Android Overload: Droid Incredible Is Discontinued, Sprint Introduces Tiered Data and More


Another great day of Android news and another dose of Android Overload to keep you up to date on even the most minute of stories we couldn’t squeeze onto our front page. Sprint is introducing tiered data for their mobile broadband users which has a few customers paranoid their smartphones could be next. Droid Incredible has officially been discontinued so if something happens to it, you may find yourself with a Droid X instead. All this and more coming up in the latest edition of Android Overload.

  • Sprint introducing tiered data for mobile broadband [Engadget]
  • Gingerbread for Desire HD rolls out in Germany tomorrow [Smartdroid]
  • Killswitch [App]: Make you Android Tablet sleep simply by closing the cover [XDA]
  • GoGoBot turns Check-ins into Travelog: [GigaOM]
  • Break your Droid Incredible? Sorry have a Droid X instead [Droid-Life]
  • Feedly [App]: Feed reader app updated to 2.01 – [RWW]
  • Notion Ink Releases Adam Source Code [Android Police]
  • Google has updated their platform versions chart. [Android Developers]
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  1. *ehem*

    1. alol…you got two likes for being FIRST…was that better than getting a cookie…budy???

  2. I guess sooner or later they had to do something..I would’nt worry about the smartphone end being faced with tiered data they have collected to much extra income from that extra 10.00 charge since June 2010. All 4g users on sprint who own smartphones should be safe for a while.

    1. Aren’t you tired of kissing Sprint’s 3rd rate ass?

      1. Hey! I’ve been happy with Sprint ever since leaving T-Mobile after 8 years. Plus, I always root for the underdog =p

        1. YMMV I guess, but I’ve had Sprint service for phone in the distant past, and mobile broadband recently. Had many problems with service on the phone; and after two years of good service with mobile broadband, renewed my two year contract and everything went to hell after that. I had the modem replaced 6 times before I finally cancelled my contract.

    2. haha they needed to so they can atleast turn a profit and start building out their 4G network .. the LTE one .. not the one that’s what you call 4G Wimax ….

    3. America, LIMIT YOURSELF!!!!

  3. If my Inc is busted, I’d get a freaking DX?!?!? NOT ACCEPTABLE! Crappy screen, no SenseUI, motherf***ing Motoblur, locked bootloader, and physical buttons! How is this a suitable replacement?! NOT COOL VERIZON. NOT COOL.

    1. You’d get a Droid Incredible 2, I’d a friend send their Droid in for repair and get a Droid 2, you’re not gonna get a different phone entirely, just the successor.

      1. Apparently not. Users are reporting getting DXs instead.

        1. I bought my Droid Incredible outright from VZW to replace the craptastic DX … they try to give me one of those and there will be problems. I would not take one of those substandard POS’s again … ever. The fact is I won’t ever buy a Moto again. It’s either a DI2 or a Thunderbolt .. nothing more … nothing less if my DI1 dies.

          1. Yeah. My mother had to had a physical keyboard, and without the Merge being released, she had to get a D2G. Every time she wants me to do something with it, I want to murder the damn phone.

    2. Yeah, I would be heated too. Lol SUPER mad. =p

      1. So, what I’m hearing is that I’m going to have to wait the full 2-year contract period on a single phone. No replacements. I got this thing on the release date. Alright, HTC. Show me just how good you can be. Now, Verizon, do your duty and get a dual-core 4G HTC device ASAP so I have something to upgrade to.

  4. Nice thinking overall!!..

  5. I know that in Maine the current ISP provider just announced to build out the fiber network to over 800 cell towers providing 50-100 mbps data rates can you say 4g here we come :D

  6. The Sprint story is inaccurate. It is for the mobile broadband hotspots and cards which have always been capped at 5gb. The hotspots on the cellphones are still unlimited.

    1. Thank you! I was thinking the same thing when I saw that title.

    2. for now. NukkaYarrell says within 6 months Sprint will announce tiered plans for phones too. This is just a test bed right now.

  7. So there are around 1.5 million phones on 2.3.3, I wonder how many of those are the Nexus S. My guess is around 1 million. I know that at the moment there are only 208,000 people using CM7: http://stats.cyanogenmod.com/

    I may be wrong because I guessed that there are around 50 million Android phones but there may be as many as 70 million.

  8. If Engadget and others actually learn to read and comrepehnd, this is in regards to data plans for items like hotspot and tablets.


    1. Then comes the mobile phone turn. People are so naive and I cannot stand that Dan Hess guy in TV commercials, Oh yeah, try our unlimited everything for $69, then just $10 more for premium data and then we will cap your data as soon as we get some idiots on board. People..wise up, all carriers are the same vicious animals of *********.

      1. pretty much sir…pretty much…

  9. Sad day for incredible getting discontinued. Imo it was first phone to make me consider android over iPhone. DAMNED thing still does the job. I am up for upgrade in Jan 2012.

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