Facebook Issues Update to Remedy App Instability


Facebook’s most recent update — you know, the one that enabled friend tagging in status updates — also came with one unwanted feature for some: endless app crashes requiring users to force close nearly every time Facebook is launched. The problem led to a sever backlash in the apps Android Market ratings, and that was enough for the Facebook team to notice.

An even newer update has been pushed to the Android Market with the sole purpose of reigning in app instability. For users experiencing force close issues, the issue should be cleared up. If you have been finding Facebook unusable since the last update prior, you’ll want to make sure you get this new version (1.5.4) installed ASAP.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Finaly! Crashing was really annoying. I installed the latest update and everything’s OK :)

  2. Give me the ability to tag photos

  3. I never had issues with my incredible, however on my galaxy s and xoom the update constantly force closed. Good too see they got an update out pretty quickly.

  4. This was pushed to my phone (UK Desire) and downloaded without me going to the Market. It happened when I was on the bus into work, and I was away from wifi and it used up some of my data. Not happy about that – normally I update apps when at home on wifi. Don’t really like the app anyway – the mobile version through the browser is better.

  5. Use Flow instead. Its a clone of the FB app with more features.

    1. I’ve never used Flow but it has really crappy reviews in the Android market

  6. I wonder if they ever plan on fixing notifications.

  7. For a large social media company that relays on a good website and good apps on devices its really unacceptable for them to release crap like this. I mean what the fuck? I was a part of the constant FC and it appears to be better, in terms of crashing; But it still lacks a lot of features and still has quite a few problems just browsing around. IE notifications are janky, cannot like a photo, etc.

    Luckily I don’t use facebook much and prefer twitter.


    1. They would NEVER let a major bug like that go unfixed for more than a few days for iOS devices.

      Yet for some reason, they don’t give a SHIT about Android. Makes you wonder why…

  8. Mobile Facebook has been messed up also as well as the full site on computers. Still only works at about 80% on all.

  9. You would think that such a huge app like Facebook would get fast updates to major bugs, but for some reason they always are much slower on Android.


  10. Still Can’t view videos on my Evo using the app in a stock rom. I know you can using Cyanogenmod. WTF?

  11. Unfortunately for me, the app still fc’s randomly. I can’t go directly to friends pages from my phone’s contacts list, and the friend list tab fc’s in under a minute. FB, why do you hate Android?!?!?

  12. Still fc on xoom

  13. Honeycomb support would be fantastic facebook get your shit together

  14. Still a crappy app flow is way better

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