HTC Rider, Kingdom Show Up in Leaks; HTC DoubleShot to be MyTouch 4G Slide?


Ready for another round of new HTC-bred devices? 911 Sniper got their hands on a few images of some as-yet unannounced HTC phones. First is the HTC Rider and that’s about all I can say about it. Well, it has a red bezel. And it also has what I think is a front-facing camera. Oh, and a screen that’s most likely 4.3 inches in size. Other than that, though, we aren’t treated to much. It looks almost exactly like the HTC Thunderbolt and AT&T’s Inspire 4G.

Then there’s the HTC Kingdom, and its deal is very much like the Rider – not much to go on and looks awfully familiar to other HTC products. In fact, these phones look so similar that it’d be easy for one to mistake them for devices already launched. We’re not saying they’re fake, but we can’t tell either way.

Anywho, the Kingdom looks like it’ll have a qHD display, but we’re unsure about the screen size. The image makes it look thinner and taller than a normal 4.3 inch form factor. And I’m sure that’s not due to the qHD display because the HTC EVO 3D had the same aspect ratio as the original.

If real, these phones are expected to be next generation devices for European countries. (Namely, one of these will be the European version of the EVO 3D, apparently.) Check out images of the Rider (above) and Kingdom (below) courtesy of 911 Sniper (1,2).

Finally, it looks like we’re starting to get more details about the HTC DoubleShot, a phone that was rumored a couple of months ago but didn’t bring with it any sort of clue as to what type of phone it’d be. We later found out that it had a QWERTY keyboard, and now we know why – it’ll be a 4G version of the MyTouch Slide that many of you are fond of. The word comes by way of 911 Sniper who has provided a leaked radio. That’s about all we’re going to get at this point, but the pieces to this puzzle are finally starting to fall into place. [via PocketNow]

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  1. When the title of the article ends with a question mark. You know its a waste of time reading it. All it will have is guesses and rumours scraped and trolled from other sites.
    Not a cent put in terms of journalism to actually get something concrete from the company.

  2. There is an awesome feature on most site-designing software that allows one to rotate a pic ever so slightly. As crazy as it sounds, it will let viewers see a pic right side up.

    1. There’s an awesome feature on YOUR computer or even your neck that allows you to do the same. Ingrate.

  3. It would be nice to hear about something new from HTC coming to Verizon (besides the recent Thunderbolt and Incredible 2) – specifically, would be nice to hear of some type of qwerty slider coming since it looks like VZW has passed on the Merge. Really tired of seeing multiple high-end slab phones to choose from, yet only one high-end qwerty option.

  4. mytouch 4g? why would anybody go with Tmobile, they suck. Cuz they are cheap you say? Not cheaper than Sprint and Sprints service is far better with 4G in more places.

    1. your comments are stupid..i had both services keyword had,where i live tmo rips sprint to shreds buddy,,go sleepy.you musy have had a bad day,,HA

      1. Agreed.. almost 10Mbps down in phoenix with tmob.. far better then when I had sprint and no 4g signal.. lol

  5. I don’t know about you guys but the Kingdom looks sort of like an Evo Shift

  6. Yes more Android wich is freakin awsome.Phones look good too

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