T-Mobile: We Downloaded a Crap Ton of Stuff While Verizon’s 4G Network Was Down


T-Mobile wasn’t going to let this juicy opportunity slip away. In what has to be a very gutsy blow to the – well – gut, T-Mobile has tweeted Verizon to let them know that they were able to get stuff done on their 4G network while Verizon’s 4G network was down. Here’s the full tweet for your consideration:

And with that I leave you to talk amongst yourselves because I don’t think I can follow that statement with anything worthy enough of being said. [TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I hope Verizon can take a joke. If they come back with a witty response (or at least don’t get pouty about it), it actually will improve my view of ’em.

    1. Here’s one, in the time it took your PR to decide to write this comment we were able to work on adding LTE coverage to three new cities. When’s the last time your company added any type of new coverage to your network?

      1. Last time I checked Tmo is constantly expanding their hspa+ network and not just to big cities.

        1. You are highly mistaken. Technically tmobile has 4g in not one single city as of today. HSPA+ is not 4g (even though it’s faster than sprints 4g wi-max). So therefore they aren’t doing anything special.

          1. Not to feed the troll, but technically WiMax and LTE aren’t 4G either, as they don’t meet the old bandwidth requirements. The new requirements that allow LTE and WiMax to claim 4G also include HSPA+. So either nobody is 4G, or everybody is.

          2. Oh!! Is that why Sprint wants to buy US-Tmo!? If they do that, then they would be the 1st ones to have true 4G since they’d have both HSPA+ and WiMax!! Imagine the speeds. o.O

          3. Also, androidKILLS didn’t say 4G, (s)he said HSPA+.

          4. Man some people are idiots. HSPA+, LTE, WiMax are not 4G, LTE Advanced is. But who cares? Please enlighten your self on the actual technological differences and advantages of each. Verizon has actually rebuild everything from scratch, they are at a big disadvantage. T-Mo network will be rolling HSPA+ 42mb/s service soon which is basically a software upgrade. Guess which network will have better “4G” coverage?

    2. What Verizon should have tweeted: @T-Mobile, Wow thats a lot of data usage for only 10 people.

  2. Wow

  3. This is verizon we are talking about. Dont expect a response of any kind.

  4. Lol…tmobile is a beast..sidekick the world..4g style…

  5. Gotta love when adults fight like little girls. Clever though, TMO.

  6. How do you even respond to something like that? Sticks and stones big red, sticks and stones….lol

  7. Big talk from a company that is about to be non-existant. I’m sure Verizon will take the high road and not even respond. Just remember T-Mobile, Verizon could put their deep pockets towards making your merger very difficult so don’t throw rocks at a sleeping giant!

    1. No, please do make the merger very difficult. Extremely difficult in fact.

    2. They have deep pockets cause they rape their customers like ATT does but it sounds like you enjoy it hard and dry.

    3. here give russian dipstick a bahbah

  8. Seriously, I don’t care. I’m posting a comment because I think it’s funny that 1)t-mobile really won’t exist anymore, and 2) Their coverage area…is how big?

    1. Bigger and better than LTE thats for sure.

      1. No, Vlad, its not better. Now please take your poor T-Mobile a** back to your mobile home.

        thank you for understanding your network doesn’t have 4G. Thanks

        1. LOL..you’re an ass. And an incorrect one at that. Why don’t you read the comments above that explains to the uneducated that LTE isn’t 4G either?

          1. @Austin Serio burned lolololooloolol

  9. Americas most reliable network? NOT!

    1. So you think T-Mobile is the most reliable maybe in your dreams as long as I owned a cell phone every carrier has had their down time

      1. But they never claim to be the most reliable. Outages for you guys are a lot worse than T-Mo. Thought thats what you guys pat your self in the back for? But I am sure it only affected 5 people in 3 cities on your shiny new LTE network anyway.

