Samsung Galaxy S II Passes FCC With AT&T Bands


Looks like the Samsung Galaxy S2 may finally make its way to the States or Canada with today’s FCC approval. The device was spotted on the government agency’s website with AT&T bands lining the insides.Oddly enough, AT&T and Samsung have asked us to save the day for an event in New York today, but we’re guessing that will probably be a launch event for the Samsung Infuse 4G. Other possibilities include a forthcoming launch in the Great White North. We won’t know for sure until Samsung reveals their next move, the first of which should be revealed later on tonight. [via Wireless Goodness]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Canada. “Canada gets it first”

    1. ………After Europe…. ;)

      1. After South Korea

        1. ….after the UAE…And most likely after the USA

          1. Actually, Samsung already stated that Canada would get it before the USA

  2. Eff-n-a…sensation or this to vzw please! im not very excited about the charge or bionic…

  3. I am so pissed, why can’t Verizon get any decent high end phones? They are missing out on the Samsung galaxy s2, HTC Sensation, and the HTC EVO 3d. Verizon you can take your crappy Samsung Charge, Droid 1, 2, 3, 4, and HTC Thunderbolt because these phones suck. I’ll give them a few more months and then I’m out, can you here me now??????

    1. Personally if I was Sammy I wouldn’t touch Verizon again after what happened with the SGS. Totally cripple phones verizon does. Decent network but total fail on feature-wise

    2. My two year contract is up in September. If they don’t have something that is above par, hold that train, I’m headed to another carrier as well.

    3. they WILL get the SGSII, about 3 months after everyone else, BINGED, and full over other bloatware. Pardon me im a disgruntled current Verizon subscriber, contract is nearly over tho :)

    4. Nothing special about the Sammy or the HTC’s.

      Any new LTE dual core from Verizon will be on par or better with all that.

      Not to mention s2 will be old news a few months later with Targa/Bullet/Jet.

      1. ha, right. “EVERY” phone will be old news a few months after you buy it including your beloved Targa/Bullet/Jet,, smh lol

    5. Good! More bandwidth for me. You’ve obviously never used a Thunderbolt in a 4G area, otherwise you wouldn’t be talking out your ass like you are!

  4. are there going to be different models of the SGS2? Like different for each carrier?

    1. Sorry, apparently I can’t read.

  5. was hoping for t-mobile. would leave verizon for t-mo to get this phone, but not going to AT&T.

    1. it’ll come to T-Mobile as well to be sure,, they’re really on a roll this year. Hopefully this terrible Merger falls through and use that $3 billion and AWS roaming strengthen their network. now if only their ridiculous parent company overseas throws the money they need to move forward. I REALLY think DT dislikes the united states.

  6. Yeah baby now I finally retire my iPhone 4

  7. Chill everyone sgs2 will have each carriers own version.

    1. Verizon’s version will be a year late, full of crapware that can’t be removed, and they’ll find a way to replace the screen with a normal LCD and make it single core, and it will be $300.

      1. Root & debloat to remove crapware. Does anyone really use CityID??

        Can’t fix the price tag though. Verizon seems to have established they’re going to charge $299 for latest phones. Unfortunately for me, Verizon is only carrier with decent coverage where I live!

  8. Why is anyone excited about these phones after the first round of galaxy s phones in the US took for ever to get froyo. I promise that the people that buy these are gonna love them for 3 months, and hate them for the remaining 21 months until they can upgrade to something that isn’t made by sammy.

    1. Because Samsung doesn’t lock their phones down and developers will fully unlock the potential. The only people unhappy with the galaxy S phones are those were were unwilling or afraid to root and flash custom roms.

      1. You forgot everyone with a GPS problem, which is pretty much ever SGS had.

        1. Except for the fact THAT was also fixed with custom roms. DERP!

          1. Actually, no, it wasn’t fixed. If it were, software could have fixed it on all of them, but if you read the XDA threads, you’ll see it made it better on some, but not other. Many SGS users went as far was using a separate bluetooth GPS receiver or taking their phones apart to try and get a better antenna connection, which worked almost all the time. The original SGS and it’s variants had a hardware issue.

          2. The GPS isn’t fixed by any stretch of the imagination. The current GPS fix for the vibrant had me a 1/4 mile off in the middle of a lake last night. It’s well reported that it’s a hardware issue at this point

            Look around on XDA and you’ll find that the new Galaxy’s GPS isn’t any better.

