LauncherPro Plus is Now Available on the Android Market With Latest Update


For those of you who were waiting on Federico to add the paid version of his widely-popular LauncherPro home replacement app to the Android market, get your wallets ready – it’s there. And with its arrival comes an update to bring that widget theme support out of beta. Designers can now change the look of the included LP widgets and users are now subsequently able to apply them. Other changes include bug fixes and reduced memory usage. Go on and head to the Android market to get the update, and get the full unlock there as well because Paypal is no longer a necessity to snap this app up. [Thanks Alex!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. anyone notice any improvements with speed at all? LauncherPro Plus lagged a bit for me so I switched to GO Launcher EX

    1. It lagged on CM7, but no lag on Sense ROMs

  2. Can I use this to replace sense on the Thunderbolt?

    1. yes, im currently using LP on my TB

      1. you could,,, but sense will still be running on your background

        1. If you clear Data for Sense, it runs at 0 MB.

  3. Lp is the best!

  4. @Pavel Yes.

  5. Still waiting for the full rewrite before I purchase…

  6. I LOVE Launcher Pro! It made my OG Droid act like new again. No more sluggishness. It’s super zippy even with the custom transitions.

  7. Lol I caved and got SPB Shell 3D…but if I didn’t have that I’d totally buy this:)

  8. I’m irritated as hell that I have to keep restoring my PayPal version when I reinstall Cyanogenmod, instead of being grandfathered an Android Market version.

    1. fede already stated that he tried to do this. the android market does not currently allow it.

  9. How do I get the update if I bought it directly from him using PayPal?

    1. just download the free version. if you previously unlocked it through paypal, it will stay unlocked.

  10. ughhh!!! why did i set LPP to allow auto updates… i had all of signal23’s skins on my sdcard for free use on the previous version… now i have to pay $.99 for each skin i already have… oh well, time to pay the man for his awesome work i guess…

  11. Still laggy and too many FCs. Beginning to feel like I wasted my money. Switched to GO Launcher EX and it’s working much better.

  12. i’ve been waiting for the re-designed LP for as long as it was announced now, and it has been a while. i just feel like i wasted my money now

  13. LP was the best thing to happen to my phone, and I’m glad I bought Plus. It’s made my N1 into a way better phone. The app dock scrolls smooth as butter, and everything is faster.

  14. I’ll stick with Zeam, thanks though!

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