HTC ChaCha Poised for June Launch in the UK


The announcement of HTC’s “Facebook” phones at Mobile World Congress came with a preview of two not-ready-for-prime-time devices and a promise of a Q2 release. While that seemed unlikely, T-Mobile UK now hosts a coming soon page for at least one of those devices, the HTC ChaCha, with a release timeframe of June. So far, O2 is the only carrier to come forward with details on the ChaCha’s launch, and the HTC Salsa hasn’t received the same treatment.

You may recall the ChaCha and Salsa (here is our MWC first look if you missed it), which feature a dedicated Facebook button for quickly posting and accessing content on the world’s most popular social networking site. The ChaCha features a QWERTY keyboard while the Salsa is a full-touchscreen equivalent. We weren’t too impressed with what we saw, but we were only able to get a good look at the hardware. The software layer was off limits when we first tested the pair out. The Facebook button seemed superfluous and oddly placed, for what it’s worth. The phones are being sold on a concept that could just as easily be achieved with a widget on an any Android device. Still, expect plenty of social-obssessed tweens to pounce on the ChaCha come June.

[via Pocket-Lint]

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  1. Cha Cha Cha, Charmin..err I mean HTC! :D

  2. Oddly, im looking forward to getting this phone. Could care less about the FB button and apparently you can change its function, but a nice qwerty phone for chatting on would suit me fine.

  3. Haha, railroader. I see what you did there. Nice one!

  4. HTC chacha is one of the finest handset is town that helps enjoy faster messaging with full QWERTY keypad. it is easily available in market at affordable price. in fact, it is the best handset to fill paint your imagination

    1. Is it really affordable and easily available, I thought its being released in June and the pricing is still not known.

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