        1. Actually the outage wasn’t bad for me I still had 3g and I have a og Droid so I could’ve used that but losing for 4g for a day wasnt so bad since I didnt buy the thunderbolt for 4g I bought it because my og started acting crazy and would random reboot. Oh and from what I know Verizon had never said the most reliable 4g network I’m pertty sure their commercial says most advanced 4g network and most reliable 3g and during the outage 3g was reliable better than any coverage I.get on.my.nexus s with T-Mobile

      2. I might agree with you, but not on Sprint network, I have been with Sprint for 10 years, I never experience any outage on th 3G or 4G nework.. But VZW and AT&T and T-MOBILE three of them rush the service with the name of the 4G, and not even complete itt yet,so that what happen with VZW and soon it`ll be T-Mobile.

      3. plus, its a new network COMBINED with the fact its a brand new technology. Essentialy, as soon as it was finaized Verizon started deploying it

      4. I have had all 3 carriers, VZW was too expensive, and I still had issues with signal in highly populated areas. Sprint- well if you enjoy getting text messages 3 days late and signal as unsteady as an egg on an A-frame house, they are great. T-Mobile is affordable, and while with most technologies may experience an issue here or there.. there is always away to revert to 2G for general usage. I have been with T-Mo for over 5 years… and they are the Best! Just sayin’

  10. Good Job TMobile! <3 Show who's still fighting till the end, they are not going quiet like a wasted girl with the cops! Lmfao

  11. Wow! Tmo, you better hope your network doesn’t go down anytime soon. I can only imagine the ridicule that’ll come out from that.

  12. T-mobile’s 4G isn’t even 4G

    1. tehinically not but i still get 10mbs up and hve far better 4g coverage sooo….
      if it quacks its a duck brother stop hating

      1. Exactly so why do you say tmobile isn’t real 4g when people got higher than 10mb when they first started. Your a fucking hypocrite.

        1. i never said that ???? i have a mt4g …its amazing

    2. Technically neither is VZW’s LTE.

      1. But it can technically be converted to 4G with LTE2. Same with Wiimax on Sprint. Both Verizon and Sprint are ahead of the rest with 4G since there pre 4G services can be converted to true 4G. While Tmobile and At&t are still behind still using only a advanced version of there current services.

        1. Well then HSPA might as well just be 2G since its the same technology. Oh bright one, can you even tell me the difference between HSPA+, LTE, and LTE Advanced (Which is actual 4G, and its not called LTE2)?

          1. data encryption level and data transfer rate? lol

          2. You know what i meant lol. Wait do you even know about the networks? HSPA is basically 3G, depending where you are and how strong your carrier supports it its technically suppose to got 14mbps down. This isn’t apply in the US for some reason with average real world scores of 3mbps to 5mbps. HSPA+ is basically a approved version with more network towers connected to give improve speeds. Some speeds are technically suppose to go up to 14mbps to 21mbps. While real time speeds are actually 6mbps to 10mbps. Tmobile say there going to improve there speeds to 45mbps with HSPA+ but it has yet to be seen if there speeds will be actually achieved. At&t also has its HSPA+ network but so few locations actually support it and the speeds haven’t reached up to Tmobile’s network. Wiimax is wireless data connection that has been around for a while. Currently it doesn’t have any voice support and lacks the penetration cdma wireless services has. Theres different type of Wiimax but currently Sprint is using one that reaches to speeds up to 8mbps to 10mbps real world scores. It can also work with Wimax2 network once its up and running. Currently the main Wimax provider is Clearwire that supplies to many companies including Sprint. LTE is another wireless network that only supports data connection but can also support voice data. Its actually Advanced 3G with LTE Advanced being certified of being 4G. Scores on the LTE can reach realtime scores of 10mbps to 20mbps. Many carriers are planning to move towards LTE due to being the standard of 3G and LTE Advanced being 4G standard. LTE enable devices will be much larger then other devices due to the LTE radio and battery consumption is quite high that surpasses even Wimax. Thats pretty much the basics you should know about the networks.

