Another Samsung Event Planned for May in NYC, What Can We Expect?


Samsung hasn’t even shut the doors on their first New York City press event of the month and they are already asking us to save the date for the next. While tomorrow’s announcement also involves AT&T, the new invitation for an event to take place on May 24th has Sammy flying solo. The invite provides few details, but if we had to guess we’d say this event will be the bigger of the two. Two major product announcements come to mind as possibilities: the US release of the Samsung Galaxy S II or the release of the new line of Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

We know from some previous events that Samsung doesn’t always do what you might expect, but with little else going on in their Android lineup worthy of a big event we are excited at the possibility. Of course, they did throw an event for the Samsung Continuum… Anything could happen.


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  1. Please galaxy s 2

    1. Could not agree more.

  2. with background showing stars (or galaxy)… hmmm… ;)

  3. Probably the Samsung Galaxy Player because there are no carriers attending.

  4. SGS2 baby!

  5. SGS II US version

  6. It won’t be the Galaxy S II UNLESS they aren’t making 4 different versions. I say this because why would Samsung and AT&T have a big announcement for the SGS2 look-a-like Infuse if just weeks later the REAL SGS2 ATT varient will be announced?

    I highly doubt the big 4 are all getting the original SGS2 so it has got to be the Tab 10.1.

    I would love to see the Galaxy S II exclusively on T-Mobile at first though ha ha!

    1. @pimpstrong, fuck you.

    2. i dont know why but i hate TMOBILE with my whole heart they get me so pissed for some strange reason…..they get all great phones even though THEY ARE NOT REALLY 4G!!! and is number 4 out of the 4 major carriers and also yeah got bought out yeah that shows how good they are doing..

  7. SGS2 rumored to come out on Verizon near the end of May. Coincidence?

    1. Cuz Verizon always gets the latest super fast yea?

    2. With the Droid Charge about to release any day this seams a bit doubtful. Releasing the a vzw variant of the SGS2 (especially if it has LTE) would kill the Charge immediately, although I certainly hope this happens.

      1. I was just referring to the Verizon leaked road map, everything about this event is speculation so nothing reasonable is too outlandish. And yes the charge just came out a SGS2 would murder it and would make its release pointless, but i as well would love to see it happen.

        The common consumers know little about processors and RAM in phones, if the Verizon SGS2 if it does come out and does not have 4G that would be a reason to still get the charge in most consumers eyes.

    3. Doubtful. That’s not enough time for Verizon to Bing it up and install 25 different apps of uninstallable bloatware.

  8. Its the infuse and tablets. I dont think it’s the galaxy 2. Maybe 50/50. Lol. Vw will be first to get the galaxy 2, sprint, t moblie, and att.

  9. It will NOT be the Galaxy S 2. It will most likely be one of the Tabs for USA

    1. Dislike! Pessimistic bum!

  10. More than likely the Infuse 4G for at&t… can’t wait

  11. There going to announce that they’re doing the same thing they did with the original galaxy s. Give each major US carrier their own special version of the Galaxy S2. If so that’ll kinda suck. Why won’t US carriers stop making custom iterations of great phones.

    1. I’m kind of glad they did. I like my Epic (Note: I got it post Froyo)

    2. They have to because all the 4 majors are using different tech.. I blame the FCC

  12. Galaxy tab 10.1 just passed through the fcc so I’m guessing its that.

  13. What leaked roadmap are people referring to?

  14. Who cares. The Samsung Galaxy S (Fascinate) was a horrible phone.

  15. Dear Samsung,

    I need the SGS2 as soon as possible. Bring the international version of this phone to T…Mobile.

    To: T…Mobile, please don’t do any modification to this piece of beast. If you want to add some bloatware that’s fine. But hardware-wise, don’t take out anything out of it as you did with the front facing camera and the FM radio from the original Samsung Galaxy S.

    I really appreciate doing business with you and I am looking forward to put my hands on this little piece of beast.

    Thank You.

  16. Most likely Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9, since it was stated that two devices would be appearing…

    1. Sounds right to me – Im guessing they’ll show honeycomb with touchwiz… which i beleive is without google’s blessing

  17. Hopefully the announcement of the Galaxy S II variants for all the major US carriers.

  18. Interesting….. Same day that Barnes and Noble is announcing a new eReader…

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