Motorola Droid Pro Update Now Rolling Out to All


Last week it was discovered that the Motorola Droid Pro was due for an update, one that would bring the phone up to Blur version 3.8.7 and provide a bevy of fixes and tweaks int he process. Much of the update has to do with correcting certain ActiveSync problems, but it also includes the VCAST Appstore. Reports had us thinking it had started already rolling out, but the update seems to have been hitting handsets sparingly. Today, Motorola announced the larger push of the update should start hitting handsets in waves. If you haven’t received yours yet, hang tight. More info in the update can be found at Motorola’s support page.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. wow 0 comments after a few hours. GJ on this phone moto its a hit!!! Anyway… the wifes phone got it today. Phone still sucks… go back to not caring everyone.

  2. I got it. To bad im on my 6th warranty replacement phone. Never ever will I ever get a moto phone or product again. I wonder if there is an Android phone that docent freeze and crash and restart countless times all day long.

    1. My Desire restart aproximately once per week and has never frozen.

  3. My Nokia E71 has never once frozen or crashed in the 2 years Iv’e been using it. Time to upgrade – to a new Nokia.

  4. HTC phones never do that even after updates I had a Motorola clique that had thoose problems never will use themagain

  5. Wait for it…. now the DROID pro will not charge past 20%. I wonder if there is a cell phone lemon law. If Verizon or moto will not replace this crap phone with something that works. I think I hear lawyer talk in the wind. It is this serious.

    1. I got the update (3.8.7.xt610) the other day and know my phone will not hold a charge for over 10 minutes.

  6. MOTO has always and will, unfortunately, probably continue to make crap. I have never had anything from them of any quality. I love virtual kbs. I still dont get the holdouts that have to have them.

  7. @greg
    My d2 doesnt, ever since I installed the gingerbread leak I haven’t had any freezes or reboots.

  8. @greg
    My d2 doesnt, ever since I installed the gingerbread leak I haven’t had any freezes or reboots.

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