          3. You missed a couple things…
            1) 3G has to be able to do voice and data at the same time, and be a switched data packet network. 4G has to meet all the 3G requirements plus additional ones (speed) Technically, Verizon does not have 3G, just really fast 2G, then 4G.
            2) HSPA+ has 14.4, 21, 48Mb speeds, and the 48Mb towers have been demoed at trade shows. Rumor has it that they can go faster with software revisions (ie, still ceiling left.)

    3. And wii still get such high speeds. So imaging when Tmo actually gets “4G”. Everybody would just run to Tmo. Our 4G would be other carriers 5G. LoL!!

      But I’m glad that Tmo just upgraded their 3G to faster 3G basically. It made it easier to give it to more people, and I get to call it fo-G since it’s ghetto 4G. LoL!!

      1. then ghetto is good huh?ghetto..lame

    4. Boy you’re ignorant… Please explain what you think 4G is, it’s advantages, and the technological differences between HSPA+, LTE, WiMax, and LTE Advanced.

  13. That’s some funny stuff right there.

  14. wow, so much fail for t-mobile. Little bitches they are.

    1. Why? Cause they called it like it is? You guys are just starting LTE, with a whopping 10 cities and 25 customers.

      1. Tmobile isn’t 4g!!!! HSPA+ is not! Here’s a recent speed test. :D

        1. that is so dumb?…neither is lte lamo

        2. LOL..I’m laughing at all the fools who keep saying HSPA+ isn’t 4G, and keep getting served by other, smarter commenters who know better. Want an easy to understand reason why Tmo’s solution is better than Verizon’s? We get speeds comparable to LTE with no extra battery drain because there’s no extra radio sucking up juice in our phones.

    2. much like you.?


    1. Yeah….just wait until there is more traffic on there and you won’t see that number again and don’t forget to turn off your LTE before bedtime.

  16. I’m done hearing bout 4g BS! 4g is more scarce than $100 bills in the breeze! Been paying for it over a yr!

  17. Verizon is the best all I hear about people on Tmoble is they don’t have coverage I just look smile and surf the web like phandroid

    1. You guys finally got the technology where you can talk and use data at the same time congrats. Now if only it would stay on…


        BTW it has nothing to do with LTE, just phones that are good enough to take advantage of it (LTE) as i live in a 3G only area and do silmutanious data with verizon on my TB

        1. People actually do that -_-

  18. I might get some hate here. But damn, T-Mobile just kicked Verizon in the balls. That’s some funny stuff !

  19. Get over it people …..it was hilarious! They said a joke. That is all.

  20. people were still using 3g when the 4g was down< wonder how much verizon downloaded during that time? anyway here is an example of my 4g with verizon. yeah it sucked when it went down the other day but that is the only time i have had any problem with them in the last 10 YEARS.

    1. wow that is fast lol
      almost too fast im gettin 6mbs up on tmobile and dont see a need for anything more


  21. Verizon could always come back and say we have downloaded 3x the amount of pictures & data as your network while it is up?

    1. Or while their 4G was down and their 3G was still up. It wouldn’t exactly be shocking either.

    2. I wish they would, just for the lulz.

    3. make more sense ..sure they could..but funny thing verizon had a little problemo,

  22. Internet: Srs bzness!!

  23. (1) This is pretty hilarious
    (2) It’d be one thing to tweet about this but another to @VerizonWireless
    (3) That’s kinda messed up
    (4) If this was a sport’s league, they’d be fined $20k and suspended for 2 games

    1. It was pretty amusing, but not very T-Noble of them.

      *ba dum tish*

  24. I think verizon should respond and ask t mobile why they dress up a grown adult woman to make her look like a 12 year old girl?
    I would say CREEPY.
    T mobile prbly has some weirdo pedophile in the marketing department.

    1. really? 12 year old girl? Perhaps YOU have the weird fetish,and your projecting? …I thought she looked good the moto outfit…And the Sun dresses (Women wear those, try talking to one sometime)

      1. T mobile prbly has some weirdo pedophile in the marketing department.

        1. obviously verizon has you?so what your talking about?

