Rogers to Release LG Optimus 2X As Early As Late Q3, Canadians Having Trouble Using quad-band T-Moble G2x on Networks


Many of our Canadian friends were happy to hear that the T-Mobile G2x would be a quad-band phone (which include support for the same spectrum AT&T uses) – something T-Mobile advertised in their formal announcement. The FCC confirmed that this would be the case and T-Mobile’s official specifications list for the device also confirms as much.

Unfortunately, it looks like it may not be as easy as unlocking the device for use on one of Canada’s many networks that share AT&T’s bands. One lucky importer on XDA claims to already have the device but is having a mountain’s worth of trouble getting full connectivity on Bell’s network using his Bell SIM card inside the device, though is able to see Rogers’ 2G network just fine. Weird, right? His claims were contested, of course, with fellow XDA members hoping that whoever unlocked it didn’t do it right, but a ball of confusion has formed over the matter.

It appears T-Mobile may have only included radios necessary to get 2G access on networks on that spectrum – meaning there is no case of false advertisement. They remain hopeful that there are 3G radios for AT&T’s (and all of Canada’s, really) network inside, though, and that it’s possible to unlock through the kernel or with a modified radio, but we won’t know what’s what until more folks get the device in their hands both in Canada and here in America.

Canadians could just wait for the Optimus 2X, of course, but just as with any device launch, networks will be a bit late to the party. Rogers is said to not be carrying the device until Late Q3, but that window could become early Q4, according to new evidence procured by MobileSyrup. And the Optimus 2X doesn’t exactly give them the stock Android goodness that G2x users are already enjoying as of the 15th. (In-stores tomorrow for those who didn’t order online.) [Thanks for the XDA tip Charles!]

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  1. Bell has no 2G GSM network.

  2. Glad you’ve picked up on the quad-band 3G question

  3. You’re welcome for the tip. Clarification: The OP of the XDA thread said they were able to see Rogers’ 2G network with a Bell SIM inserted, but no Bell network at all (since Bell is 3G-only). Bell and Rogers do not have a roaming agreement. Therefore with a Bell SIM, the unlocked G2x has no connectivity at all.

  4. It is not in the NA carriers’ interests to have quad-band 3G (makes it that much easier to switch), so it’s not surprising that the T-Mobile G2x does not have 850/1900 support.

    1. It’s surprising because the advertised specs indicate quad-band 3G. If T-Mo is misrepresenting the phone’s functionality they could be in trouble.

      *edit: To be clear, “trouble” in this case would likely just mean exchanges/returns, if that much. Clearly the phone works with the provider who sold it, if there is a problem on other networks you get into terms of sale and warranty, which would be more constructive to resolve on a case-by-case basis since not everyone cares about this problem (if it is a problem). More bothersome to me personally is that I was seriously considering the G2X primarily because it had long been indicated as a quad-band 3G device. If it isn’t, that’s a significant strike against it in my book (right up there with the ugly brown color).

  5. If it does not do 850/1900 3G, T-Mobile would be in deep trouble for false advertising.
    Check out the specs on T-Mobile.com. It CLEARLY says UMTS/HSPA+: AWS Band IV / 2100 / 1900 / 850

    More likely dumb bloggers and forum nutjobs are falling for a troll.

    1. Yep, the specs on the T-Mobile site do clearly state AWS + 850/1900. (Being in Canada, I don’t follow the US carriers that closely). Hopefully, this is a) accurate, and b) the beginning of a trend (we have 2 carriers up here using AWS).

  6. This is getting interesting…

  7. It’s dual-band UMTS, and doesn’t have AT&T’s bands. The info on T-Mobile’s website is incorrect. The FCC filing clearly states that Cellular/PCS is GSM and that the UMTS is only AWS/2100.


    The back of the box also clearly states that HSPA+ is AWS/2100 only. Finally, I tried playing with the network select feature with a demo unit the other day, and it showed AT&T’s network as GSM and not UMTS.

    It doesn’t have quad-band 3G, people.

  8. the mobilesyrup page doesnt exist anymore.

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