Amazon Jumps The Gun on T-Mobile G2X Launch


Looks as if Amazon is releasing the LG G2X a few hours early from the April 20th launch date. The phone has been available online through T-Mobile with a pre-order since the 15th of April, but it looks like Amazon will be the first 3rd party retailer to offer the phone up for sale.

The G2X Forum is already abuzz with members talking about everything from sharing G2X reviews from around the web to proudly announcing they officially ordered the device.This is the hottest phone out for T-Mobile at the moment and you better act fast if you want in on some Nvidia dual-core action.

[Via Amazon]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I dont think this is early, Chris. Customers can’t get the phone today. So really, they could’ve sold it all day today if they wanted.

    Additionally, as awesome as this phone might be, I need to see a phone before I personally buy it. HTC is garbage, LG is a new puppy, and Samsung is King. It looks promising, but we shall see!

    1. I’m sorry, but you sound extremely confused to me. I personally wouldn’t rank Samsung as King due to all of the software issues related to the Galaxy S line and I personally would rank HTC near or at the top because from my experience, they’re quality is top notch and they’re great at Android updates. Your observation just seems a little backwards to me personally.

      1. Samsung Hardware> Htc by FAR!

        Htc needs to fuckin ditch qualcomm processors. The snapdragon blows! exynos>tegra2>hummingbird>snapdragon. Also,

        Super Amoled> Amoled> S lcd> lcd

        That being said, I’ll never but a galaxy s 1 or 2 or 3 (as much as I want to) until the design isn’t an iphone copy. Towuchiz i can get rid of thanks to launcher pro. Htc needs to fuckin step it up.

        1. TouchWiz really isn’t a problem, except that it looks like an iPhone. I have never seen any type of lagging or other issues caused by TouchWiz. However, there are endless Sense and Blur woes. But yes, you can definitely get rid of it.

        2. Boy I wished people would actally know what they are talking about before they post some false information. What a waste of characters.

      2. I am going by experience with HTC and Samsung. I am hardly confused. Their builds are solid, but the quality if off to me. Design is more of a “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” type of thing. Sense is garbage, and you have to use Cyanogen or a similar ROM just to get rid of it.

        Futhermore, Samsung isn’t the problem with software. They release software, and the carriers take their time to make it available to the user. If Samsung issues a Froyo/Gingerbread update for any phone, the carrier has to do their tweaks first. Although, I’m not sure why it’s only available via Kies instead of OTA. But that’s neither here nor there. Try running some diagnostic codes on an HTC versus a Samsung. You probably won’t have any luck on the HTC product (Safe Example: *#*#2664#*#*).

        Call quality, speaker volume, SAMOLED, usage, call quality, etc is above par.

        Anyway, enjoy your HTC. I think it’s funny that the specialize in phones and Samsung is a market leader, while they are simultaneously a leader in TVs, Washer/Dryers, Refrigerators, RAM, Hard Drives, Computers, Printers, etc all at the same time.

        Oh, and HTC buys their processors from whatever party is “hot” at the moment. This means they have to design around the processor and learn about it. Meanwhile, Samsung makes their own processors, and the processor/phone are one (think PB&J).

        I could go on forever. HTC makes good phones. But, I’m sorry… they are not the leader in quality.

        1. Couldn’t agree more. Id buy samsung over htc. They’ve been cutting corners since the windows mobile days. crappy cameras and speakers. Squeaking noises too. They slap a piece of metal on the back and people think it’s high quality..

          1. I completely agree. I don’t like their camera or speaker quality. Actually, their headsets are terrible too. Nothing will sound like Bose or Sennheiser, but Samsung earbuds are comfortable, snug and outperform other OEM headsets. Samsung is just better right out of the box.

        2. Cool story bro

    2. This guy is a straight up dumbass who knows nothing about phones

      1. You should really do your research. Go to the stores and check them out. Buy them, try them, and keep the ones you like. I am an Androidaholic, and I research this stuff daily… probably just as much as the guys who run this site.

    3. Samsung is trash, their outsourced processors overheat causing reboots and lag.

      1. The Sensation is the first HTC phone I would trade my Captivate for. Don’t know which processor you’re referring to but I never once experienced this lag or rebooting you’re speaking of. Only lag may have been due to RFS fs but that in no way is due to any hardware components. I do like HTC’s designs better but I’d much rather Samsung components. Either way (for me) the software would have to go.

        1. I’m talking about the well documented lag and reboots in the galaxy s and my own nexus s. The s was a big step down from my nexus one. You are lucky if you have not experienced any of this. Google it before you buy another Samsung.

          1. There are some issues with lag and overheating. But in my findings, it seems that the lag is caused by loading too many apps, and the overheating seems to be caused by GPS. These are symptoms that seem to be prevalent in any Android phone.

          2. I’ve had a g1 mytouch nexus one g2 and now nexus s. I’ve never had more problems with a phone than my nexus s. They outsourced their hummingbird processor and it overheats. Other android phones may have “similar” issues but don’t believe that HTC or moto users have been plagued with the same level of problems.

            Btw, my gf and business partner have a nexus s and galaxy with the same issues.

          3. mrademacher: I think all phones have their flaws. Moto you get blur, and that’s just a mess. HTC has sense and I personally don’t like the feel either. My G1 had serious lag by the way.

            Nothing is perfect. It’s all man made. Everyone just has to be happy with their choices, and take advantage of 14-day return policies if they are dissatisfied. No biggie. I’m just glad Android is doing so well in it’s young life, and iPhone is dying. Now I’m just dreading the T-Mobile/ATT deal. It won’t be a good thing for anyone.

  2. Samsung is by far NOT king. All they have going for them is the gpu they use. Just wait till that cute little over-saturadted SAMOLED starts fading and fading…..and fading starting in about oh six months from purchase. Take a HQ pic of one once a month for six months and you will see. Or you know just read the well documented fading issues with oled displays

    1. In this day and age, consumers upgrade their phones on a regular basis, even if they have to buy it early or on ebay. With that said, I have had my Vibrant since launch day (7/15/2010) and it’s still as bright as ever. Any screen can fade. But on the flipside, if you take photos of your phone every month with the same camera, don’t you think the photo sensors will fade in ability to take a consistent picture? I’m just saying…

  3. If your using a camera that can take true HQ pics considering the money you spent your gonna be pretty pissed if that photo sensor can’t perform for six months.

    Also if you use the phone everyday its hard to notice the fade at first that’s why a series of HQ pics would be necessary. Or like I said just read the facts.

    1. Everything fades in quality. Sure you’ll be pissed when quality fades, but it will happen. Everything dies, especially things that are man made. Nothing wrong with SAMOLED, sir.

  4. So T Mobile stepping up the gas!!..

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