        2. you’ve ignored the point. No where in the TV ads does she look like a child. TRY looking at GROWN up women for a change. Hint: Trying peering out of your parents basement window.

    2. Everyone likes the T-Mo chick. You’re either gay or some pedophile your self… and in that case you would imagine a 12 year old when you look at any girl/

      1. +1 on that. These are the comment made by Verizon defenders.. sounds so much like the asinine things republicans say lol.

    3. moron alert

  25. The appropriate response would be:
    “Don’t worry…we’ll catch up…”

  26. I think I will join twitter just to ask t blow why I had to wait last week on hold 45 minutes to get service?
    Maybe t blow should mind their own garden before being an internet tough guy with verizon!

    1. maybe , since your coming off as a tool, they got the same vibe and couldn’t find anyone versed in ‘tool-ese’ to help you?
      Just sayin

    2. So why are with T-Blow? Sounds like youre the one blowing

  27. Ahh Verizon subs relax its a joke.

  28. Who says there bought out did the fcc pass it, dumb Fucks these days need to do there research. Yall just mad cause t-mobile played the shit outta Verizon.

  29. Umm…Why are they following each other on Twitter?

  30. LMAO @ all the defensive Verizon girls who got their panties caught in a bunch!

  31. VZW tweeted back. “We grossed $22 million in the time it took you to take a deuce.” GFY.

  32. I just hope this doesn’t spawn another one of those annoying/childish ad wars that AT&T and Verizon where doing back when the iPhone was exclusive. Not that some of them weren’t amusing, but it really got annoying when both companies where pretty much saying “Oh yeah? Well you s**k!” “No, YOU s**k”.

    1. Is suck a bad word?

      1. In certain contexts it can be considered vulgar. I just remembered vaguely from the Disqus update that someone from Phandroid mentioned that they’d prefer the comments here be kept family friendly due to some of the site traffic being on the younger end of the spectrum.

  33. T mobile dosent even have edge where I live, every other company had 3g and verizon has 4g here pretty soon tmobile will be att anyway.

  34. Truthfully I know all the verizon fanboys are going to be mad…..BUT “F” EM….Verizon and Ass t&t SUCK MONKEY BALLS…Tmobile/Sprint rule the 4g game as well as android….All the best device reside on tmobile and sprint… so if you ain’t rocking either network then those monkey balls probably taste good directly in your mouth…

    1. So why is it that about half of the population who don’t own and Android device know of the platform only by “Droid”? Oh that’s right, Verizon was the company behind that. Not Sprint. Not AT&T. Not T-Mobile. Verizon.

      1. T-Mobile was the first carrier in the Android game with the G1. Better get your history in check!

        1. He said Droid idiot, not android phone

          1. You guys are so damn stupid fighting over stupid SHIT like this -_- IF I WERE YOU I WOULD SAY T-Mobile started Android DUH.

          2. Like I said to T-MoLoyalty, READ my comment. I never said Verizon “started” Android. I said it was the first company to make the big advertising push about Android. There is a HUGE difference. The fact that you are commenting on this makes you just as “stupid” as the rest of us.

          3. yah don’t say the rest of us because you’re only one person, saying the rest of us would be calling me and the other commeneters on here stupid, so dont say the rest of us leave the innocent commenter alone.

          4. 1) I assume in the comment above that you when you said “fighting over stupid SHIT like this”, you meant our little conversation exclusively. If so, then that also implies my comment applies to us exclusively, not the rest of the commenters on this article. So again, put in another way that means the same thing: The fact that you are commenting on this makes you just as “stupid” as those of us who are arguing about who started what. 2) You said “You guys are…” implying more than one person, which is more than little ole me. Get your head out of your a** and STFU.

        2. Did I say Verizon was the first to put out an Android phone? If you actually read my comment, you’d see that I in fact didn’t. I basically said Verizon was the first to make Android widely known with all of their Droid commercials. Better be able to read correctly!

      2. @squiddy20 What’s your point?

