Samsung Android Event November 8th in NYC


Samsung has been tearing it up with Android announcements lately and it looks like their streak of robotic sweetness will continue. They wowed us with a multi-carrier launch of the Samsung Galaxy S, launched the most impressive Android Tablet yet with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and now they’ve announced a November 8th mobile event that will pretty obviously be all about Android:


The image features Android Application icons getting sucked into a vortex that is seemingly surrounded by stock prices and random numbers. I’m not exactly sure what Samsung will be announcing and the only thing they had to say about the matter, in addition to the above image, was:

Join Samsung Mobile for the unveiling of a new Android device.

Based on the image I thought perhaps Samsung would be announcing a store or marketplace of sorts but if they’ll be announcing a new Android DEVICE than it looks like we’ve got a LOT more to which we can look forward. I’m really excited because the holiday season seems to always have the hottest tech and the biggest surprises.

What do you think Samsung will announce?

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  1. Maybe it will be a Sammy Music Player

  2. gingerbread phone eh. What is that filmreel icon and that washing machine icon in the image doing. Sounds interesting.

  3. It may be Gingerbread, the secret Google + Samsung phone they are working on.

  4. There was talk recently about a successor for the nexus one coming out of samsung, this might be it (fingers crossed)
    My dream machine config will be:
    1.2 ghz processor, high res (retina-like) display, front facing camera and a keyboard (also make it super thin…
    too much to ask for? -probably…

  5. The Continuum?

  6. I hope it’s the Nexus 2 / Samsung/Google phone! We need another “Nexus One” to push manufacturers again! Dual Core 1.5Ghz phone! None of this 1.2, baby step crap!

  7. I hope it’s the rumored Gingerbread phone with stock android for google …… But doesnt look like that .. Never know … Should be a phone as there is also a phone app symbol on the right side of the pic above

  8. Well, it’s probably a safe bet that it’s not Froyo for the US Galaxy S phones.

    Who knows when we’ll ever see that. They are 2-3 months and counting behind HTC and Motorola at this point.

  9. Maybe the 10″ Tab running Gingerbread? One can hope, right?!

  10. a new “stock” Android device ;)

  11. It better be the nexus two, and coming to all carrier. I want one for my sprint service. IT BETTER BE.

  12. As someone else noticed. The stock symbols aren’t in reference to prices… think Stock Android. Aren’t we about due for a little taste of Gingerbread?

  13. definitely hoping its a gingerbread device

  14. as the photo features som stock prices they might be announcing an business oriented android device,

  15. @bob:

    That “washing machine” icon is a camera. That would be sweet if we had an android powered washing machine (samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of appliances in the world), so probably not totally out of the question! Haha

    I would like them to unveil a stock android update for our phones. Vanilla android, with no custom/crappy ui to deal with, so that when an update is released, we all get it (if the phone hardware can handle it). If I want a custom ui, or homescreen appearance, ill download it from the market.

    Maybe it will be froyo for my epic

  16. if it was the rumoured stock gingerbread device and supposed successor to nexus one then probably Google would announce it. moreover I don’t see Google logo anywhere on the invitation. do you think gingerbread will be announced without Google’s participation? seems like the Samsung music player. note how they say cleverly say ‘device’ and not phone.

  17. I heard they will tell everyone to expect Gingerbread in the middle of next year.

  18. I also noticed a windows icon in the image, but they specifically state this is an Android device. Hmmm!

  19. it most likely gonna be a phone.Now that Google has just displayed the gingerbread statue and there has been rumours about Google/samsung collabo.So am guessing (might be wrong) its the new gingerbread phone

  20. no matter what device they surprise us with i’m sure it will be released to all carriers due to the successful Galaxy S line up

  21. Prepare to be disappointed.

  22. Either a new nexus one or samsung’s mix of google tv with 3d tv

  23. Actually, there’s a phone icon and a text messaging icon so I don’t think that it’s a music player.

    I think the graphic is a generic ‘new android phone graphic’ that’s not meant to be descriptive. It would work for any android smart phone. This probably points to A) the marketing department not having been let in on the substance of the announcement so that it wouldn’t leak yet, or B) because they have a strategy that requires a multi-part roll-out.

    What we can glean from this graphic is that it’s an Android phone worthy of a special announcement. It’s also within just a few days of the giant gingerbread cookie being put up at the google campus.

    Since the event itself is two weeks away and another poster mentioned that google usually announces the SDK about a week after they put a new sculpture up, it gives google two weeks to make the announcement about gingerbread before unveiling the first phone with it. Just in time to stop anyone who might buy some other phone for Christmas from doing so.

    Presumably, once google makes their announcement, Samsung will change out the graphic for the event, causing a new wave of speculation and upping the hype ante.

    Why else make an announcement of your announcement two weeks before the announcement? To unveil, for the world, your latest Android 2.2 device, highlighting…

    1) the problems that their other devices have had with froyo


    2) that t-mobile and other carriers already have some great froyo phones either for sale or in the works?


    3) Or–forget froyo and those other devices–because they’ve gone right to releasing a gingerbread phone?

    Option 3 is the only one that will really garner them press and a favorable position in the market when compared to other cell phone makers.

  24. My money is on the Samsung Galaxy Music Player. It seems about the right time to announce that thing with the success of the galaxy s series.

  25. If this is the Samsung/Google phone just think of the possibilities to port this rom (assuming it is the gingerbread edition) to other galaxy s phones. This would definitely help to put some faith back into Samsung’s commitment in supporting there phones.

