Rumor: Amazon Has Chosen Samsung to Make Android Tablet


Here’s a sweet rumor for you this late afternoon. Amazon has long been rumored to be working on an Android tablet. The launch of their Android Appstore led us to believe that it was true, but it seems their goal with that is a bit different than we originally expected. Other evidence – such as job postings for Android-experienced engineers – came up, but nothing really came of it after that.

And now the retail giant is rumored to have inked a deal with Samsung to create the hardware for their Android-based tablet. It came by way of gdgt, a site whose credibility has been solid over the few years since its inception. The editor responsible for breaking the story – Peter Rojas – says he’s 99% certain of the details. Said details are still scare, though. We want an Amazon tablet just as much as the next guy but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we get even the slightest of hints as to its existence. [via Electronista]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. ~Facepalm~

  2. I saw this coming from a year ago…been waiting for this anouncement with amazon putting up an android market it seems pretty obvious and a forgone conclusion…

  3. nobody wants an amazon tablet. It will fail.

  4. Oh dear god. Now the Android will ship with nothing but Amazon Bloatware! No access to the regular Android Market, but just the Amazon/Android Market.

    Rumors also floating around that Walmart wants to enter the tablet market with there very own super cheap, crappy product priced at $249.97! Rumors have it that it will rock a 7″ 480×320, 512Mhz Processor, 128MB Ram, build-in 1gb storage, a 3MP rear facing camera and running Android 1.6! Walmart expect to do a Black Friday door buster on this tablet at $99.97!!!

    1. Exactly. Amazon blows hard. I pity the fool that would want a table that is synonymous with pure bloatware. Amazon Appstore= garbage. No android market = more garbage. Also,
      “We want an Amazon tablet just as much as the next guy”

      clearly a hint that amazon is sponsoring phandroid. The useless articles about the “free” daily apps on the amazon appstore were so pointless and ghey

    2. Some of you guys are starting to act like Apple fanboys. Just because Android is made by Google doesn’t mean you have to swear allegiance to them. Part of Android’s charm is its openness in terms of everything. Having the Amazon Appstore is good even if you don’t shop there because its competition to drive the Android Market to do better. I have personally come to like the Amazon Appstore. The freebies are nice and its certainly more organized. I think Amazon can offer a competitively priced Android tablet similar to the Galaxy Tab Wifi and if they were to do so, I would be interested, Android Market or not. I’m not saying you have to be interested in it, but don’t be so against the idea. Its not like Apple where everyone has to use the main market.

      1. The problem IS too much openness from Google. They literally are allowing manufacturers and carriers to slow down and bloat or lockdown there hardware and software. Now I can accept hardware lockdowns.

        But where I have the problem is when my phone is loaded with garbage I dont want and I cant get rid of it unless I root and rom. Now I appreciate the Dev community, support them in every aspect and prefer to rom my devices.

        My problem is soley on companies that force you to use there crappy UI and pre-loaded programs. Stock, unobstructed Android is what people want as well. Let us choose if we want Motorolas vision of a UI or if we want Vanilla Android.

        Can you just imagine what Amazon would do to the UI if they were allowed to run rampet with it? That UI would probably resemble a blur of Kindle and MotoBlur. I can imagine how shitty that user experience would be.

  5. So we’ll pretty much be looking at a redesigned, Amazon branded Galaxy Tab Wifi filled to the brim with Amazon services. If they can offer it up for $300 or less, I’m interested.

    1. They’ll definitely try to make it as cheap as possible and it most likely won’t be a dual core since that’s not needed for reading books. They’ll focus a lot more on the display quality and the build quality.

  6. still waiting for more info about the Amazon Blaze… /s

  7. The details are scary? ;)

    1. Yes as in Quentyn would love anything other than Samsung. Now that would be scary.

  8. I’m also “scare” of the details. lol :) no offence, but for once can you proof-read?

  9. Amazon market aint that bad. They give out free apps everyday that usually costs money. And i bet that spec for walmart tablet to be most likely false. 7″ 480×320? Really? not gonna happen fosho

  10. “nobody wants an amazon tablet. It will fail.”

    Plenty of people have bought the NookColor – B&N’s own Android tablet. Just think — you get it cheap because it’s a loss leader, you root it and put whatever you want on it. I want it!

    1. Exactly. I’m personally excited for an Amazon tablet. If Amazon can offer up a 7″ Wifi only tablet for under $300 but with more functionality than the Nook Color, I think they’ll have a winner on their hands. There needs to be a good, low end Android tablet out there too to undercut the iPad in price. A single core processor will do and it can run Froyo or Gingerbread so long as its relatively cheap and well built.

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  12. Well, uh, yeah, I’ve got Kindle on my Android handheld, so it totally would make sense to make the KINDLEcolor as an Android tablet instead of reinventing that wheel.

  13. I wish Amazon went with someone like NotionInk, put their BIG money behind innovation not personal bloatware connections. I love Amazon they have specials and freebies all the time for the Kindle. Samsung will just cram anything who will pay, hopefully Amazon will keep it open and allow sideloading. Im interested but like I said wish they hooked up with a more daring company.

    1. Samsung is nothing more than an OEM to Amazon in this case. Amazon will dictate everything from the design of the tablet to how the OS looks and what’s in it.

  14. 32 mb with 3.0 or better wi-fi only
    With all the bells and whistles will go
    Viral if properly manufactured….

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  16. I wonder is this will get a SAMOLED screen.

    That is one reason I would consider this . IF they could price point this AND get a fantastic screen on it.

  17. Hopefully it’s a 7″ tablet with a dual core processor and a good screen, then I will buy…

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