          3. I guess that depends on what phone you have. My fascinate had some gps issues back on 2.1, but with a newer modem release and the latest custom rom, it accurately locks in mere seconds. Others are only reporting the same success. Its not a hardware issue.

    2. Most people don’t care nearly as much about updates as the typical Phandroid reader, to say the very least. And the early reviews of the SGS2 range from awed to ecstatic.

  9. How about make all carrier-bitches use same standard frequencies, so you could buy any phone, use it with any carrier without contract and update it when you want. Monthly payments for fro contracts will go down significantly and maybe they just have to offer plans without monthly payment – just pay for minutes you talked.

    1. because each carrier pays a shit ton for exclusive rights to certain 3G/4G spectrum and wouldnt’ want to share it. That is what the ATT-Tmobile deal is really about

  10. Now if I can convince my wife to get this phone instead of the stupid iphone 5.
    She’s never owned an “Android” phone before.
    She wants a phone with a big camera and this one is 8mp.
    I’ll even buy it for her!

    Meanwhile, I’m after the Evo 3D :)

    1. My wife just got an EVO, and after having it 2 days she told me “After having this, I dont see why anyone wants an iPhone”

      My wife needs to call your wife and let her know whats up. :p

      1. Mine said the same thing after using my Vibrant for a while. I’ve converted a lot of iPhone users over the past year and they all say the same thing.

  11. I’m wondering about the depth of the phone destined for the US. I read somewhere that there are two different depths and the thicker model will have the NFC chip and the thinner model will not have the NFC chip just like the ones being sold at the UK.

  12. The FCC already approved the i9100 in mid-march wich was probably the version that’s coming to Canada. Apparently we’re supposed to be getting it either late Q2 or early Q3. I’ve just looked at the filing and it’s the same model number as the march submission. Maybe it needed recertification after the speed bump to 1.2 Ghz…

  13. I hope it will look like the captivate! I like the metal plate. Removing the battery or putting in micro sd card on the captivate is better than most phones out there.

    1. Oh Please god no! I think Captivate is the worst of the Galaxy S phones.

      1. Out of all the physical chassis of the Galaxy S series, the Captivate is the best IMO

  14. I have to say the specs, speed and display on the Galaxy S2 are great, but with Samsung’s track record and phone support, I think I’m going to pass in favor of the EVO 3D. All the 3D gimmicks aside (and turned off) the specs on it are amazing and damn near identical to the S2 with better updates from HTC. While it may not have the black levels of the GS2, or battery life, it has a higher res screen at qHD, which to this point have looked really nice.

    1. Evo 3d has only a 5 MP camera, can only record 1080 hd videos 24 frames a sec as opposed to 30 in the galaxy s 2 and the HTC Sensation.
      Sensation & Galaxy S 2 have 8 mp cameras.
      Also The Evo 3d is thicker, wider, and heavier than both the sensation and galaxy s 2 in all those aspects.
      Only reason I see alot of people going crazy over the Evo 3d as opposed to the galaxy s 2 and sensation is that they are sprint customers and dont want to leave. Which is understandable since sprint is a great company. Better than AT&T and verizon.
      Lastly Samsung’s track record is due to U.S.carriers not samsung. Samsung releases timely updates in europe and asia. Samsung also doesnt lock down their phones like Motorola, and recently HTC. They are hacker friendly.

      1. First, the 5MP (dual) camera, while yes it is lower than the 8MP camera on the GS2, you have to keep this in mind, the iPhone 4 is also a 5MP camera and is better than any 8MP camera on any smart phone. That said, I’m not saying the EVO 3D will use the same sensor and look as good as an iPhone 4, but MP’s really don’t mean jack in image quality, they simple make the image size larger. It really comes down to the quality of the sensor in the camera module. That also said, I don’t mind giving up a few MP’s for the ability to take actual 3D photos and videos and the ability to take standard 2D images/videos if desired. In either instance I won’t be using my “smart phone” as a replacement for my Digital SLR. I take fun, quick shots on the fly shots with my phone (which in this case would be perfect and well suited by the EVO 3D) and professional or high quality shots of my family, friends and vacations/holiday’s with my SLR. So really it’s a moot point, the camera on the EVO 3D, for me, is not a deal breaker because simply because it’s not 8MP or as good as the GS2, it is quality, clean, clear and takes 3D/2D images which is something the GS2 cannot do.

