Motorola Droid Pro Due for an Imminent Update? [Update: Rolling Out Now]


[Update]: The update in question appears to be rolling out now to some handsets. Head over to Verizon’s site for all the info on the new software (version 3.8.7.XT610), which includes improved ActiveSync support and access to the VCAST Appstore.

According to a response to a posting in their official support forums, there is “an impending update” in the pipeline for the Motorola Droid Pro. The Motorola representative posting about the update didn’t have much to say about what fixes and enhancements to expect with the update, but from the sounds of it the Droid Pro could be receiving it any day now.

This is the first we have heard of a new update to the Droid Pro since Verizon issued one to the handset back in January. We expect the update will be little more than a bug fix/minor enhancements patch and wouldn’t put any money on Gingerbread being part of the upgrades. We will keep our ears to the ground on this one, though.

[via Motorola Support Forums | Thanks, Kai!]

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  1. All 5 users should be very excited about this.

    1. my dads one of those 5

  2. I remember all the hype for this phone & it didn’t even cause a blip on the Android scene after its release. It was taughted as the BlackBerry killer…PFFFT!

  3. Hasn’t done well in the marketplace, but for those who made the leap have generally been happy. It really is a great first effort for an Android portrait-qwerty device.

  4. A lot of the reason this device did not do so well is because it had crippling problems with its Microsoft Exchange support. It received unreliable email push, so many users will go hours without receiving an email notification even though several emails have been sent to them. A pretty major problem for a “business-ready” smartphone. I think word got around the enterprise IT sector about this, and the phone has not been widely embraced as a result. (Note that this same problem is present in the Droid X, Droid 2, and Droid 2 Global… whoops!)

    It’s a shame though, it is supposed to be a heck of a phone otherwise. Hopefully this update fixes the problems and Motorola can move on.

  5. Hard to kill something that is already dead….

  6. Ive generally been very happy with this device. The exchange support is ridiculous, but I bit the bullet and paid for touchdown, which is much better than the stock mail app anyhow even if it did work.

    The device is very snappy and the keyboard, while not on par with a Tour or Bold, passes the test for anyone that craves a physical qwerty portrait keypad but also wants the android goodness. Perfect form factor for me.

  7. This has to be the most buggiest phone I have owned since my Windows Treo. And battery life, don’t get me started

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