Phonejoy is a Bluetooth GamePad Compatible With Android 2.2 Devices [Video]


Folks have been long working on many solutions for gaming-types to use Bluetooth controllers with their Android devices to play certain Android games. The most obvious use case is with an emulator that is more natural to use with a controller than with on-screen controls.

One eagle-eyed gent found what’s being called the “Phonejoy” in China. It was meant to work with Windows Phone 7 devices, but he and some developers got together to get it working for Android 2.2 devices. (And we imagine later versions of Android will soon be supported after further development work is done.)

Unfortunately these are in very limited supply. Our tipster – Martin – says that about 30 devices are being produced and will be put up for sale shortly, but we’re not sure what channels you’ll need to go through to get one as we don’t imagine they’ll be making their trek across the pacific. [Thanks Martin!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is a huge step forward for the future of gaming. I think it carries a lot of potential if done correctly.

  2. Extremely interesting! Girlfriend wants to you to go shopping … sure! Just me grab my controller babe :).

  3. Awesome! It looks like it works well :) A tablet/smartphone and that would make for some great gaming on long road trips…just don’t distract the driver with the cool games lol

  4. accelerometer and gyroscope support?

  5. This is cool but remember you can use a wiimote with a classic controller as well with a free app.

    1. If your solution is to buy an iPhone, then I have a solution for you: cyanide + water.

  6. It’s very great to play Solitaire Challenge!!!

    1. Except no one wanted to fund it, so it is not getting made. No community support = no device.

  7. I would buy this if it had analog sticks and ps1 emulator support. It’s cool though.

  8. I think the iControlpad is rather made for phones, plus it still got its troubles with proper Android support. Phonejoy is ideal for people with tablets or phones with TV out/HDMI support. I just got twenty new ones in and created a little website with all the info at http://phonejoy.weebly.com . So if you are interested it might be worth having a look there.

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