Apr 29th, 2011

Although Google themselves haven’t made mention of the next Honeycomb upgrade, Adobe took it to themselves to do so in the change log of their most recent update. “Hardware accelerated video presentation (requires Android 3.1)” and “Enhanced browser integration for Honeycomb tablets (requires Android 3.1)” grace the listing.

It’s a very much needed change for folks who can’t enjoy flash content in 720p on their Honeycomb tablets the way they should – choppy framerates and slow device performance plague an otherwise good experience. The listing has since been updated to change the words in the parenthesis which now says “requires an upcoming release of Android 3”.

People are wondering if Adobe made a typo, but it’s highly unlikely they made the same “typo” on two different lines. I’d bet my bank account that Android 3.1 is real. And really, is there any reason to believe it isn’t? [via Droid-Life]