May 4th, 2011

Barnes & Noble let slip that they are looking to bring a new type of e-Reader device to the market on May 24th. Not much else is known but one very strong possibility is that Barnes & Noble could be looking into a more powerful Honeycomb alternative to their popular Nook Color. With the popularity of the Android platform as an e-reader alternative, it definitely doesn’t sound too far fetched.

However, I think we may see a smaller, cheaper, e-ink type device to compete with the incredibly low-cost Kindle. A device hovering around the $100 range would make a great accessory for book lovers on the go this summer.

Guess we’ll find out soon enough come May 24th when this mysterious device is announced. As always stick with Phandroid to keep you updated as it develops. Thanks, Cabbie!

[Via MarketWatch]