    2. Well done. I appreciate the fact that you’re so rude, hateful, insulting and ignorant as to keep on with your mindless insults, and not caring about the very place that took care of you when you needed it, Richard. Remember that Red Door newsletter along with some of your bigot/hypocrite/racist/hateful comments that I put together along with a few links and posted on the bulletin boards at work to show people what their money was going to? I was surprised to see this morning that someone else had started a petition along with all of your comments next to my letters with links and screenshots of said comments and (s)he is planning on sending it along to Ed Morgan – after adding mine, it had 621 signatures. Apparently, I’m not the only one there who reads Phandroid, donates (donated) to your benefactors, and refuses to donate another cent while you continue to do what you’re doing on the internet, or keep your job there. Of course, maybe Mr. Morgan doesn’t care, after all, they have close to 47,000 volunteers and people who donate their time and money, so maybe losing volunteer time and thousands of dollars will make no difference to him, I don’t know. I do know that if that fails, the same person who started the petition is planning on creating a website where everyone on the internet can see the way you talk to people in these comment threads and who your benefactors are and sign an online petition or email Ed Morgan directly. Talking “smack” or saying patently stupid things like “this phone is going to pimp slap/rape/murder/kill/rule that phone” is one thing. Using racial epithets, attacking people who just may happen to enjoy a phone that isn’t an EVO-branded device or a service provider that isn’t Sprint, cursing people out for no reason, attacking people who weren’t even talking to you or about you because you disagree with them – and the absolute worst of all from you – having the sheer audacity to call another human being a “bum” – is beyond unacceptable. Knowing this, why would you continue to act and talk the way you do to people knowing that it is literally costing the people who helped you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars? Do you really want a negative email storm about you going to the top guy? Does it matter to you? Do you even care? Probably not, but I’ve copied out your latest gem and took a screenshot, just in case it gets deleted. Honestly, I just hope you stop acting like a mean, ignorant, nasty, bigot, because I always thought the BM was a great cause – until I read your endless insults and cursing and then that newsletter that was posted here.

      1. WELL DONE…I was not even going to dignify your above response but i thought why give you the upper hand which I can never do…The internet is exactly that the internet it does not belong to you or me or BM this is a site where people express themselves rather it good or bad it is expression which everyone has the right to do. Your above comments are GROSSLY WRONG but it does not matter at all honestly people insult people I have been insulted and have instulted back one thing holds true the internet has nothing to do with BM. Everyone has a life and everyone has rights the internet does not exist at one place it’s everywhere so your accusations is exactly that accusations. My service and dedication has nothing to do with what your speaking/complaining about. I don’t have to defend myself or my service I’ve done my contributions well and is thought of highly based on that. You or no one else can take that away from me sign whatever pettition you need to sign truthfully I could care less what you do or how you you do it. Your a pretty sad soul to come on the internet in the first place to a forum that has something to do with android and phones in general and decide to discuss other related things created by yourself that has nothing to do with android or the topic of the article at hand. Plus you appear hidden behind fake names and pictures guess your afraid to prove your point out in the open so I guess you need to hide. BOTTOM LINE HERE..What I do in my personal life has nothing to do with you or BM or volunteers or anyone else out side of this site. If you choose to take whatever your doing in the direction you decided then just be right cause if your not you will pay a price. Question is how much do you have to lose and can you afford to lose it..Just take a moment to think how STUPID YOU SOUND coming on a forum site about android phones where people express there thoughts and sometimes insult one another back and forth and your bringing unrelated matters that appear to be your personal feelings to this forum that has nothing to do with android. I insult whoever has insulted me rather that was you or the next person it takes two to communicate just make sure that when you decide to expose my comments expose everyone else too cause to every response their was a comment and to every comment their was a response including all the insulting comments you took the time to leave…Those that live in glass houses should’nt throw stones Mr. Sevenstars..

