Will Spotify Be Google Music’s Savior?


The Google Music saga continues to unfold as the tech giant scrambles to piece together a service that could compete with Apple’s iTunes. It was recently revealed that Apple may beat Google to market with a cloud music service. As such, Google is reportedly turning to the established and popular Spotify for a partnership that could benefit both sides.

Spotify has long wanted to break into the US market but has been having trouble tacking down the exact specifics of launching their streaming music service in the States. Google has struggled to pen deals with record labels to secure the necessary rights and licenses to make Google Music a reality. The combined product would likely stray from the music store/cloud music service initially teased by Google, but a streaming service would offer a product much different than what iTunes currently offers.

Spotify has been the talk of the town in streaming music in other parts of the world, but those in North America can only trust the opinions of our European neighbors for now. The two companies teaming up would please more than a few eager to give the highly-praised service a try.

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  1. Lame

    1. And you

  2. I have been using Spotify for years now and I love it!


    1. Mike your LAAAAMME.

  4. Spotify are under increasing pressure from the labels (see link below) so any deal that could brand this as a Google product would most likely not be appreciated by the labels.

    However, if Google were willing to pay a fee to Spotify to allow Android users spotify premium for free and in turn making Spotify extremely profitable, I can see the record labels wanting this!

  5. For the people calling “lame.” Have you tried this service? I have not and I don’t know it other than by name. So far only one person has left a comment who states they’ve used it and seems happy with it.

    1. I use it. The service is amazing, but for £10.00 a month, Google would need to contribute toward the price to make it either free or significantly.

      1. What’s the average CD price in the UK? It has to be in the £10 range, right?

        1. It’s probably a little below £10 for brand new stuff. And don’t forget that Spotify starts from £5 a month; the £10 option is for mobile/offline play.

    2. I said lame because I want Google to release an iTunes competitor and not have everything all separate. I want to be able to buy music, back up my phone, track it down, and remote wipe if it gets lost. At the moment it looks like it will take 3 different apps to do all this stuff so the first thought that came to mind was “lame”.

      1. Holy shit! 3 different apps? How will you ever manage that much work?

        1. So then Google should just let Apple win????

  6. That would be truly awesome!

  7. Spotify is a great service. People in the United States doesn’t know what they are missing.. Created by smart people that want to stay in the business for the long run. Similar services often feel like a 14 year old have created the service. This one is for real.

  8. Lame?? Have you guys even used spoitify? It’s now the only music service I use, got rid of all the music on my computer along with itunes. It is an awesome piece of software!

  9. Is spotify that much better than Rdio?

    1. Rdio is the best subscription service I have ever used, but it can only match the songs it has on its servers (as far as I know) — meaning that you can’t load random songs they don’t know about to the service. This is sometimes an issue with lesser known stuff, but by no means a deal-breaker. It is my understanding that you can load songs to spotify, but I’ve never used it so I am not sure. That could be a big plus for some people.

  10. Excuse my ignorance, but could someone explain exactly what Spotify is? Is it like Rhapsody, or something like Pandora?

    1. Spotify is an online music streaming service (offline capabilities if you have premium). They use peer to peer technique so its always almost instant! Search for a song/album, make playlists etc. You have to listen to the music through their program/app, but its really well functioning!

      They have a lot of music, but not everything like odd heavy metal bands. You can add you´re own mp3s if you like. Really smooth automatic wlan syncing.
      Share songs, playlists etc.

      Premium that is required for the phone app would probably cost $10 i the states. You can have offline capabilities on three devices, but only one online playing at the moment.

      Think I covered the most there =)

  11. I was looking forward to the original rumored Google Music, but bringing Spotify to the States would be awesome too. I used a proxy server awhile back to register for a free Spotify account, but I kind of lost interest in doing the legwork to keep it accessible from the US. It’s really quite good as a service.

  12. Well then, Google please give audiogalaxy developers a couple million so that they can continue to develop this app and i’ll be content

    1. I hear you. I truly don’t know why everyone is making a big deal about the Google/Apple Cloud. IT IS ALREADY HERE, AND IT IS FREE! It’s called Audiogalay. Your music, on your server, unlimited space for free. It is the best app on any phone. I use my laptop as my server … runs at 8watts. Can’t beat that.

  13. As a Swede I’m very familiar with Spotify. I don’t use it for one reason. They don’t have all the music that I want. If Google plans on buying/partner up with Spotify they have to add a feature where users can upload their own files and then be able to stream their own music. Otherwise this is no new stuff for us in EU, it’s just Spotify. Old stuff.

    1. I also want that function, but in the meantime I pretty easy to just sync your files through wlan to your phone

  14. Its simply the best most important change to music listening experince on the web that you will experince thus so far, period! For the unitiated not lucky enough to experince this program, its like the first time you came across Google. Enough said.

  15. Spotify is absolutely fantastic and offers brilliant value for money. I have never looked back and use it all the time on my netbook, mac, mobile, android tablet. There are admittedly a few big names still missing, but the massive music database is being added to all the time. HIghly recommended by yours truly if you get the chance to use it.

  16. Just link us to 4 shared, I kid I kid.

  17. I wished Google would launch the music store now and then launch the cloud service when they’re ready.

    1. I wish they would do the opposite, I just tried out Amazon’s cloud drive and it is great to finally be able to organize your music and listen to it from all your devices. However, I will gladly pick a Google Cloud Drive over Amazon any day because Google’s ethics crush Amazons (Wikileaks).

      1. I also don’t really like Amazon’s cloud drive, but for me, it’s more because Amazon is coming too much like Apple.
        Although Google is a bigger company, I like Google more because they don’t try as hard as Amazon to squeeze every last cent out of us.

  18. Google should buy Spotify and rename it G-Spot. New marketing slogan: So good it will make you scream…

    1. Lols

  19. It looks like it will be!!..

  20. A day late and a dollar short.

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