Android Overload: Samsung Goes Big Against Apple, Atrix 4G Laptop Dock on Sale, and More

Looking back on this week in Android some pretty big stories stand out. Verizon launched two new Android devices and delayed another, the Samsung Droid Charge, due to 4G LTE outages; the Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G finally received HSUPA support through new updates; and then there are the leftovers, which you can find below. TGIF!
  • Samsung goes on the offensive. Broadens their patent infringment claim against Apple. [Electronista]
  • LG has the worst timing. Launches Black the same day as the Galaxy S II.
  • The Motorola PRO is not headed to the UK, says retailer. [EuroDroid]
  • Telus’ Samsung Fascinate 4G will be out May 8th.
  • Telus is dropping the original Fascinate to $0 in anticipation. The Nexus S is also on sale for $99 on a three-year contract.
  • Some of those lucky enough to receive the Asus Eee Pad Transformer were surprised to find pre-release Android 2.2 software in place of the promised Android Honeycomb. [AC]
  • The HTC EVO 4G’s on sale again. This time, for $90 via Amazon.
  • GameStop is looking to hire an Android developer to bring their Game Spawn streaming game application over. [Droid Gamers]
  • The Motorola Atrix 4G Laptop Dock will drop to $299 as of May 1st. [AC]
Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “Atrix 4G Laptop Dock on Dale” How does Dale feel about that? :)

    1. I guess he’s the one person who bought it. Therefore, it is on his lap. :P

      1. For real, this site has more spelling errors than any other site I visit.

        1. Wouldn’t be so noticeable if the typos weren’t always in the post heading. I know it’s a free site, but still, over time it makes Android users look illiterate.

    2. He is probably happy. Would be nice to have an expensive laptop dock.

  2. Dale – Sale

  3. It’s on Dale? I Dotta Det it! :-D

    1. So if they fixed their typo and you were to use the same logic on your comment it would be:

      “It’s on Sale? I Sotta Set it! :-D”

      …so I guess my question is: What’s the sotta setting, and does the Droid have one?

      I kid, I kid.

  4. But seriously… who’s Dale? Regardless, good for him.

  5. Dale sale?! When!?

    1. Dale is on sale? What does Chip have to say on that???

      Hmmm…gotta get my dollar bills…LOL!!!

  6. ON DALE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Quentyn, I’m sorry bro but if you are going to do this for a profession you need to edit your own material before posting it. I’m an Engineering major, I hate writing with a passion but seriously, the papers I turn in to my professors are better then half the stuff you write and yet your way of life is the one that revolves around writing…

    stop throwing shit together and proof read once and a while, PLEASE, ALL OF YOU, it looks bad when you guys do this.

    1. Dude, get over yourself. I can’t fathom how the occasional typo upsets you so much. You come to this site and read content that Phandroid creates for you, and they ask for little in return (just your eyeballs).

      If you want to point out a typo or make a light-hearted joke, fine. Probably still unnecessary, but whatever. However, what you just wrote there was condescending and dickish.

      1. Because it makes this site look bad. thats all i’m saying. It happens all the freaking time on this site because they don’t ever proof their stuff. it takes 1 minute to scan over your writing and make it of decent quality. I understand what your saying though and I’m not trying to be a dick, its just annoying when day in and day out i read articles from this site that look like they were written by my 12 year old sister.

        1. You still keep coming back so it must not be that big of a deal. I don’t treat these sites as the New York Times anyway. Take them for what they are. I don’t think you are being a dick but I do think you are expecting too much from a site like this.

      2. No, Covert Death has a point. Blogs like this are the new journalism and journalists should know the language and proof read. That’s their thing, that’s what they should shine at. Think of it like this. Would you fly in a plane or drive a car or go over a bridge if engineers started accepting the same standards with math that you’re willing to accept for journalism now?!? I doubt it.

    2. Let me get you a ladder so you can get over yourself… and Collup schooled you b****

      1. No, Collup schooled no one. He/she just showed how abhorrently low standards and understanding have become.

  8. womp womp

  9. My name is Dale and I am pleased with this Typo. :P

  10. Get it off!

  11. LOL… alright, fixed. I know it’s bad, but I can’t help but laugh at the thought of poor Dale having a laptop dock placed upon him.

  12. I do have to say that $299 for a dumb terminal is still too much and looks even more so now that Asus has come out with one with a battery in it for half of that still.

  13. Covert death should take his own advice. Better than not better then college boy.

  14. Complaining about the typo is understandable. How about the second sentence being a run on? Count up the number of commas and semi-colons. My personal favorite: “; and”


    Sorry, but I bust people for this kind of stuff all the time.

  15. Android is retarded

    1. And yet, it is light years beyond you. How do you feel about that? It’s ok, you can grunt out your answer. :P

  16. Just an FYI… I started this post in the morning but wasn’t the one who added the title + paragraph and published it! Your hatred for me is misplaced, but I hope your love for Dale lives on forever.

  17. Did anyone else see all the downvotes to the anti-apple comments in the first article about Samsung vs. Apple? The only well rated comment is the one that isn’t. lol

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