Verizon to Launch 4G LTE in a “Mess of New Cities” This Thursday


Verizon’s just tweeted about the ongoing expansion of their 4G LTE network – a mess of new cities will be getting the mobile broadband speeds they provide to select devices this Thursday. No exact number or list of cities was mentioned, but if it’s anything like their initial launch then a “mess” of cities will certainly produce quite a long list.

I’ll be praying for Milwaukee, Wisconsin to be lit up (where yours truly hails from) but be sure to check this upcoming Thursday and let us know if you finally see that awesome 4G icon in your status bar when you wake up that day. (Though we’re sure Verizon will afford us a list of all cities getting lit up at that time.)

It’s worthy to note that Verizon launched with 40 cities lit up, and said that the rest of their initial list – which you can find here – would get 4G 6 months from then. Let’s hope all 50 of those cities are included in Thursday’s parade. Verizon is looking to get 140 markets lit up by the end of this year and expects to cover their entire network by 2013. [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. C’mon Milwaukee Wisconsin!!

  2. September needs to get here so Fargo, ND can get some love!

  3. go pack go

  4. There is already 4g on the south east side of Milwaukee for the last few weeks.

  5. FRESNO!!! please:D

  6. mke ftw!

  7. Add me to the list of people hoping for service in Milwaukee. I’m still under contract with Sprint for another year, but getting sick of paying their $10 4G surcharge without benefiting from it. Verizon’s looking better and better with each month.

    1. that 10 is not for 4g its for premium data like tv and sports all that stuff. Not for 4g like everyone thinks.

  8. Gainesville, FL please!

  9. You like the phrase “lit up”. :)

    Anyway, hoping for Indianapolis.

    1. Yea I read through it after publishing and slapped myself for not mixing it up a bit. Ah well.

      1. With keyword denisty like that, at least you’ll be sure to catch a lot of traffic from smokers.

  10. c’mon fresno ca.

  11. Northeast Ohio would be nice. Have 4g broadband. Starting to see no reason for a 4g phone.

  12. What good are more networked cities when there are so few Verizon 4G phones to use them?

    1. There are MiFi devices too. Which I’m seeing quite a few of lately in NYC. I think Verizon has 2 available.

  13. how about they let us know when they’re going to actually give us more equipment to use this 4G service. OG droid is dying, i need something new!

  14. I hope they start expanding there radius of LTE coverage in their existing cities.

    Chicagoland coverage ends WAY to near Chicago proper.

  15. Im getting “4g” in Albany, NY; now if they can just put out a “4g” phone i want before they can unlimited data…

  16. My money is on Colorado Springs. Last week around 2am I woke up to find my Thunderbolt connected to 4G LTE. I enjoyed it for about 30 minutes before dropping down to 3G. I presume it was some sort of test. Fingers crossed.

  17. TUCSON,AZ….maybe :)

  18. Milwaukee is in. They’ve been testing here for the past couple of months. Airport, Miller Park, East side….

    1. Downtown as well

  19. just fyi for those living in dayton, oh we’ll probably get it this week as I have had 4g appearing in different spots over the past two weeks on my thunderbolt. the 4g appears for a a few hours or a full day in select areas of the city at different time. crossing my fingers too.

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