HTC Sensation Vodafone Pre-Order Gives May 19 UK Ship Date


HTC’s latest flagship phone, the HTC Sensation, will be hitting the UK first, and is now available for pre-order through Vodafone. More importantly, Vodafone is shooting to have orders delivered by May 19th. The dual-core device will be HTC’s first to launch, and should reach other carriers a month or so after a period of exclusivity with Vodafone ends. Early summer sounds like a good time for the HTC Sensation on T-Mobile in the US, as well. Interested parties can find the pre-order at Vodafone’s site. Or would you rather wait for the beefier NFC version later in the year?

[via Engadget]

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  1. i want the verizon version!!

  2. If this phone had NFC and a bit more on onboard storage, I’d be on it the second it lands in the US. Might wait til Q3 now…perhaps the beefier version will have NFC and stock Ice Cream Sandwich with a Nexus 2 branding. Now THAT is a device I could get behind.

  3. I would just like to know how they get the battery in there! Where is the opening?

    1. The whole back cover comes off.

  4. I heard June 8th for T-Mobile US.

  5. there isnt a verizon variant. And by the time there is one, phones will be on quad cores. See tbolt..EVO.

  6. That’s unexpectedly soon given they announced that phone only a couple of weeks ago. I’m very excited about it and would love to give it a test drive.

  7. Cool.. That hopefully will be followed by T Mobile US shortly.. I for one will be reading how it performs for UK users with great interest.

  8. On the voda.uk website they list the specs as having 850mhz umts support? Any chance you guys could find out if this is correct or are they doing a bait and switch like t-mobile did with the g2x?

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