Android 3.1 to Bring Hardware Accelerated Video With Flash Update, Says Adobe


Although Google themselves haven’t made mention of the next Honeycomb upgrade, Adobe took it to themselves to do so in the change log of their most recent update. “Hardware accelerated video presentation (requires Android 3.1)” and “Enhanced browser integration for Honeycomb tablets (requires Android 3.1)” grace the listing.

It’s a very much needed change for folks who can’t enjoy flash content in 720p on their Honeycomb tablets the way they should – choppy framerates and slow device performance plague an otherwise good experience. The listing has since been updated to change the words in the parenthesis which now says “requires an upcoming release of Android 3”.

People are wondering if Adobe made a typo, but it’s highly unlikely they made the same “typo” on two different lines. I’d bet my bank account that Android 3.1 is real. And really, is there any reason to believe it isn’t? [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. 3.1 could be Ice Cream

    1. It couldn’t, because the Ice Cream (Sandwich) will be Android 3 for cellphones, propably announcing on Google I/O next month.

      Adobe: “Enhanced browser integration for Honeycomb tablets (requires Android 3.1)”, means 3.1 is still Honeycomb (tablets). Just like Eclair 2.0 and 2.1 for cellphones.

      1. I agree. 3.1 will probably just be an incremental upgrade for tablets. Ice Cream (Sandwich?) will likely be something else.

    2. I hope not..what would be the point in having a tab if your phone could do the same things? Personally I like to be one of the few that have Andro 3.0,,oh almost every other tablet comes with Andro 3.0 lol.. All I’m saying is it’s nice to be exclusive! When everyone has the same kinda takes away from flare so to speak.

      Don’t get me wrong,, Honeycomb is in bad Need of an upgrade! Maybe one that will show us the unlock the real power of the OS and the devise as well (without having to RooT)

  2. Ice Cream (Sandwich) would be the version that brings the tablet-specific code and the phone-versions together. If it is Ice Cream, then 3.1 will be both for tablets and phones.

  3. I’m guessing this was the surprise still to come, but got pulled at the last moment and replaced with the contest. Great times, good memories…

  4. You can’t really say 3.0 and 3.1 are both honeycomb; they might be, but you can’t back that up by saying eClair was 2.0 and 2.1. Look at froyo(2.2) and gingerbread(2.3). Ice cream is said to be a mixture of gingerbread and honeycomb. Honestly i’d hate it if they made honeycomb for phones, then my Xoom will just be a giant version of my phone, and I don’t want that.

  5. Guys I’m not sure if this has anyrthing to do with phones not on Android 3.x OS. But my SGS handles flash enabled sites blazingly fast. Faster than ever.

    Anyone else experienced this?

    Good one adobe. A real update.

  6. Smooth video playbavk would be nice…hardware accelerated or othetwise. My gslate cant play 24p stuff like dvd rips without tons of judder. And yes, its encoded right. Jy lowly hd7 plays them better.

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