Google Highlights Android Updates From IO


We’re working our tushes off bringing you the latest news from Google IO and there is a LOT of it.

A few of the stories from this morning include:

But why take our word for all this when Google published a summary post outlining all the Android highlights from the first day of Google IO? In the article they also embed a promo for Google Music which they obviously hope to build and extend:

Go ahead and read Google’s full self-evaluation.

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  1. Wonder how long it will take before I will reach the 5g cap with t-mobile. They slow you down to 64kbps…

  2. Thank God for Sprint and unlimited data!

    1. Hate to break it to you but sprint is supposed to be going to a tiered data system….its in one of the daily roundups(or something similar to it) on this site…

      1. From what I recall, that is for hotspots and add in cards, not phones.

  3. So.. is this stuff going to be available outside the US or what?

    Music & googletv sounds great, but can i get them? Well no. Just like the voice control stuff too.

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