Samsung Galaxy S II Root Achieved


We figured it’d be quite easy to crack this thing considering Samsung has no interest in locking down their devices without need. The Samsung Galaxy S II has been rooted. The process is fairly simple for experienced rooters, but even folks new to the scene should be able to pull it off without a hitch. You can find the instructions at XDA if you’re interested. [via AndroidForums.com]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. this would be great news if i could actually get one

  2. would this be coming to Verizon someday? :D

    1. The unfortunate reality that is the droid charge makes me think no.

      1. The droid charge is another one of verizon useless devices. They should subtract 100>00 dollars for every day their network does not preform up to par.

    2. It probably will in another five months. You know after verizon destroys what samsung created and remakes it into their own image of the phone. One where there is so much bloat it will release with 2.2 and nine months later out will still have 2.2 while the rest of the world has 2.4

      So in other words. KEEP YOUR FUCKING GREEDY LITTLE PAWS OFF OF THIS PHONE AND DON’T FUCK IT UP. Not everyone wants your vision of the phone, we want what samsung released everywhere else in the world.

      Hopefully bodes well as I want the GS3 when released as long as its not crippled by verizon.

      1. Newsflash: The og Droid was an excellent phone which ran on stock Android, and didn’t come with a bunch of pre-installed Vzn crap.

        Stow your s**t and stoping being a fanboy…please.

        1. Huh? Did you even read what the wrote? He’s complaining that Verizon will neuter the device with its bloat and changes, just like every single other phone. The OG droid was the ONLY device they left alone for the most part, and they have never done that since. Every other device since the first droid, which is arguably the most successful, has had Motoblur and verizon bloatware.

    3. It will never be on verizon it never is and their is no reason for it to be. Verizon loves devices that deliver specs from last year not current up to date specs or devices just look at there overall lineup that should tell the story

      1. How do you know for 100% certain? Do you “know” the inside secrets? Do you “know” what Verizon’s plans are for phones? I very highly doubt it. You’re just making wild (yet educated) guesses based on past activity. Maybe they’ll do something different. You never know.

        1. They need to do something fast with their crumbling selection of devices…They stink and truthfully you know they do to your just having a hard time excepting the stinch and odor coming from big red lately….PISS ON VERIZON AND ALL THEIR DEVICES…

          1. No. I don’t have to “except” (“accept” you uneducated moron) that Verizon has crappy phones because, guess why, I don’t care. I’m not a Verizon customer, therefore I couldn’t really care less about their phone selection. Do I pay attention to the ads (original Droid, Incredible, Thunderbolt, etc)? Sure. Am I deeply investigating all of their Android offerings? Not one bit. Except in the cases where I went out of my way to prove you wrong, I’ve never been on their website. You shouldn’t either you stupid Sprint fanboy.

        2. don’t complement the troll. his guesses are not educated.

  3. awaiting for dis

  4. This is the only phone I would even consider replacing my 1st-gen Galaxy S for, except for one nagging (superficial) problem: it really does look too much like an iphone.

    I’ll wait another year for a Galaxy S III, unless the crown is taken from Samsung by then (no, not the Evo)

    1. What crown can you be speaking of??? The crown of weak updates samsung has a nice device I give them credit with their samsung galaxy s2 but better than htc…….NO WAY EVER…..EVO 3D STILL WILL DISTROY YOUR SAMSUCK DEVICE

      1. Samsuck device? It’s probably the best critically acclaimed phone in history, so be careful what you say about it, because the chances that the EVO 3D will destroy it are pretty miserable.

        1. I love HTC but I don’t despise Samsung. Your post was completely on the other end of the spectrum. It received no more acclaim than any of the other phones released with the same specs. It had it’s issues like every other phone

          1. Your beloved evo 3d is sure to be a nice lil device but it looks like the sg2 will be the cream of the crop this year. http://www.androidauthority.com/htc-evo-3d-vs-samsung-galaxy-s-ii-extreme-android-superphone-standoff-12568/

        2. Critically acclaimed….GOSH WHAT YOU JUST SAW SOMETHING IN THE PAPER AND DECIDED TO USE THAT WORD??? You must be from some FAR AWAY PLACE LIKE MARS…In the real world HTC RULES ANDROID AND HAS BEEN SINCE DAY ONE….Join us don’t be follower be a leader….Htc leads, Qualcomm leads, Sprint leads, become part of the forfront and stop standing in the back of the line….

