Return Those Brand New G2x Units to T-Mobile and Get it for $150 From Amazon Instead


The T-Mobile G2x was just launched in-stores today and deals are already floating about the internet. Hell, just this morning Amazon had the stock Android dual-core device for $200 but that amount has since been reduced by $50. And the best part of all – no nasty rebates to mess around with. Go ahead and check it out at their online storefront. [Amazon]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Even More Plus, and I got at LEAST $50 in accessories for free this morning at the T-Mobile store (Body Glove case, screen protector, ink’d earbuds, and car charger).

    1. How did you get all that free on the Even More Plus? I have that plan and am thinking about buying it outright – did you just demand free stuff from them?

    2. Yeah seriously. I’m getting mine tomorrow, I was just hoping for a full body protector, but how did you manage all of that? I’d like to know, too!

  2. they didnt have any accessories at the store i picked mine up, im gonna check back in tomorrow, but so far this phone is sick.

  3. Damn how much is amazon sponsor this website. It sickens me.

    1. Because it was mentioned that you can get it cheaper on Amazon than getting it in the stores that means Amazon sponsors this website? How exactly do you get that? I suppose when they mention Wirefly has a certain phone cheaper, that means that Wirefly is sponsoring this website that day too?

  4. I’m selling my red mt4g. Very good condition. 3 batteries and more. Interested? Contact me at [email protected]. Ny/Nj/Li only.

  5. If they cant figure out why I am getting unacceptable reception the G2X if going back anyways. Besides looks like the Sensation may be hitting June 8th.

  6. I feel like my 3G speeds on my Nexus One are faster than the 4G speeds on the G2x. I’ve only had the G2x for 1 day but I have not seen full speeds and I have full 4G bars. Angry Birds took 6 minutes to download.

    1. I went into a TMO store yesterday to play around with the G2x and experienced the same thing. I hade my Nexus One side-by-side with the G2x and my Nexus One was beating the G2x using 4 bars of 3G on the Nexus One and 4 bars of 4G on the G2x. Anyone else experiencing this?

  7. Just saw the G2x advertised for $100 –

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