Barnes and Noble To Announce New E-Reader Device On May 24th


Barnes & Noble let slip that they are looking to bring a new type of e-Reader device to the market on May 24th. Not much else is known but one very strong possibility is that Barnes & Noble could be looking into a more powerful Honeycomb alternative to their popular Nook Color. With the popularity of the Android platform as an e-reader alternative, it definitely doesn’t sound too far fetched.

However, I think we may see a smaller, cheaper, e-ink type device to compete with the incredibly low-cost Kindle. A device hovering around the $100 range would make a great accessory for book lovers on the go this summer.

Guess we’ll find out soon enough come May 24th when this mysterious device is announced. As always stick with Phandroid to keep you updated as it develops. Thanks, Cabbie!

[Via MarketWatch]

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  1. Here’s to hoping they slap a ffc on it and keep the price the same!

    1. I am sorry, but people, the nook color only really hit stores in November.. in no way is it ready for replacement.

      Now, I CAN believe that the original nook could be getting a replacement. Not everyone want an LCD eReader, and the classic nook is old enough that it is a due for a replacement.

      1. My thoughts exactly =)

        1. You’re so damn happy all the time. Get with the program, we are all supposed to be cynical and hate mongerers

      2. Exactly what I’ve been saying. I honestly think the people posting about this on Engadget are morons. It’s way too early and why would BARNES & NOBLE put out an E-READER with stock honeycomb, front facing camera and dual core processor. It’s a freakin e-reader lol. Probably gonna be Nook Color 3G or B&N’s answer to Kindle DX

  2. People on Engadget comments said that Samsung has the same data locked up for a press day. Nook Color 2 with honeycomb anyone? lol

  3. Kinda soon for another Nook Color already. Me thinks they’re trying to beat Amazon to the Honeycomb tablet game. I’m holding my breath for Amazon’s offering which will be more tightly integrated with not only books, but music, video, and apps. In the end I think whatever Amazon has brewing will be the only true Android tablet that’ll not only stand up toe to toe with the Apple iPad juggernaut but actually be able to deliver some painful blows.

  4. B&N needs to forget the Kindle. They have a chance to step up and away from Amazon and compete on a different level. I hope they do.

  5. Dual-core Nook?

  6. a sub $100 e-ink reader….stfu the b&w nook is that. fail

  7. Predictions in order of likelihood:
    1. Nook Color with 3G (maybe slightly updated specs)
    2. Nook Color 10.1 inch e-reader (similar to Kindle DX, maybe Tegra 2? At the bare minimum 1ghz processor but hopefully more like 1.5)
    3. Nook 2 (Original Nook. Highly unlikely though)

    Much too early for a Nook Color 2 and B&N said they would discontinue e-ink screen devices so I don’t think it would be a Nook 2. Hoping for the Nook Color 10 incher

    Edit: If 1 or 2 it needs thinner bezel and more responsive screen

    1. Where did B&N say it was disconitnuing e-ink screen devices?

      1. When the Nook Color first came out B&N said they were going to move away from e-Ink because their market research said that an LCD reader was more desirable. Can’t find my source though :/

  8. Nook Color + 3G + 1ghz CPU + eink display.
    Source: kernel source

    1. I’m loving your 1.3 OC kernel. Thanks so much for your work.

    2. Can you dumb it down a shade? Are you saying that there’s you’ve poked around in the kernel and a 3G, 1Ghz, color e-ink Nook is described in it?

      1. Yes. That said it may be completely unrelated to the upcoming announcement but they must have put those bits in the kernel for a reason.

  9. “However, I think we may see a smaller, cheaper, e-ink type device to compete with the incredibly low-cost Kindle. A device hovering around the $100 range would make a great accessory for book lovers on the go this summer.”

    Uh…you mean like the Nook?

    Do people seriously not remember B&N has had the e-Ink Nook out for years now?

    1. Exactly, the ORIGINAL nook has been out for years, and is ready for replacement (unlike the nook color). And keep in mind, the original nook has been going on sale like mad… moving out old stock.. it just screams replacement.

  10. Keep the root process like it is, bump the kernel, update the processor, and keep the price the same.

  11. I already use Honeycomb on my Nook Color. Search the XDA forums for instructions

  12. Rumors say it will be a Mirasol device and be called Nook 2 (not Nook Color 2), so I doubt this is a Honeycomb device that’s more powerful than Nook Color. It might be one that competes with Kindle 3, except it will have color and better refresh rate.

  13. Nice looking reader!!..

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