          1. Yet again, if Sprint “leads” then why are we generally considered 3rd in terms of subscriber base? If Sprint were indeed “leading” wouldn’t they have the most customers and the best network? And before you say “we DO have the best network”, answer for me why Sprint has a roaming agreement with Verizon. It seems to me that the best shouldn’t need any sort of agreement with any other wireless provider.

        3. northampton, pa?

      2. I used to wonder why some people on here treat you like the village idiot. Starting to get a feeling on why.

        1. Another person hiding behind a FAKE NAME and PHANTOM PHOTO….Why don’t you get lost this site is for the BIG BOYS who understand who they are and don’t have to hide to speak….Your a joke so go back to your village how’s that

          1. How about you go back to your ghetto apartment in NYC where you actually live? For all you know, aiden9 might live on the coast of CA or somewhere in the hills of CO. Facts is, you just don’t know. Stop making assumptions and retorts you can’t even hope to back up with real evidence (not that you ever would).

      3. Someone please ban this troll yarrellray before he gets shot… lol

        1. Another FAKE NAME and NO PHOTO PERSON…Ban yourself and when you come back joing us at the man’s table and come correct…Until then go some place else

          1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
            MAN?????? You call yourself a MAN??? What MAN insults people only because they have a different opinion? What MAN is blind to truth in the world? What MAN used to live on the street and is now calling other people “bums” and such? You, the little hypocritical child. Come back when you have something REAL to say like a REAL adult.

          2. How about you learn to spell maybe take a grammar class before you come here and try to bash people with more grammatical errors then am second grader. Ha

  5. Samsung has not only set a new bar for smartphones in 2011 it’s smashed the bar, recreated it in its own image and put it out of reach of the competition. Kudos

    1. Hate to bash your party but regardless samsung is samsuck straight like that

      1. Wow, what a smart argument. You probably love locked down aluminum bricks.

        1. ur refering to htc righ?t cuz thats all this guy every dick rides about

        2. Honestly, I don’t think he knows the first thing about rooting. He never posts in anything relating to mods, root, custom ROMs, etc. He seems too stupid and uneducated to know how to do it. Especially considering he doesn’t know half the crap he posts about. *cough* “22 Sprint 4G devices” *cough cough*

          1. Your such a fool it’s comical the things you say..People with updated devices that can afford to purchase new devices every 6months or every year does not have to worry about rooting 2 year plus old devices…Why don’t you get a real job or further your education so you can get a good job so you don’t have to walk around with that stupid Samsung Moment…I guess you need to make yourself feel good cause it’s rooted when actually you simply can’t afford anything past 100.00….Get a life you LOSER and get a REAL JOB maybe I will send you some applications to various companies passing out flyers any income is better than nothing…And you think your smart…

          2. What an idiot. 1) the Moment is only about 1.5 years old, not the 2 you “claim” it to be. Do some googling to check the facts you “hopeless bum”. 2) If rooting is only for “2 year plus old devices”, then why does this news site report when root has been achieved on [insert device name]? Why is there such a a big dev community for your precious Evo, the Evo Shift, the Epic, the Nexus S, the Thunderbolt, etc? Oh that’s right, because people want to do more with their phone than what the manufacturer/carrier limits you to. 3) I know for a fact I have pointed out that I am currently attending college. I have a few more classes to take before I can get my Associates Degree. How much education do you have? I’d wager no more than middle school with some high school based on the fact that you were living on the street and your spelling/grammar is so atrocious. 4) I wouldn’t want you to send me any applications. Sure some money is better than none, but I would NOT want any help from a lowlife like you. You insult people without even blinking an eye when they in no way deserved it. You are no more than a child. Why don’t you make something of yourself instead of trolling these articles?


        3. You sound even smarter

          1. As opposed to your brilliant comeback? Please, a 5th grader could make better retorts than you.

      2. Samsuck? Really? I guess you are nothing more than a child by creating all of these names for real devices/carriers. ie “thunderdud” or “ass t&t” Once again, no evidence to back up your claims other than your pitiful opinion.

        1. creating is a good thing you should learn how to do the same. It’s pretty clear your ability to created anything is very limited cause if you had any skills actually you wouldn’t be walking around in 2011 with this dopey samsung moment. They need to REVOLK YOUR ANDROID MEMBERSHIP people like you don’t deserve and android device…

          1. 1) There is no “ANDROID MEMBERSHIP” you dolt. 2) It’s “revoke” not “revolk” there is no “L”. Use Google Chrome, it has spell check for idiots such as yourself.
            3) Creating is a good thing… when it’s constructive. You don’t know the meaning of constructive, so I don’t expect you to understand.
            4) It’s the hypocrites a blind morons such as yourself that don’t deserve an Android device. Hell, with the way you act, you don’t deserve to have any kind of technology. You don’t deserve even having a job. Do you honestly go around talking like this to everyone in your life?! You sir, need a reality check. The world does not revolve around you, Sprint, the Evo, the E3D, or HTC. Go slit your wrists in shame because of the “man” you are. I would be appalled if I were anything like you.