        1. It isn’t about “giving someone the upper hand” Is that what you think this is? A stupid trolling argument? Expressing yourself is one thing (you really didn’t actually read my post, did you? If you did, you would have understood that). You, on the other hand, are not just expressing yourself, you are a nasty, hateful person, who appreciates NOTHING. You’re also a hypocrite, a bigot, and a racist. When I read that Red Door newsletter that was posted a few days ago, I was shocked, hurt and livid that I was helping to support your “cause”. I give bags and bags of clothes and food to the BM, I also have donated time in the past and until the other day, donated money every year. Out of those signatures, a bit over 600 donated time and/or money to the BM. You are indeed correct that the internet does not belong to me, but my money does. It also belongs to the people who signed that. So, if you choose to express yourself by attacking people and cursing people out, acting like a spoiled 12-year-old in general, and worse, much worse – calling other human beings bums, I, along with a lot of other people will express ourselves by withholding our money and time and expressing to Ed Morgan that unless you can manage to grow up and stop insulting every person you possibly can, they will not see a single penny from any of us. If it continues (which it will, I can already see that you’re only worried about ranting about your stupid phone and carrier service – the BM doesn’t matter; Richard’s need to express himself by trying to hurt others matters more) My colleague is going to use the internet to express herself by showing everyone who sees the page all of your comments and that newsletter. Is it so difficult to refrain from acting the way you do? Apparently so.

      2. This Guy has to be joking right………

        1. No, unfortunately I’m not.
          Which was linked to by the person in this thread:
          ..and expanded upon by myself here
          I think it’s very admirable that he pulled himself up by his bootstraps, I really do, but after reading that newsletter, I was almost sick.
          Now, he edited his post to inform me that I am going to “pay a price”. So, instead of thinking “hey, you know, I probably should be a bit more appreciative of what I have, and refrain from calling people bums.” He is going to actually use empty threats and claims that the BM doesn’t matter. They never did anything FOR me, but they matter to me, and a lot of other people, they just doesn’t matter to him. As is often said in here -” vote with your wallet”. Myself and several hundred others are doing so. I’m done. I said everything that I feel needs to be said or could be said. If he wants to throw out more empty threats, that’s fine. I did my part – I tried to tell him what is going on. Instead, he tries to attack me and threaten me personally. In his own words: “I’m just expressing myself.”

  35. Verizon and Ass t&t= GARBAGE NETWORKS…..

    1. Right and Sprint has great building penetration right?

      T-Mobile Faux-G anyone?

      Right, thats what I thought.

    2. OOOOO! you can make an insult against the 2 biggest wireless providers! Goooood boy! Does doggy want a treat now?

  36. Lol t-mobile is funny

  37. T-Mobile just b**** slapped Verizon in the face… you know what, I actually agree with Richard…. Sprint is getting the Evo 3D and T-mobile is getting the Sensation 4G and Mytouch 4G Slide (HTC Doubleshot)… Verizon’s highest device isn’t even dual core (Droid Charge or Thunderbolt) and AT&T has the crappy Motoblur on theirs (Motorola Atrix)…. T-Mobile/Sprint=WIN

    1. Uhhh……and remember TM already has the best phone on any carrier with the G2X. Personally I wouldn’t want one of those fat LTE phones. A friend of mine has had a Thunderbolt for about 10 days and 20+ charges and he admitted my G2X was superior in every way with the exception of download speed. His best so far has been 13.27 and mine 11.97. On average, he stays in the 12’s and I average in the 10’s. We were both showing very strong signals during our test. He came from Sprint and joked that with Verizon he gets nickel & dimed for every little service they offer. The buyers remorse has already kicked in and my guess is that the TB will be going back soon.

  38. I think Tmo is trying to give it a bad reputation so that when AT&T buys the US-Tmo, nobody would be on it since people hate it, thus destroying AT&T. It’s a suicide mission. o.O


  39. I have t-mobile and Verizon never had a problem with Verizon but t-mobile roams so much and I tried to return the phone with in a week of buying it and they were going to charge me the 350 instead of 35 dollars and the speeds suck on t-mobile. So anyone dogin Verizon go FUCK YOURSELF YOUR AN IDIOT EVERY MOBILE COMPANY WILL HAVE PROBLEMS AT SOMETIME.

