Android Overload: Eric Schmidt Makes Tina Fey Feel Awkward, Sprint Wants You In Shape and More


Another day, another poop ton of Android news that didn’t quite make the cut. Welcome to another episode of Android Overload! We, at Phandroid, like to vet all our potential articles and just because these ones didn’t make it onto our homepage doesn’t mean there wont be something for you in here. So lets get to it!

  • Eric Schmidt tells Tina Fey to upgrade to Android. File this under “awkward.” [Video]
  • BodyMedia Pack launches on Sprint ID devices. Wants to pump – you up.
  • The cute, little HTC Wildfire arriving at UK retailers tomorrow [EuroDroid]
  • Acer Liquid Mini is making its way to India in 3 exciting colors! [FoneArena]
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Xperia Arc dummy units have begun arriving at Rogers’ stores in Canada. [MobileSyrup]
  • Developers can now check their sales reports directly within the Android Market Developers Console.
  • The HTC DoubleShot will supposedly come in three colors. [TmoNews]
  • Twidroyd has been updated to tighten the experience up a bit more.
Kevin Krause
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  1. Tiny Fey? Is that a midget version of Tina Fey?

  2. It’s Tina Fey.

    1. Everyone chip in for a spellcheck fund. Here. Two cents.

      1. spellcheck wouldn’t catch that…

      2. Spell check would actually turn Tina Fey into Tiny Fay. =p

    2. Tiny Fay is Tina Fey’s alternate personality. Kinda like Sasha Fierce… XD

  3. I want to go to there.

      1. “I want to go to there” is a line Tina Fey says all the time.

  4. The HTC Wildfire has been out in the UK (and very poppular) for months… It’s the Wildfire S that’s coming out now.

  5. second headline tonight I’ve seen misspelled :O

  6. Is that Tiny Fay of the Fraggle Rock fame?

    1. what you know about fraggle rock??

      1. Lol They have graced my nightmares for years now.

        1. 30 Rock is the sequel to Fraggle Rock. You’re right on the money! =D

  7. i actually didnt understood this one..

  8. Can you please update this to “Tina” instead of “Tiny”? WTF is wrong with you people…

    1. And secondly I don’t see any awkwardness.

      1. She obviously had no clue what he was talking about or knew anything about “Android.”
        It was actually uncomfortable to watch >.<

        1. I think that was the “creepy” part that was mentioned, watching her re-action(or lack thereof) to the crowd’s laughter/applause.

  9. TINY Fay…..that’s actually pretty funny! I say leave it as is. The punctuation police are getting “the shakes” right now, so let em ride out the jonez! haha

  10. Tiny McFay. She’s like Tina Fey except… smaller. =p

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