          2. Firefox has it too, at least on ubuntu…

          3. @John, Good to know. I’ve never used anything other than Mac or Windows, so I wouldn’t know about Ubuntu. I assume if it’s on Firefox for Ubuntu, it’s most likely on Firefox for the other OS’s as well.

    2. Haha, i was rooting a Captivate for a friend and although the rooting process was easy, flashing roms is a joke. You need their ODIN crap and it fcks up a lot of people who don’t know whta they are doing. My MyTouch 4g was so easy to root and I could flash a new rom on it right now through rom manager with no worries at all. Thos Galaxy phones are a joke if you come from HTC

    3. yep, Ive had a samsung galaxy s for a year now and i have been impressed with samsungs speed of updating and the quality of the product…. so will definitely be getting the sgs 2 sometime this year, I am just disappointed the UK version, so far, is without NFC chip.

  6. Why can Phandroid not properly link to their own pages? You name the phone in the article, attach a link to go to the phone’s page, but you always go back to old versions of it i.e. this one goes to the Galaxy S, have seen it happen to the HTC Incredible and Mot. Droid as well. Makes things look bad for android.
    And why can you not complete the specs pages for the phones. There should be absolutely no “?” on a line item for a phone that can be/has been handled.

  7. If the galaxy s and the s2 phones aren’t locked down, then why did cyanogen take a long time to develop roms for the galaxy s phones last year?

    1. I think it’s because Samsung didn’t fully release the open source drivers for the phone. They had to improvise the drivers to develop a working ROM. Hope this changes this time.

      1. Ok, and why isn’t there an official release for the Samsung Galaxy phones for Cyanogen 7 yet? By official I mean not experimental and unstable.

        1. I have no idea. Slow progress on the ROM tweaks for the Galaxy phones. I’d like to see more progress here too, specially for the coming Galaxy S2.

  8. Great news and very quick, the devs dont hang around. Roll on the custom firmwares.

  9. dam i really hope this comes to bell mobility!

  10. Stop trolling all Samsung posts yarrellray. It is butt damn obvious you are a HTC fanboy. I hope you enjoy locked bootloaders in your future.

    1. Yes I am a very proud Android/Qualcomm/Htc/Sprint FANBOY 100% and want everyone to know that…So what it’s pretty clear your some kind of loser fanboy yourself. Least I keep mines out in the open and it’s well known on every site I go too. I don’t need to hide behind FAKE NAMES, PHANTOM PICTURES, OR INSULTS I AM STRAIGHT UP WITH MINES…I KEEP IT REAL REGARDLESS OF WHO LIKES IT OR NOT.

      1. Yarrell my question to you is why do you troll and be-little other android phones. I understand that you are loyal to HTC and Sprint, and honestly that’s fine, good for you. But other people might like T-Mobile or Verizon or AT&T they like their Motorola, or Samsung, or Sony Ericsson android device. That’s the spirit behind android is openness, freedom, and choice. Every Android user does not like HTC sense and they may want MOTO-blur or stock Android, they may want a phone with a duel-core processor. Some want front facing cameras, some don’t. Choice is king brother.

        FYI I own and use a HTC Thunderbolt and I extreemly enjoy using it and that my friend is all that matters.

        1. He’s not loyal to HTC; it’s Sprint that he loves. If it was based on HTC and Sprint, he wouldn’t have called the Thunderbolt, “Thunderdud.”

          I wish they had an ignore button … I’d block Richard in a heartbeat!

  11. Shut up about verizon being gay. Galaxy s2 will obviously come to verizon like the original galaxy s. Galaxy s2 will be a killer device that will compete with the evo 3d. Oh and the sa+ and exynos kills the evo 3d. Only thing evo 3d has over gs2 is the 3d and dual core snapdragon which is weaker than exynos. And samsung does upgrade. Do you see the galaxy s in europe? They have gb already. So stfu and stop whining.

    1. Your S2 is PISS compared to the Evo 3d…http://moblewar.com/?tag=samsung-galaxy-s2-vs-evo-3d

      1. Ha s2 will smoke the evo3d yarrell you dumbass.

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  14. This beast already rooted!!..

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