Japanese Social Gaming Network GREE Acquires OpenFeint for $104 Million


Japan’s leading social gaming network, GREE, is taking a big step onto American soil with the purchase of OpenFeint for $104 million. The acquisition doesn’t come with many changes in store for either company. The services will remain as separate entities as OpenFeint will continue to work on spreading their worldwide impact and hiring more staff. Still, the combined userbase of both services tops 100 million, establishing the largest network of gamers in the world. With two separate entities, GREE is hoping their global reach can be catered to specific markets.

Pretty great news for OpenFeint, a company that has been a driving force behind bringing a plethora of new, quality titles to the Android platform. With the backing of the larger GREE the company should continue to grow and provide new gaming experiences for mobile users around the world.

[via DroidGamers]

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  1. This is good news. Im amused.

  2. Wow… i never would have thought OpenFeint would allow themselves to be bought.

  3. Everyone has a price…..104 million is a lot of money!

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