Samsung and AT&T to Host Event in NYC this Thursday, Infuse 4G Announcement Imminent?


An invite to a press event in New York City this Thursday just hit the inbox promising a ‘special announcement’ from Samsung and AT&T. There is nothing all that telling about the actual invitation, but if we had to hazard a guess we’d say the two companies might be looking to announce a release date for the Infuse 4G. We first heard of the phone way back at CES, and it seems to be the only device shared jointly that is worthy of its own event.

We could be totally off here and there might just be something totally surprising in store. Given the loosely confirmed April release of the device has already passed, we’d still put our chips on the Infuse 4G.

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  1. Yay for the AT&T droid charge……. Infuse, another outdated handset brought to by ATT! Hooray for single core cpus in mid 2011!

    1. what is the best available or coming this month from att?

      1. Probably this is you want a huge screen.
        Otherwise you could grab an Atrix

    2. you know which people dont have clue what they are talking about,look at lynyrd65

      1. Yeah, we don’t know much. Its ok that the phone I’m typing on (which is 8 months old) has the same cpu as the infuse despite the fact that the galaxy s2 released all across the world, (except the us of course), has a much faster, more energy efficient dual core.

  2. If it ain’t the Galaxy S2…not interested

    actually it doesn’t matter, since it is AT&T and not T-Mobile…not interested

  3. LLynyrd65 shut the phuck up, single core don’t make shit out dated, intact wat can a dual core phone really do for u, I can’t stand idiots

    1. …core don’t make shit…, intact wat can a…
      You are such an idiot…

  4. If this doesn’t end up being about the Infuse I’m gonna start throwing sh*t.

  5. Lets hope its not the infuse 4g but the galaxy s2. In any case why have a special event for a phone that has already been announced?

  6. the inspire 4g is awesome,,i was actually surprised.

  7. anyone notice the background of the invitation sorta similar to that of the background on the infuse on att’s website?

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