Motorola Sending Emails to ATRIX 4G Owners to Test New Software Upgrade


Just moments after learning Motorola had published a method for getting back to stock firmware on the ATRIX 4G, we’ve learned they’re sending out emails to owners to help beta test a new software upgrade. Just the other day, it was reported on XDA that one lucky soul received not one, but two updates which eventually uncapped his upload speeds. (Something AT&T promised they’d do in a future software upgrade.)

His claims were met with uncertainty, but it was later revealed he owned a development phone that is authorized to receive pre-release software. Today’s news confirms that Motorola and AT&Twill soon be issuing a software upgrade, though, and if it’s anything like their other phones we could see it rolled out before the weekend. Any of you here receive any such email? [XDA 1, 2, Motorola, Thanks Roze!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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Motorola Releases Method to Get Back to Official ATRIX 4G Firmware

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  1. Yes I did :)

  2. They probably did this to reduce the unlocked bootloader demands.

    1. Like in that other article about having a way to go back to stock for ppl that rooted, its a small step in the right direction.

      This article here shows that Moto does support its phones decently. You just have to live in the right country and get the right phone by them…lol

      1. Like Samsung lol

        1. Exactly…lol

  3. I can’t wait for this update. Finally get some respectable upload speeds…. but now I have to reflash the sbf to go back to stock lol

  4. Why the hell everyone always have a problem. I have my Atrix since Feb never have a bit problems except uploads just use your wifi hot spot or at home. I still love my phone. Even though it’s not a HTC

  5. I received an email.

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