Set of Leaked Renders Reveals HTC’s 10-inch Tablet, Rider, Holiday, and Glacier Handsets


A set of leaked renders is giving us a look at what is in store for HTC’s Android lineup, albeit without much information to pad it out. Included is a look at a 10-inch tablet codenamed Puccini, no doubt one of the followups to the Flyer that HTC teased us with only a few weeks ago. The only information that came along with the picture was the promise of Android Honeycomb and $G LTE for AT&T’s network.

Three handsets roundout the renders with the HTC Holiday, HTC Rider. and HTC Glacier. None came with much supporting information, but this isn’t the first time we have seen the Rider. A blurry cam shot emerged last week along with a ROM image, which promises a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, and a 4.3-inch qHD display. It could be the European EVO 3D or an NFC upgraded Sensation.

The Holiday looks poised for AT&T and could be an upgrade to the Aria, while the Glacier looks like an international variant of T-Mobile’s latest myTouch device.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. htc started making Fugly phones.

    1. I’ve owned 2 HTC phones in the past, never again. Look at their build quality, and most importantly screen colors. Each HTC phone has dull images. Even motorola’s screens have better colors. The samsung SAMOLED+ screen is obviosly the best. You place an HTC phone next to it, and it puts it to shame. And don’t get me started on Sense UI. Such garbage……

      1. two WHOLE HTC phones??? Well, I have had the HTC Harrier, Apache, Titan, and Rhodium; dating back to 2003. I now have the Motorola Droid2, and I’m pretty excited to get back to an HTC device.

        I personally have no problem with Sense, not to mention the fact that it can also be removed, which is nice. As for build quality, I absolutely never had any issues resulting from build quality. None.

        1. Interesting how you don’t mention screen quality of HTC. You just happen to be a die hard HTC fan. I understand what its like, I happen to be a fan of Kawasaki sport bikes, even though they have not had a podium finished race in over 10 years in the states. After a while you start realizing that other manufacturers are simply better…..

          1. Obviously I’m not a “die hard HTC fan” if I own a Droid2. As for screen quality, I certainly don’t think the screen on my Droid2 is astoundingly better than my HTC Touch Pro2.

          2. Fine, then I’ll address screen quality. Being the techie that I am, I’m in contact with many Android users of many devices (though admittedly most on VZW). I’ve owned an HTC Touch and the Droid Incredible (AMOLED). My mother owns a D2 Global. One of my friends has owned the Eris and Thunderbolt, I know several people with and EVO 4G and DX, and HTC Hero, etc etc etc.

            Bearing in mind that color quality is highly subjective (i.e. preference for Warm or Cool coloring), I find HTC’s screens and color palate choices more preferable. The EVO 4G was admittedly fuzzy, but I felt like all the 480×800 devices (like the DX) suffer that problem as well. HTC’s screens are bright and crisp. My mother’s D2G is sorely disappointing. Everything feels so….dim.

            And before you go there, I’m not a “die hard HTC fan” either. I’d gladly but something else if I found something I liked better. That something hasn’t come around yet.

          3. You say screen quality is subjective. I don’t think I know anyone who would want the color black to be represented by the color grey. All HTC phones have poor color especially black. Go to store, hold a thunderbolt side by side with a galaxy S device. The difference is appalling…..plus all HTC phones are fugly. Compare the asthetics of the thunderbolt to a Sanding Droid Charge. LOL

    2. HTC is just trying to avoid being sued by apple like Samsung is for building iphone lookalikes. :)

  2. its a mt4g lol ?

  3. We’ve surpassed 4G with $G!!!

    1. I can’t wait for

      1. But in reality, it’s only #.%G…

    2. Kevin just can’t bring himself to type 4G unless its for Verizon…

  4. I hate being “this guy” but come on guys… $G? Really? Fix please…

  5. But you do know, that the Glacier is the codename for the MyTouch 4G? *sigh*

  6. glacier was mytouch 4g

  7. Does the glacier look like it has a trackpad to anyone else?

    1. It indeed does. It’s the MT4G..

    2. NVM, genius button.

  8. Not the first time we’ve seen the Glacier mentioned. It was thought to be Emerald or something almost a year ago with insane benchmarks that looked like a dual core.

  9. at&t…really? wtf!

    1. Stupid AT&T…I hope I don’t have to wait a year for the wifi only version of the pepperoni tablet. They better not skimp on the specs this time like they did with the flyer.

  10. The rider looks a lot like my desire HD

  11. Yep, that’s Phandroid for ya.

    1. @killerbee3:disqus what is?

  12. how can phandroid not know, that the glacier has been available as My touch 4g ?

    1. Kevin does these type of things from time to time.

  13. these are supposed to be new devices from htc?

    I feel like I’m looking at a xoom, aria (minus trackpad) desire hd and a mt4g……..

  14. DAMN IT wish I could of hold out for a few more months but couldn’t my dinosaur flip phone died on me and have to get the Atrix now I’m really mad should of gotten the Holiday so I’m stuck with my Atrix feels like it’s yesterdays tech

  15. Could they please go back to 3,7″ – 4″ screens?

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