May 2nd, 2011

Folks have been long working on many solutions for gaming-types to use Bluetooth controllers with their Android devices to play certain Android games. The most obvious use case is with an emulator that is more natural to use with a controller than with on-screen controls.

One eagle-eyed gent found what’s being called the “Phonejoy” in China. It was meant to work with Windows Phone 7 devices, but he and some developers got together to get it working for Android 2.2 devices. (And we imagine later versions of Android will soon be supported after further development work is done.)

Unfortunately these are in very limited supply. Our tipster – Martin – says that about 30 devices are being produced and will be put up for sale shortly, but we’re not sure what channels you’ll need to go through to get one as we don’t imagine they’ll be making their trek across the pacific. [Thanks Martin!]