash so called lite to even older processors, but adobe can’t?

        1. i agree with you flash should be made for all models not just for some. 

  2. an iPhone user: Flash? What are you talking about!? I suggest you seeing a doctor… this sh*t never existed and never will be! we are cool.. we are iPhone users!
    an Android user: *laughs* poor you! *laughs*

    Really, poor iPhone douche-bags will never see a flash video in a browser =P

    1. Enjoy your crappy battery life and laggy browser. 

      I guess it makes you happy because you somehow think you have “choice”. “choice” to use a terrible browser and battery life doesn’t seem like a choice real world people want to make.

      1.  Uh, have you not used flash on Android or something, because none of your insults even make any sense… are you just towing the Jobsian line or something? 

        None of our devices suffer from any of your comments.

        1. Yes, in fact I have a Nexus S.

          Considering the phone is NOT old, the browser is laggy as hell, and anytime I go to a flash website, it’s even worse.  

  3. So when I go to the market it still says 10.2

    Edit: well, when I sent it to my device it says 10.3…hmmm

  4. just update mine :)

  5.  Needs app to SD card support.

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