CyanogenMod 7 Racks Up Over 230,000 Downloads


CyanogenMod 7 is once again proving its popularity (and the greater popularity of Android rooting) by racking up 230,043 installs of the custom ROM based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The CM team posted up some statistics on their latest build, which is widely available for nearly all of the most popular Android handsets.

The Unites States and Sweden make up about 50 percent of all installs, and the HTC Desire, HTC EVO 4G, and Nexus One are getting the most play followed by the Motorola Droid. You can see the stats broken down to the version level by following the source link below.

[CM7 via BGR]

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  1. i wish there was a graph in terms of quality/useful Stable release version because honestly 6.0 and below was the shit. 7 has just went way overboard and rushed with nonstop error and twitter updates regarding miyshaps. now dont be a typical douche and say THEY DO IT FOR FREE WHY ARE YOU COMPLANING? i donate all the time. and so do plenty of people. im just saying. im a douche bag

    1. I agree. Part of the problem is the amount of devices they now support. Its been a huge leap for the CM6. They need to get back to stabality and stop thowing in every feature they think is cool. There is so much in there now that i dont know what to do with 1/2 of them.

      1. yeah and also, what bothers me, is that some features, regardless of usefulness has never worked..literally ever. why not just remove it all together or skin it for the appropriate device it can be achieved on. anyways CM group is talent but id gladly wait a while for a more proper release

        1. You can always open bug reports… If you don’t, how will the devs know about your issue which they clearly didn’t see when testing on their devices?

          1. thanks man. but trust me, i have allllwayyss reported bugs, posted on forums, PM’ed cyanogen and requested others to take notice. nada. no biggie. though

  2. shows there definitely interest in custom ROMs

    1. Hell yeah it does but it also proves my point that out of 60 to 70 million Android phones only 1% are rooted so that whole “just root your phone” line needs to stop already. Rooting is not the ultimate answer to getting your phone updated and Google knows this so they provide a simple answer with their Nexus line of devices.

      1. Just because Nexus and Nexus S get the updates quicker, doesn’t mean it’s a better phone. Just look at the reviews going around for the Nexus S. Their terrible. This thing has a crappy camera, no external storage, complete garbage! Why buy this when I can purchase a BETTER phone and ROOT it! Get with the program jdog, or go buy an iPhone and live happily ever after with the rest of the sheep!

        1. You and the other .5% of people must be really happy. Most people can’t root, that is the problem. Most people do want faster updates and if you don’t know that by now then your obviously an Android noob. I know plenty of people who got Android because I said so but I they keep telling me to root their phones and I did few already. For me that is sad and I have a few ideas on how Google can fix this but it probably won’t happen. Also is seems I a struck a nerve when you told me to buy an iPhone, LMAO. Why would I downgrade? I have been using Android since day one and I only support the Google phones (four already). I rooted my first two phones to make them better but after the Nexus One there wasn’t any need to, the biggest benefit was tethering before. I’m not a total fanboy because I do know the advantages and disadvantages of using Android but it is still the best mobile OS for me.


  4. “and the greater popularity of Android rooting”

    Rooting is when you apply hacks to a ROM to enable root user access. Flashing a whole custom ROM like CyanogenMod is much more than “rooting”. (Although you will have root access on CM, obviously.)

  5. I was 1 of those 230,000, but I did not keep it installed. Gingerbread was super buggy and lagged. I went back to my stock rom w/ all of the bloatware erased from it; much faster that way. I would love to have a build that is stable and keeps the basics functions of my Evo w/out all the HTC and Sprint bloatware. That would be nice.

  6. CM7 always have bugs, bugs,bugs… How to get perfect Gingerbread? You want it? then just wait until they release update…just be patient.. it worth to wait.. Desire Z will get update very soon… T mobile G2, Android 2.2, Stock, not root (yeah, that right!) 230K people have void warranty when root? Jesus!

    1. let me get this straight. perfect gingerbread will be done through OEM. and when OEM send it through it will be BUGLESS.?

      and when people root their phone, its voids their warranty!! OMG!!! THERE IS NO TURNING BACK!!!

      you sound like a 40 year old who just started to learn the world of ROM. come on, spark plug

      1. Wait? for OTA? Ha! It is Liberty Gingerbread for my DX. My phone will NEVER see another bug, bloated, bs filled OTA rom. Thank you and goodnight.

      2. Hey what’s wrong with 40 years olds? I’m 44 and I just feel offended and discriminated. Please send me your full name and address so I can sue you! LOL

    2. I agree. I got rid of this after the first hour! Just because they’re noting 230 thousand downloads, doesn’t mean everyone is sticking with it. CM7 is full of bugs on all models and isn’t worth the hassle. The effn’ devs need to make sure their shit is running right before releasing it! Total crapware!

  7. I guessed the other day that there must be around 1.5 to 2.5 million phones running 2.3 & 2.3.3 so does that mean that the others are the Nexus One and Nexus S? The chart from May 5th says that 4% are running these versions. Last summer the Nexus One was 2% of all Android phones but we have come a long way since then. So then how many Nexus S’ are there 2 million?

  8. Yep! Best in the business so why go anywhere else? EVO CM7

  9. Correct me if I’m thinking wrong but this number of downloads sounds very little. Only Samsung galaxy S sold more then 10M units. And there are several other M arround the world. So 230K downloads compared to totall units sold is very little.

    Did I missunderstand the article??

    1. no you didn’t, author didn’t put the numbers into perspective…

      actually Galaxy S1 sold in more than 14 mil+ copies (and gingerbread is available via official update), and if it would be the only mobile phone available, it would be more then 1%, ups…then again, just the Galaxy S2 pre-orders are above 3 mil and we’re not counting other brands…put it another way, 350K android devices are being activated every day (if not more, old stats number), so they have a good working day included ;-)+thumbs up for fixing bugs and more response from the authors (I also, got zero) and not bringing experimental features to your phone (permission messing etc)

      1. I agree! I was very surprised about such low figure/downloads for CM7.

  10. I had an an 2.1 till I upgraded to 2.2, does more, but is slower, Facebook still doesn’t work because of the old image. What I want, is an icon saying buy and ship, so I can get the Rom fitted, firmware means firmware not software. Rom means read only memory, not read write memory.

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