Viber Brings Its Free Calling and Messaging App to Android, Beta Testers Wanted


Viber is in the process of bringing their free calling and messaging app to Android, and they are seeking 500 beta testers to help them out. The app has, up until now, been an iPhone exclusive, but soon enough Android users will be able to experience the joys of free 3G and Wi-Fi voice calls and messaging. The Android version even gets a few features its iOS counterpart has lacked, including pop-up text message notifications and better integration with the phones messaging and call logs.

If this all sounds good to you, you will want to head over and sign up to be a tester of the new Viber app. The company will be rolling out Viber for Android to 500 users this week, with more to come over the coming weeks. How long the app stays in beta is up in the air, though it reportedly is working quite smoothly.

[via TechCrunch]


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  1. Does it aloow cross-platform interaction? iphone-Android and vice versa?

    1. OF COURSE!

  2. already missed it

    1. yep…i think as soon as this posted on phandroid, the beta link was already closed…::sigh::

    2. i found the apk file…keeps on force closing though.

  3. Xoom owners can forget it…. :(

  4. Beta list already closed.

  5. I was hoping they had a better skin for the pop-up. Not that the one being used in the picture is bad but almost every message app in the market has that same skin. The only thing that’s different from them all is the color scheme. I just missed the release. I signed up for the next one.

  6. Hey Kevin,

    Has anyone on Phandroid written about the app Evil Operator? I laughed non-stop for two hours last night using it. I can’t believe Google even allows such an app to be on the market.

  7. Someone post the. Apk.

  8. can someone upload the apk please

    1. The apk is useless unless u sign up as a beta user, and the sign up page is already closed. Darn…

  9. has anyone tried texty –

  10. the quota was probably filled in a couple of hours. why only 500 user … dam it

  11. I’m a Viber Android Beta tester and I can tell you that posting the apk is useless. I already tried installing it on my other android phone and it will not work unless you receive an activation code, which Viber only sends to invitees.

    It’s a great app. I was surprised to see how many of my contacts who own iphones already have Viber.

    The sound quality is 10x better than network calls. The difference is drastic.

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