  26. Maybe a phone with a GPS that works?

  27. The way they call it a device makes it almost sound like a new class of device. Because they are calling it a device, the last thing I think it will be is a phone. I think it may be an integrated TV or a set top box like the logitech device, or a media player.

  28. My bet based on the invite is a business class phone, much like Mot did at their meeting and to compete with Microsoft’s new products as that is their only strong point…business class security, apps, etc…

  29. Umm, there is both a phone icon and a messaging icon on the graphic.

    It’s very possible that it’s a generic graphic, but I don’t think they’d use a GREEN phone icon in a set-top box notification.

    I think that they’re calling it a device because it does so much more than make phone calls. Plus, it seems like there is currently a push for using these devices as TVs. It’s hard to think of it as a phone when you can watch all tv, download movies, trade stocks and surf the web.

    Someone on another forum pointed out that the icons are green as we were told the new gingerbread icons are. Also, all the icons are surrounded by a much bigger than normal “stock” ticker, which might be an indication that it runs “stock” android. (While that definitely wins the Dan Brown award for communication, it would explain why the ticker surrounds everything else.)

    Or it could be that it’s some sort of stock market trading machine.

    I definitely don’t think that a teaser ad for a music player or a tv set-top box would be dominated by a stock ticker.

  30. They will probably be unveiling the Continuum. Those ‘stock’ numbers look like a ticker which would make sense.

  31. After reading the description of the Continuum, it makes more sense that it’s that then it being the gingerbread device, as much as I’d love to see it be that one.

  32. I’m gonna start some trouble and say it might be a direct competitor to the Droid Pro (global phone). Meaning a blackberry style device with QWERTY keyboard. I say keyboard because of the texting icon.

    With all the other icons relating to camera and media player it is probably a well-balanced, powerful device from the looks of things. If you look at the order of how the icons are emphasize it looks like media first, then texting, android market and camera then all the other stuff. I’m not sure what that blue window looking icon is though :S

    Also the reason I said Droid Pro competitor was that the stock quotes give me the impression of “business”. And the quotes are wrapping the entire functionality meaning it is probably a business form factor. That’s all just pure speculation for tearing the ad apart though, I could be very wrong but I don’t think so.

  33. Would they really have such a big event for the Continuum, when it’s already been outed? Hmm… it does sound plausible though.

  34. It will probably be the new phone for Clear’s mobile phone service that is coming out!

  35. agree with Gamblor77. With the stocks in the vortex, i bet this will be a business oriented phone.

    For those of you hoping it will be a stock gingerbread, think again. The icons in the pictures clearly tells that its the standard icons from touchwiz.

    But i prob will get dissapointed. Probably some care music player or the 10 inch galaxy tab (soon to come with gingerbread, sometime Q1-Q2 2011)

  36. I wonder if this will be timed around when the google gingerbread conference will be. I have high hopes :)

  37. Galaxy S2 with Orion dual core processor and Gingerbread lol.

  38. It is the samsung continuum. You can infer because of the space themed background. Space time continuum.


    You heard it here first. It is not gingerbread and WILL BE touchwiz 3.0 or maybe 3.5/4.0.

    Those stock tickers correspond to the abilities of the continuum. It can display those with the secondary oled screen.

  39. new phone. and some really quiet obscure mention of froyo for the us Galaxy S variants

  40. Wow, I was about to pull the trigger on a refurb captivate upgrade for free but with this announcement and talks of a tegra 2 phone coming Q1 of 2011, I may just have to wait it out….


  42. It’s not a Windows icon… it’s the Application icon from the Galaxy S phone.

  43. its probably not the nexus 2. i know its coming from samsung, but only google would make that announcement. and for all of you sayings its a google experience phone i’m going to say WRONG!!!

    please take the time to notice the phone/app drawer/email/camera/etc… icons used in the advert. Notice how none of these are from the stock experience? Notice how all of these are from touchwiz 3.0? Go ahead and think a minute…

  44. Don’t bother – how they treat their customers is a joke.. still waiting for my Froyo update for Android…

  45. If it was the gingerbread nexus successor google would be involved however based on the stock price ticker numbers and the rumored capabilities of the Continuum to run a ticker on its bottom screen i’d say it’s that phone.

  46. I don’t think it is Continuum because it has bing search as default like Fascinate. How can it be called Google Experience phone if it has bing search? I could be wrong but I guess it is a gingerbread phone with better spec than current Galaxy S line of phones.

  47. @gav,
    Not a joke. A nightmare.

  48. Oops, I almost forgot. I talked to Samsung tech support last week. They said samsung is working very hard on an update to “optimize the gps performance” on their Captivate. Boy, do I feel relieved to know that! Although I’ve managed to fine-tune my captivate’s gps to within 3400 meters (2+ miles), so I’m good for now :-)

  49. I was just reading about the NOOKcolor and it made me think maybe Samsung is going to come out with their own version of an android based E-reader. It would be some what redundent because of the galaxy tab but people do love a dedicated device that provides a smaller ammount of functions but makes them work well.

  50. I hope that it also tells us when Froyo is officially coming to Captivate!

  51. I would hope this is a stock Android Gingebread with next gen 1GHz processor with a retina display (why is Apple the only company that has a phone with this type of amazing display??). Also add a few gigs of internal memory to the wishlist. They haven’t announced a carrier, but if it is launched on t-mobile and it doesn’t work on the new HSPA+ network, then it’s probably a watse for me…

  52. any news?

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