    1. You got pretty bent out of shape over a witty jest there huh? Calm down buddy boy, it will be alright.

    2. tell enough stories?i had both.got rid of my verizon services and paid for the cancellation…bad customer service…and actually my t mo worked better

  40. Nice to see the usual Verizon haters out here. You know who you are. Any technology is vulnerable to a hiccup or flaw at some point in time. Take Amazon’s cloud service for example that catastrophically failed a few weeks ago. @#$% happens, get used to it. Imo, this was a very cheap tactic used by T-Mo. Too bad LTE stomps their HSPA+, as well as AT&Ts. My friends Thunderbolt has faster 3G than AT&T’s HSPA+ where we are.

    Oh by the way, Verizon has been busy

    “Unprecedented call volumes in storm-stricken areas of Alabama, Georgia & Tennessee. We are deploying Cells on Wheels (COWs) & generators.”

    What was Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mo doing for Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee?

    1. actually go to facebook..and take alook..dumbass

      1. Not downplaying the Red Cross thing, but c’mon. That’s the best T-Mo can do? Text the Red Cross to help those in the South? Verizon took an active role to help people, did something REAL, something tangible.

          1. Awesome, Dan, thanks for giving me something to read instead of just calling me profanity laced names. ;) And kudos to T-Mo for helping.

          2. your point has been mooted, now go back to your Verizon corner and keep your uninformed babbling to yourself.

          3. Actually, only of the multiple points I made has been settled. The rest of what I said stands. Way to ignore 75% of the content of the comment. Not sure where you got uninformed babbling from, but whatever.

  41. Some of you take this shot too seriously. Does verizon or t mobile pay you to defend them? The t mobile chick does not look 12 BTW. She is cute.

  42. TMO has had their issues as well, and will again. This is stupid. Every process is subject to issues.

  43. Its ok ill pay more money for a better network and phones(vzw). Because I obviously make more money than some of you trailer trash hillbillies that comment on this stuff. Enjoy your cheapness sprint and T-Mobile customers. But remember u get what u pay for. I have personal experience on all three services btw. Vzw is a much better network.

    1. yeah you give head…under the desk..clap clap you good…reliable like your network rather be trailer trash..than a whore like your network..cheap?your also proven to be a moron..

      1. Wow… who writes stuff like this? Very classy.

        1. This coming from someone who is dumb enough to actually believe that saving money makes us “trailer trash hillbillies”? Your logic is flawed and your unprovoked attack on T-mobile customers shows just how “classy” you truly are.

          1. +1000 If he’s honestly calling us who are on T-mo or Sprint trailer trash because we don’t feel the need to waste money is just stupid. Im on sprint because iv been with them for years and get an unbeatable plan for back in the day. If I’m a hillbilly, then I must be the only one who lives in Newport Beach, CA.

          2. Great point. I’ve been on Sprint for 10+ years–great price, phones, and customer service.

  44. VZW: “Cool story, bro.”

  45. I used to be on tmobile. In my area t-mobile is terrible so I switched to Verizon and picked up the Incredible. Seems that t-mobile does a lot of smack talking these days. Great phones but a lot of smack talking and still crappy service. Smack talking and no real 4G. T-Mobile girl is hot, G2x hot, service… not so hot. I found out the hard way, cool phones aren’t cool when they don’t work!

  46. Lolz, T-Mobile… you have balls….

  47. This is friggin hilarious!

  48. Why does anyone defend any carrier? They ALL suck. And so does any nerdfuk that defends one.

    Like those carrier hand jobs?

  49. This is extremely funny! Wtg tmo…….I am a verizon customer, but friendly competition is always good!

  50. Wow, some people actually *like* their cell phone companies. Given the lack of maturity in these dialogs I wonder if it is due to the family plans and their parents actually paying the bills.

