Apr 20th, 2011

This should come as no surprise to anyone – UK carriers tend to carry most high-profile devices without much of a fuss – but T-Mobile UK has published coming soon pages for the Galaxy S II, the LG Optimus 3D, and the Xperia Neo. (This is in addition to the HTC ChaCha found earlier.)

These phones were all announced at Mobile World Congress and have gotten a ton of attention. (And for good reason.) The Galaxy S II, as you know, will be a 4.3-inch dual-core beast with a front-facing camera and Android 2.3. LG’s Optimus 3D will be their first 3D-enabled handset without the need for accompanying glasses.

And the Xperia Neo – while not as sweet as the Xperia Arc and Xperia Play – can hold its own against any high-end smartphone today. Go ahead and check out the respective coming soon pages for these smartphones here, here, and here. [via Unwired View]