Your Android Phone Is A Cesspool For Malicious Apps


The popular internet security company, Kaspersky (of Windows anti-virus fame) has released some rather disturbing information showing a rise in malware for Android. The company reported last month that they found nearly 70 different types of malware on the Android platform. This is a huge jump from only 2 they discovered last September.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I’m always a little wary when an anti-virus company tells me there’s an epidemic and that they offer some kind of cure – especially for a price. Even still, there are close to 100,000 apps in the Android Market and to me, 70 out of 100,000 just doesn’t sound that bad. Of course, you should NEVER download a “cracked app” from those sketchy sites on the internet. Just like the real world, be smart, be safe and wrap it up.

Still, all this malware talk has me a little more paranoid. It looks like Android may, in fact, be the Windows of the smartphone world. Steve Jobs, you now have a little more fuel for your fire.

[Via Bloomberg]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. iiiiiiiiii think we’ll be ok

  2. Yeah me too. Jus be safe like u said read descriptions. And the android market is getting safer about apps. You’ll be fine.

  3. Me Android phone can haz the fore geez tho?

    1. All editor nowhere found!

      Seriously guys, proofread your articles. That includes titles.

      1. i agree, and also, GET YOUR OWN USERNAME! lol

  4. I’d have to admit that if I was not and android lover/fanboy I say this proudly then yes i would be a windows mobile fan or user. Regardless of this so called 70 applications with over 150,000 applications in the market and growing everyday I will throw my support to android everyday regardless.

    1. Yarrel: “Blah blah Evo blahblahblahimgayblahblah Sprint”

      1. @DaSofter8….HEY LOSER….How you doing out there in doof land……

        1. OOOO good come back! /sarcasm
          *rolls eyes*
          You are such a child. Be the adult that you supposedly are and at least make a real insult.

      2. BAHAHAH! Winning!

      3. That was uncalled for. The one time the man doesn’t try to bring up Sprint or the Evo and you shoot him down.

      4. ROFL @ DaSofter…..oh man….that shite was funny!

      5. master debater? really? more like a masterbater as the only one u r pleasuring with your comments is u . . .

  5. Where did you guys get this Chris guy? This article sounds like it would be right at home on the FUD Talking Points Board on He even got the number of Android apps wrong! There are well over 150,000 apps on the Android Market and the number is closing on 200,000. Again, where did you get this guy?

    1. 200,000 Soundboard apps. And I’m pretty sure I’ve downloaded them all. o_O

  6. What he failed to mention is that Google is quite diligent about removing malicious apps when they are found, even so far as to remove them your phone. He did mention the cracked apps, but it has been my understanding that most of the malicious software has come from the cracked apps. So why call it a “cesspool”?

  7. Really? That last sentence sounds like Apple flavored propaganda. ಠ_ಠ

    1. For realz. This article was weak sauce. He says its not a big deal and then follows up with that.

  8. 70 out of 150k+, I don’t think I’d call that a “cesspool”

    1. All it takes is one to infect you with oozing pustule sores on your precious android! Think about that…

  9. I had the Kaspersky app. As a Barclays bank customer, i get it free for a year. Unfortunately, I’ve never experienced an app that caused so much lag on my phone to almost render it useless at times, and that’s on a Desire HD, god knows what it’d be like on my old Wildfire. I’ll take my chances with my own common sense if it’s all the same.

    1. It is all the same =)

    2. I don’t know about the mobile app, but I tried out their Windows program cause my wife’s bank gives it out for free and it made my pc completely un-usable. Uninstalled and put Norton IS back on and hey presto, my pc worked again. I wouldn’t trust Kaspersky’s programs or their virus news.

      1. Norton isn’t much better. While they do offer good protection, Nortons software has dramatically slowed down every PC I’ve installed it on.

        1. Norton since 2009 has been really fast from my experience, though it was slow before that. I’ve tried all other top programs too to compare and find Norton to be the best by far, especially at the cheap prices you can get on ebay.

  10. We all know that 56 of these were by the one developer and quickly removed from the Google Market. I’m assuming that of the other 14, none were in the Market (or haven’t been reported) and were most likely those that pop up every now and again on Chinese warez sites.

  11. Rather than give these stupid companies airtime.. (net time ?).. just create a Forum discussion for it, if.. IF (I stress IF).. it becomes clear in the forums that people are running into malware there (in the real world).. well then you have something legit to report.. these stories are as bad as getting malware that tells you you got a virus (when it is itself the problem).. In other words DON”T ADVERTISE FOR THESE GUYS… unless maybe they want to pay you.. and then I’ll rag on you about them, for selling snake oil.

  12. This story is a waste of space. Are we really surprised an anti–virus company said this?

  13. He’s talking b.s. That’s why they kidnapped his son, look it up.

      1. He’s talking about the guy who made Kaspersky anti-virus. Apparently his son was kidnapped in Germany or something. Probably by that guy with the little giraffe..

        1. I want me one of them!!! (mini giraffe….not virus) :)

      2. The son of the founder of kapersky, the Russian anti virus company, was kidnapped, the russians had to bring out their special forces to help rescue him.
        Sent from ?

    1. WTF are you talking about.

      1. The son of the founder of kapersky, the Russian anti virus company, was kidnapped, the russians had to bring out their special forces to help rescue him.

        Sent from ?

  14. Another waste of time and space. By guess who?

      1. Me?


  15. The story said, “The company identified ’70 different types’ of malware in March, up from ‘two categories’ in September.”

    That’s TYPES, people, not merely 70 examples of malicious apps out of 150k. There could be thousands of examples of malicious apps utilizing those 70 different TYPES or CATEGORIES of malware. Get it?

    Here’s the link to the story.

  16. Android fanboys won’t relent no matter what. This “openness” of Android is still the second coming.

  17. Relax people. Clearly the title is meant to be sarcastic, and the story itself questions the validity of the claim. Given the source (of the claim), I’m suspicious of as well.

    When you sell a product that protects against an invisible threat, FUD is your best friend. And if you can create that FUD yourself, even better.

  18. of course the security companies will claim that there’s a huge problem.

    I’ve never had any problems and I’m not paying for protection.

  19. Haha Chris stop giving these guys wedgies! I personally think it’s good to be mindful of these possibilities as we grow more attached to these devices and use them for so many aspects of our lifestyles.

  20. More sensationalist writing by a crappy editor

  21. Just be safe and get lookout or norton mobile security for your android.

  22. I use “Lookout”, free on the Market. You can set it up to do weekly scans and it scans every app you download. It doesn’t drain the crap out of my battery and it doesn’t slow down my device. You can upgrade for more options, but right now the free version suits my needs very well. Give it a try….great reviews.
    I DO see Android becoming the Windows of the PC world in terms of viruses/malware and it sucks.

  23. It always seemed to me that anti virus companies did most of the developing of the majority of viruses. How else would they stay in business?

  24. Dont illegally download hacked/cracked apps and you’ve nothing to worry about. All this malware effects pirated apps and only pirated app. I see no problem. If your too cheap to pa a couple bucks for the app, then run the risk of getting a virus illegally downloading in.

    1. You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about! Just a month or two ago Google had to get rid of a bunch of apps from the Market that were infected. If you think the Market is 100% safe, you deserve a virus!

  25. I think Chris is cool. Some of you are just to tightly wrapped

  26. I gave this new guy enough chances. But because I love Phandroid so much, I’ll just skip over his articles from now on cause I know there are many others from better writers worth reading. Steve Jobs gets way way more than enough good press for his mediocre products. No need to for Phandroid to start the worship as well.

  27. There are about 200,000 apps in the Android Market whether you believe it or not Chris.

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