Apr 20th, 2011

Just when thing were starting to look up for ASUS’ forthcoming Honeycomb tablet, it’s reportedly being delayed. The word first came in through Amazon who told their customers not to expect the dockable tablet until June of this year. To put that into context, the thing was expected to be out already. And technical issues aren’t to blame, apparently.

It’s because so many people want this tablet that ASUS won’t have enough to sell once they are ready to put it on store shelves. That’s good news for ASUS, but it’s also bad news at the same time. They’d better hurry on and release this thing because we’re set to see an onslaught of Honeycomb tablets this summer. Samsung will be releasing theirs in the US in the same timeframe and they have already set a solid date – June 8th.

LG just came to market with the G-Slate on T-Mobile here in the US. And those brands have a lot more traction right now that ASUS’. Let’s hope they can get more manufactured before too long. [via KnowYourMobile, Thanks Douglas!]

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