CyanogenMod 7 Coming to the T-Mobile G2x; Nightlies Available


You didn’t think that T-Mobile G2x with stock Android would miss out on CyanogenMod, did ya? Of course not! Steve Kondik – the head of the CyanogenMod project – has tweeted a picture of what appears to be the software information screen of a T-Mobile G2x with CyanogenMod at the helm. A teasing picture isn’t all we’re given, though – nightlies are available. Head over to their mirror to get yours, but be warned: these are not stable and should not be relied upon to be daily drivers. Let’s see if T-Mobile can beat Cyanogen to the punch. [Thanks Brian!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Desirability of G2X +10.


  2. I get the feeling CyanogenMod lost its focus. They used to pump out solid, stable builds until version 6.x came along. Ever since it’s been unstable after unstable builds. 7 CR2 and 3 were busted. CR4 was better but still bugged. Official 7 and now is bugged and as of this morning both their site and forums are down. I wish they would focus on a smaller subset of devices but do it right.

    1. The Release Candidates aren’t meant to be stable builds. Otherwise they would be Stable Releases. The RC’s and Nightlies are for testing purposes.
      I’ve had no problems on my G2 with and of the Stable CM builds. Currently I’m running CM7.0.2 and everything works great!

    2. They only real issue I had was with GPS and driving backward in navigation in RC4 and 7.0.0. Once I upgraded to 7.0.2 everything is working fine on my HTC Aria.

      I did have issues getting Google apps installed and force closes at one point, but it’s because I forgot to wipe my cache before flashing so it wasn’t CM’s fault.

    3. I’ve had zero problems on Aria with 7.0.2. The RCs have been pretty stable too, as they should be. For me, other phones aren’t an option any more, if it doesn’t run CM, I won’t buy it.

  3. What are you talking about? You get a few nightlies here and there, but overall CyanogenMod is the most stable! Don’t forget they aren’t a business and don’t do this for a living. It’s purely a hobby and we get to reap the benefits. Instead of complaining….. Why don’t you help.

    1. Whether they do it as a hobby or not is irrelevant. Saying that CM is the most stable out there isn’t saying much. The fact remains that their quality has gone to the pits since two major versions ago. Stop using the fact that it is free and a hobby as a justification for poor QA.

      1. How about you go show them how it’s done then? Aye?

      2. So write your own code and di it yourself … opps … so sorry it is much easier to whine than to actually be productive.

        1. Saying “do it yourself” is unfair. It’s actually missing the point completely.

          Saying that OSS projects are exempt from critique is a pretty annoying attitude.

          That said, I can’t wait for it to mature a bit more before I’m going to test it.

          1. oh yeah… of course, if you cannot do it better yourself you must not complain.
            Remeber that the next time you buy or get something from someone else.
            I believe you have NEVER complained about any car, telephone, computer software you have used etc.

            this was of course a response to “txlakeside” and “Realhamfoshea”.

  4. That’s what I’m talking about! CM FTW! “You ma boy blue”! :P

  5. I certainly don’t share any statements about CM7 being unstable. I’ve been very happy with it.

  6. If the cm Roms where not stable then people would not use them and this would not be news to phandroids. Obviously this is news and people use cm roms because cm is better than what they had on their device originally

  7. The first ever unstable build of CM7 I’ve ever used is the very first g2x build I tested last night, which is hilariously buggy. CM7 nightlys for the nexus one were rock stable and I never had issues with the rc or final builds

  8. Any one know what status bar or theme this is? I know its a honeycomb but which one?

  9. I luv my CM7 running on my LG Optimus One! Like a whole new phone. Especially diggin the native Android 2.3.3 SIP stack.

  10. phandroid, you guys really need to start checking your facts. both the G2 and the G2x have regularly been described as “stock android” phones, but they aren’t. just because it LOOKS stock and comes with launcher2 doesn’t mean it’s stock.

    The G2 was nothing more than a standard HTC sense phone with and AOSP theme.
    The G2x is actually FURTHER from stock than it’s skinned/themed cousin, the O2x.

    the cyanogen team confirmed this themselves, it’s a little sad that all these tech sites (it’s not just you, trust me) devoted to android miss this fact every single time.

    1. Could you link me to the article where these claims are made. I would love to read it. Thanks.

      1. can I link you an article? no. but I can point you to Paul O’Brien http://twitter.com/#!/PaulOBrien/status/63250243046739968

        and if you don’t know/trust his opinion, then I’m not sure if you’d trust anyone’s. or I can point you to cm_arcee (aka the guy working with Cyanogen on the G2x/O2x CM builds): http://twitter.com/#!/CM_arcee/status/63255644676960256

        HTC Vision/G2 had this whole discussion amongst the same group of people back when it launched as well… I’m too lazy to dig that far back into the twitter posts to find it, but they’re there

  11. I tried doing installing CM7 on my G2x and it says “can’t open /sdcard/cm_p999_full-0.zip” what should i do?

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  14. Waiting for it to get released!!..

  15. It would be better if there are some other benefits CyanogenMod can feature. CyanogenMod is more advantageous if there will be new system to implement on this aspects. i am more excited with the T-Mobile G2X has been offer.

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