    Please show some respect. If you wouldn’t say it to someones face perhaps it is best left unsaid.

  51. Go lakers. Ha spurs are already out. Oh and and take a look at t-mobile insurance returns for broken phones. Seems like a lot of people have been throwing there phones at walls. Wonder why

  52. Why is everyone arguing about this anyway? T-Mobile and Verizon are companies that we give our money to so they can provide us with a service. Neither of which is paying any of you to spout off about how T-Mobile is this or Verizon is that. Honestly, its like all that East Coast / West Coast stuff that’s been going on for years.

  53. Point is Verizon’s deployment and implementation of their (4G) is a Epic Fail!!!

  54. lol, and verizon did that in an hour…

  55. Oh, did little T-Mobile hurt big Verizon’s feelings? Poor little guys…

  56. Yeah…V has always had a stronger network …so making making it even stronger while having a hick up is no big deal…ihope. Hey Phandroid it seems your mobile app is alittle flawed …idont think its just my phone that has a problem with it as some may try and point out…so question is will it be fixed soon? Are yous working on it?

  57. All’s I know is they can call it 4g,5g,6g Bieber fever..I dont care! So long as my internet speed is freaking fast..it’s all gravy baby! Best part is wherever I go here in the Phoenix area I always whoop my all friends ass when it comes to speed. Speedtest ftw! I’ve pwned VW,Sprint,AT&T, & Cricket just for sh!ts n giggles. Crazy part is im using my 3g phone over their 4g variants. Now thats #winning! T-mobile rocks!

  58. Verizon hater are people who: have a shitty, sub par service, including but not limited to: tMO, ATT, Sprint especially, or anything else not named Verizon, people who likely have shitty phones, a bad job, and likely a virgin. That’s ok, u pay MORE FOR A BMW than a Kia, all though I’m sure some Kia owners will argue there car is better. But if u read the facts, it’s easier to see the Beamer outclasses the Kia in every aspect, kinda like vzw outclasses every other mobile carrier, hence u pay a few more dollars each month. YarellRay: u r a tool bag…. U need to take a bath, wipe Dan Hesses spooge off your face, get a better job, a better phone, a life, and some vag. Your “4g” service is utter garbage. With your whopping 8mb sec download if u are standing on a shower. I’m guessing LTE sucks so bad that’s why sprint is converting over eventually. And lastly, u r an idiot. If I met u, I’d take your EVO and punt that price of shit all the way back to the sprint store, u know, the place where u actually get service. Oh yeah, u remember when the EVO launched and radio shack put little 4g hotspots in the store? That’s bc the network blows, and their coverage is non existent. And to anyone who thinks verizon gives a fuck about that tweet. GET A F*CKING CLUE. Verizon has 50,000,000 more customers than T Mo. Do they really need to talk shit? Do they need to prove that the big red sick is twice the size of the magenta one? ok

  59. Can everyone stop bitchin’ like baby bitches and just laugh at the pure audacity of tmo. If you not then you have no faith in your own convictions and are threatened by others.. that said Tmo rocks haha

  60. Actually, it was because of AT&T and T-Mobile advertising their crap 3g networks as 4g, hence the amendment. And technically all carriers now have 4g due to that, although AT&T and T-Mobile didn’t actually upgrade their networks to the next gen (which is LTE from HSPA). Also, sprint had a similar outage last year when some genius at Clear wire snapped the wrong wires…

  61. As a loyal Verizon customer for over 10 yrs……I gotta say that was funny stuff! Some off my big red peeps need to chill it was a JOKE!!! Sibling rivalry and lil bro snuck in a punch…..

  62. blah blah blah…who cares if it is technically 4G or not. It’s a funny tweet. It’s still pretty fast and if it wasn’t for the AT&T deal I would switch to them from VZ to save some $$.

  63. @Tmobile Have you forgotten about your own data outage disaster already? Shame on you. http://techcrunch.com/2009/10/10/t-mobile-sidekick-disaster-microsofts-servers-crashed-and-they-dont-have-a-backup/

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