Apr 22nd, 2011

The Google Music saga continues to unfold as the tech giant scrambles to piece together a service that could compete with Apple’s iTunes. It was recently revealed that Apple may beat Google to market with a cloud music service. As such, Google is reportedly turning to the established and popular Spotify for a partnership that could benefit both sides.

Spotify has long wanted to break into the US market but has been having trouble tacking down the exact specifics of launching their streaming music service in the States. Google has struggled to pen deals with record labels to secure the necessary rights and licenses to make Google Music a reality. The combined product would likely stray from the music store/cloud music service initially teased by Google, but a streaming service would offer a product much different than what iTunes currently offers.

Spotify has been the talk of the town in streaming music in other parts of the world, but those in North America can only trust the opinions of our European neighbors for now. The two companies teaming up would please more than a few eager to give the highly-praised service a try.

[via Gizmodo]