        The fact that the EVO 3D is thicker, heavier and wider than the GS2 is true, but not everyone wants a phone that is super thin and feels to light. The EVO 3D is in all dimensions actually smaller than or equal to the EVO 4G, which I currently own and love its size and weight. It feels quality and substantial in my hands, not thin and cheap. But the point you make is based on your sole opinion. You can’t say one phone is better than the other because of its size, that is all personal preference. The processor, screen, OS, interface and overall use is what you base the phone on and so far they are basically equal with the EVO having a higher res screen and I would prefer Sense over TouchWiz. But if you prefer darker blacks and less pixels, you can go with the SGS2 if you want a nice, crisp, bright and high-res screen you can go EVO (that also does 3D) so to me, and this is my OPINION, I’d prefer the EVO 3D and can rest assured it will be supported by HTC, can you say the same for Samsung and feel confident about it?

        1. considering samsung was the first manufacturer to push their gingerbread update, i can say yeah i’m pretty confident about it.

          1. Please tell me what Samsung phone (that is not the Nexus S) in the US has received Gingerbread…

          2. Why can’t the nexus s count? And way to focus on the US. Nice job. Because we’re the only ones that matter. Good. I like to feel important.

        2. Some of what i said might be my own opinion but most of it is fact. Read some reviews of the Galaxy S 2. Including the engadget one that said “Its THE best smartphone , period”.
          Not trying to ruin your hopes for the EVO 3d just stating as many facts that i know about these phones so far. I would get the EVO 3D if i was on sprint.
          But if i was presented with either the EVO 3D or the HTC Sensation I would get the sensation.
          Higher MP camera (HTC cameras are not great but having 3 more mp cant hurt). And you cant say that the EVO camera will have a better sensor or lens because they are both the same phone made by the same company give or take a few specs.
          Sensation, thinner, lighter, slimmer. Still feeling very high end.
          Better frame-rate on HD recording.
          Also you say the galaxy S 2 and EVO have basically the same insides? Not the case. The galaxy s2 dual core is newer and faster than the EVO 3D,s. EVO 3d’s is based of older A8 architecture. Galaxy s 2 exynos cpu is A9.
          Also scored 3700 on quadrant as opposed to 2600 for the EVO 3D & Sensation.
          You can see videos on comparisons on the Super amoled plus vs the QHD display and youll see a huge difference. Its not just that blacks are darker and colors are brighter.
          QHD screen seems washed out compared to super amoled plus. Samoled+ also is more power efficient and has better viewing angles.
          Touchwiz suks i agree but the new TW is better and its actually getting praise by reviewers.
          Good thing Samsung doesnt lock their phones down and its easy for the developer community to make roms for sammy devices.
          Sammy devices are supported. its the U.S. carriers that lag on the updates. Europe and Asia get sammy updates real fast. Good thing you can flash the update if you dont want to wait for it.
          All this matters not if you are on sprint and the EVO 3D is the device to get for that carrier. I would get it too if i wasnt on T-Mobile.

        3. HTC has yet to make put a decent camera in a cellphone, whether it be 5mp or 8. PERIOD!

  15. Isn’t the international version quad-band 3G and already has AT&T 3G bands???? or UK version is only dual-band 3G

  16. So is the rumors it isnt 4G making anyone 2nd guess this as their next phone? Of all the phones on my wish list, only the Atrix has the guaranteed faster up/down speeds.

    I like this and the LG 2x, seeing the 2x is T Mo only thats out the running. Decisions, decisions….This phone being 4G makes it easier for me. I hope that rumor is wrong.

    EDIT: Looking at reviews it will be HSPA+ on AT&T. I’ll take that. Looks more likely I will definitely be leaving Big Red.

  17. Okay i need some real help here. My AT&T contract is up on may 11. I was planning to get an atrix 4g. But with the samsung galaxy s 2 being such a great device and not locked down i am seriously considering waiting it out. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  18. The OS updates aren’t nearly as important as the froyo fiasco was. Just look at what was offered from froyo to gingerbread. You’re not getting that much aside from bragging rights that you’ve got 2.3 and everyone else still has 2.2. The delay of Froyo was a major issue with the original SGS, but now that froyo is standard or updated on most phones, the whole OS update issue is really a non-issue. You’re froyo’d phone already does almost everything your pc does, so aside from little tweaks here and there, there isn’t going to be a major uprising the way there was with the delay of 2.2 on the original SGS line.
    Also, why is everyone still blaming Samsung? Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you should know by now it was the carriers that delayed 2.2, not Samsung!
    As for GPS, it works flawlessly on my Galaxy S and most I know of. The only people still having problems are those who live in BFE anyways. Sucks to be you!

  19. oh so it IS 4G after all. gotta love rumors…

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