Android Overload: HTC Lead and SE Azusa Outed, Thunderbolt Update Delayed, And More


The Android Robot huffed and puffed and tried to blow our site down with Android news, but we McGyvered him and trapped all the airborn shrapnel on this here post. Throughout the day we covered what we thought you’d find most interesting, informative, relevant and entertaining, but you can’t please everyone. So for those we haven’t yet pleased, see if the items below will quench your Android thirst.

  • Acer Iconia Tab 500 and Iconia Smart officially released in India. [Unwired View]
  • O2 delays the release of the Sony Xperia Play to June in the UK. Bugs were the issue.
  • Leaked picture of the HTC Lead. No real info. Just a nice, full frontal picture. [PocketNow]
  • Mysterious Sony Ericcson Azusa gets outed in a Nenamark benchmark. Looks a lot like the Arc. [Engadget Mobile]
  • Verizon delays HTC Thunderbolt update. Most likely due to 4G network issues. [Droid-Life]
  • Flexible paper computer may change the way you interact with phones and tablets [IntoMobile]
  • Google Maps receives 5.4.0 update in the Android Market. Now allows web search history.
  • HTC hints that the Chacha could be hitting Germany this June [Electronista]
  • Android OS was the clear smartphone(s) leader in first quarter results. [Reuters]
  • Pandora recieves an update. Introduces new Comedy genre to their streaming service.
  • The LG Optimus Black will hit UK retailers by May 14th. [PocketLint]
  • T-Mobile is offering the myTouch 4G for free now through 5/5/2011.
  • Samsung silently dumbs down Wi-Fi-Only Tab Specs [Droid-Life]

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  1. nice post, thanks

  2. Good job Samsung! That’s fucked!

  3. oh u have an app no wonder the site throws site blocking popups at me when i go to it on android browser.

    1. I’m at a loss at how that even makes sense?????

  4. That’s quite bad!!..

  5. Thunderbolt update isnt delayed because of 4g issues…If that was the case, how do you explain update delays for Palm phones now as well?

    1. could be a completely separate issue???????

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