Laptop Dock Wasn’t a One Time Thing, Says Moto


The Motorola ATRIX 4G launched alongside a unique accessory – its laptop dock – that piqued many’s interest. Although we still have our reservations about its usefulness and overall quality, Motorola’s gone ahead and made it known that phones in the future will be launching with docks of their own.

You will see multiple devices from us in the second half launching with these capabilities, and we will expand the range of our Lapdock devices so we cover a broader price point, addressing both the enterprise premium tier as well as more consumer tiers.

They say we’ll see multiple devices from them in the second half of this year with an accompanying lapdock. The full quote – above – suggests each phone will be getting a dock especially designed for it. It makes me wonder, though: if Motorola’s going full sail ahead with this, why not make a universal lapdock?

I’m not sure how technically feasible that is, but it would suck for someone who is forced to go to a different device to have to ditch their current dock for a new one. In any case, if you didn’t fancy the ATRIX but still wanted a phone like it with similar features, keep your eye on Moto in the latter parts of 2011. [Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The placement of the usb connection on each phone and the variance in phone sizes probably made them opt for individual docks. Maybe the docs will also come with a variety of resolutions and in different sizes for certain models…

    I would love to see them make a laptop dock that has two parts, one is the laptop, the other would be the docking mechanism. Each phone could have a $10-$15 dollar individual docking mechanism that locks into place on the laptop. Upgrading or changing phones would be as simple as buying a new docking mechanism instead of the entire dock. I would also say that a dock like that could make me buy a Motorola phone over the Galaxy S II, but it won’t do it that soon. I ordered an Asus Transformer, so my netbook needs are covered for the next couple years.

    1. my thoughts exactly

  2. I hope that means there will be one for the Droid Bionic too. It was the only disappointment about the Bionic.

  3. I would be much more interested in this if it wasnt Moto, and if it was a universal dock. Spending several hundred dollars on a new dock each time you get a new phone is ridiculous.

    1. I totally agree with you. Especially when people switch phones more often then they do with laptop/netbooks.

  4. This isn’t news… they’ve already said this when they first announced the Atrix and Bionic.

  5. Motorola is and will always be JUNK! Stay away people, nothing to see here.

    1. HTC > Motorola > nokia > Blackberry > LG > Iphone > Samsung > PanTech

      1. Samsung > Motorola > HTC > Blackberry > iphone > hp/palm > LG > Kyocera > Pantech

  6. I honestly feel that the main reason it failed was because carriers forced you to purchase tethering plans to use it. If Motorola can somehow get carriers to stop doing that, it’d take off.

    1. I honestly think the main reason it failed is because most everything Motorola makes is fail. They need to fire their CEO Sanjay Jha IMO.

    2. That and the price.

  7. hopefully they’ll be smart and use chrome

  8. To me the original is a clunky design, figure out how to wirelessly doc.

    1. Bingo! Make a device that controls other peripherals within a certain range. Get rid of all this docking crap.

  9. Also, I think Asus Transformer is going to set a new standard with its tightly integrated tablet and keyboard option – no other company is doing anything like…yet.

  10. I’m still holding out for a tabdock

  11. Atrix 4g = FAIL!

    1. Tq745 = EPIC FAIL!

  12. There is no reason they can’t design a standard so all the car docks, desktop docks, and laptop docks work with all their phones. I would buy all 3 if I knew it would work with future devices. Also, I would be more inclined to buy future Moto devices if I already have these accessories. Either way, Moto would win. Requiring new docks for each device prevents me from buying any of them.

  13. to: PHX_AZ there is another netbook/tablet. The Lenovo U1 hybrid. But the advantage goes to Lenovo because the tablet doc also runs full windows 7.

  14. Good decision Moto .
    I think this technology is a step in the right direction a logical metamorphosis of the cellphone , all in one device .

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